The concept to build this incubator in Dayton, Ohio, was fostered in 1996. The intention was to provide proper care and nurturing of individuals willing to take the risk to foster economic development and invest in the region by starting up technology enterprises. In 1998, the Dayton/Miami Valley Entrepreneurs Center, Inc. (D/MVEC) was established as a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit corporation. Construction on the new 35,000 s.f. facility was completed in 2000. The first tenants moved in on September 1, 2000 and the center has since been doing business under the name of The Entrepreneurs Center (TEC). The Entrepreneur’s Center’s (TEC) purpose is to “graduate” successful tenants who will continue to contribute to the economic health of the region through the creation of jobs. TEC researches, identifies, teaches and disseminates the critical skill and values that enable entrepreneurs to succeed. In order to foster economic development, TEC maintains a network of other successful technology-based entrepreneurs for self-help and peer support. By implementing best practices, TEC promotes the development of new and emerging technology-based businesses through: An infrastructure that allows the development of innovative, market-oriented, technology-based products and services. Examples of services available include: fiber optic connection up to 100 mbps; built-in enterprise firewall and a Vodavi XTS Communication System that includes voice mail, conference calling, call forward, caller ID and wireless capability. An end-to-end suite of services, beginning with a screening and evaluation process and moving on to the specifics each company requires in order to thrive.

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Location: Dayton, Ohio, United States