“Kaifa” is a Chinese word which in its traditional usage meant the development of the whole person – intellectually, physically and spiritually. The traditional use of the word “Kaifa” also incorporated in its meaning development and progress through the exchange of ideas. As Edith Schaeffer once said of The Kaifa Group, “real discussion meeting the needs of questioning people who need personal answers.” These concepts are what drive our day to day efforts. We endeavor to see holistic growth and development with each project, while at the same time never letting the project overshadow the individuals for whom the projects were designed. It is through the partnerships developed that we see the exchange of ideas that provides the individual answers people seek. In short, Kaifa is an incubator of partnerships. Within those partnerships, we work to foster growth and development to all involved. We offer this service in a variety of locations and with the support of a fantastic network of leadership, board of directors, and global partners.

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Location: Hong Kong S.A.R.