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US Market Access Center, US MAC, is a tech accelerator located in Silicon Valley (from San Francisco to Menlo Park). We give International tech companies fast and successful access to the US Market. For decades, the road ahead for any technology company anywhere in the world, has led to Silicon Valley in Northern California, US. It is home to many global technology giants like HP, CISCO, Facebook, Google and Apple – just to name a few. It is the center for billions of dollars in tech funding, partnerships and client deals and the home of the legendary entrepreneurial culture that powers the world’s most important technologies. Since 1995, US MAC has helped over 1,400 companies from over 50 countries get started, grow and succeed in Silicon Valley. Our only focus is to help emerging technology companies from other countries seeking to do business in the United States. We do this through our custom made market entry programs without taking any equity in your company. US MAC functions both as a “soft landing” and a launching pad for emerging tech companies from overseas. Like all accelerators, we provide the basics: virtual and physical office space in several locations in the Bay Area, the most relevant location for your tech company, conference rooms, shared use of office machines and Internet and phone connectivity. But that is just the beginning. We also provide business development support, mentoring, marketing and sales consulting, access to VCs, business angels, legal, financial and accounting expertise, and market research – all the essentials for an emerging business. More importantly, we provide relationships – we have an extensive database of contacts throughout Silicon Valley, and an enormous network to draw upon. We can, and do, help our clients get into almost any Silicon Valley corporation or venture capital firm.

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Location: San Francisco, California, United States