We are a niche incubator dedicated 100% to travel technology startups with a focus on mobile travel, leisure travel, in-destination products and services, tours and activities, distribution, web, B2B, travel advertising and corporate business travel. Build your startup where you live. We are a virtual incubator. We have office space available for our startups in Dubai, UAE and Manchester, UK with office space in Orlando, FL USA. If you need office space we can provide it for you in these cities. If not we are very comfortable having you build where you live. No application deadlines, submit your application when you are ready. We review applications on a rolling basis. We are not tied to deadlines like the other larger incubators/accelerators that try to process 1,000+ candidates in 2 weeks, spending only 10-minutes reviewing each application, thus we believe our methodology and approach helps us find the best travel startup founders and their ideas. If we like you, the product, the business idea and your team, we will engage with you immediately upon reviewing your application, that’s how we work. We will spend up to 20-hours working with founders in a pre-incubation process prior to funding. This is like a first “dance” where we all get to know one another and make sure Travel Startups Incubator is a fit for not only us but you and your founding team. Pre-incubation is complimentary and includes budget preparation for how you’ll spend the $25,000 cash investment, establishing a plan in how to best utilize the 100-hours of advisement, identifying outcomes for the 6-month incubation, a business model review, a competitive analysis, a technology assessment, mentoring, pitch deck preparation, access to our partners and investors. The pre-incubation process is part of our vetting methodology and preparation for you to enter the incubator. We act as a true partner in your startup. Matt Zito a managing partner and the lead advisor will work with your startup providing your team up to 100 hours of advisory assistance within the 6-month incubation helping you build and grow your business. Matt worked with over 25 travel startups as an advisor in 2013 thru the first half of 2014. Matt has successfully built and sold 2 travel companies. Each startup accepted into the program may receive up to $25,000 in cash and professional advisement services valued at $25,000 over 6-months to help you build your travel startup and to acquire the next round of capital. We will fund you and work with you one-on-one for 6-months. After the 6-month incubation period we will still have your back but in a lesser capacity. We take 12% equity in your startup for our $50,000 investment. We have expert domain knowledge in travel technology and travel startups unlike other more larger generalist incubators and accelerators. Each startup will receive additional advisory and mentoring from former travel entrepreneurs and the leading travel CEO’s active in the marketplace, travel executives and experts in the travel industry. We believe we have one of the largest global networks in the travel industry to tap into for business development and resources to take your travel startup to the next level. For example, if we think you need to talk to Google Travel we can arrange this. We are putting corporate partnerships in place with some of the largest travel companies in the world that will give your startup instant traction by gaining access to their customer base and distribution systems. We have a legal and accounting team that will assist you in your startup helping you setup a domestic USA corporation. Our end goal is to get every travel startup we incubate traction that leads to the next round of funding. We start promoting your startup to potential investors on day 1 and over the course of the 6-month incubation period. We will be educating investors, telling your story, reporting on your traction and making phone calls on your behalf. We are building the worlds largest database of travel investors that have invested in and or invest in travel startups. We have access to leading travel software architects, travel technology providers and developers. Our incubated companies will get PR and promotion assistance through the TravelStartups.co website including a founder interview and blog posts dedicated to your startup. We attend multiple travel industry conferences including all the Eye For Travel conferences in the USA where we will promote your startup to investors and business partners we meet. We believe we create a competitive advantage for our portfolio companies over other travel startups that choose the larger more broad based incubators, thus we invite you be a part of the Travel Startups Incubator. APPLY HERE: http://www.travelstartups.co/travel-startups-incubator

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Location: Orlando, Florida, United States