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TechHub is the community for high-growth tech companies. TechHub has worked with thousands of companies to help them scale since 2010 whether they`re founders getting started, or fast-scaling 50- to 100-person teams. TechHub member companies have been acquired by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Oracle and Microsoft among others, and have raised over $1billion in funding. TechHub also helps corporates like Google and BT access innovation culture and to work with startups to solve business challenges or develop new products. TechHub helps startups and scale-ups by understanding the process tech product companies go through and the needs they have at each stage. The community gives these companies access to the things they need for growth including peer-mentoring, introductions to investors, a rich programme of advice, learning and inspiration that they can dip in and out of as they require. Some member companies are based with TechHub full time, and many others access the tech community spaces when needed.

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Location: London, England, United Kingdom