Headquartered in Palm Beach County, S. Florida, The Bricks is an early stage incubator and venture capital firm. We invest very early. We tie our goals to our entrepreneurs and portfolio companies.We invest in people and not merely a business plan. Most importantly, though, we support companies which particularly target military veterans as being within the mix of founders, management or entrepreneurs. Once we find you, we will support you, fight for you, guide you, mentor you. But you`ve got to be special. You`ve got to really want to succeed. Hard work is your friend. And think big. We want you to turn our world around and upside down. If this sounds like you, then we can help you start your global business with our own global network and set of abilities. We`ve sat on both sides of the tables. We`re former entrepreneurs and we`ve also been investors. We know the difference. We have a heritage that includes some globally phenomenal brands and cultures, whether within Richard Branson`s Virgin Group or the music industry or Universal Studios. We`ve been in Silicon Valley, Asia and across Europe. We love technology but if that`s not you, that`s cool. We`ll back non-tech companies, too. All we ask is that you spend some quality time with us and be willing to share. We`ll do the same.


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Family Investment Office
Angel Group

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Non Equity Assistance
Convertible Note
Early Stage Venture


West Palm Beach, Florida


United States

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