The Clark Hulings Fund (CHF) helps professional visual artists compete in an increasingly complex marketplace by providing them with strategic business support, training, and targeted financial assistance. CHF supports visual artists like Clark Hulings, a nationally acclaimed American painter who embarked on his career when he was 40 years old, abandoning a thriving profession as a commercial illustrator to (in his words) teach himself to be a gallery painter. He was fortunate that he could finance this transition himself, with savings from his illustration work, but most artists lack this option. Hulings believed that artistic development can and should occur continually, and never stopped trying to become a better artist, honing his craft until he was well into his 80s, but he also understood that---no matter how great the talent or strong the discipline---the door to success swings on financial pegs. Career advancement is predicated on an artist`s ability to seize and exploit opportunities, especially unanticipated ones, which is why CHF offers exactly this kind of support. Hulings also understood the challenges of being a representational artist at a time when abstraction reigned. For that reason, CHF supports visual artists regardless of the styles or movements in which they work. Our intent is to help professional working artists thrive economically from the art that they choose to create, and to bring about the kind of comprehensive cultural change that fills our world with a wide variety of art.


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