TechnoArt is Media and Entertainment focused technology HUB, developing a new generation of innovative solutions of the world of content. They focus on Music, Video and Cinema related technologies through IOT, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and more. TechnoArt`s activities include: TechnoArt Micro Fund - Investing up to 250K in ventures that provide solutions for the Art world through technological innovation. www.TechnoArt.org (http://www.technoart.org/). TechnoArt HUB - Located in the center of Tel Aviv, hosting selected startup and service companies that related to the world of Art. TechnoArt HUB NYC to be launched at fall 2019. www.TechnoArt.life TechnoArt Acceleration program, in partnership with the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. The program is designed to provide educational and practical tools for the entrepreneur to develop technological solutions for the world of Media, Art, and Entertainment. the program is 3 months long and takes place at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. (New Lab in NYC). TechnoArt LIVE - The international conference for Technology, Media and Entertainment. Taking place November 10th at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. TechnoArt LIVE brings together the Rockstars of the Innovation, Media, Entertainment and Art industries.


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