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iDealMachine is a venture fund and startup-accelerator. We invest in traditional areas of IT industry, such as internet and cloud solutions, e-commerce and mobile applications, and in high technology areas: robotics, machine intelligence, human-machine interface and work with large data sets.  First portfolio companies at pre-seed stage were invested in 2012. Today we have 23 portfolio companies. 9 of them have already raised investments of next rounds, released the first versions of their products and now are trying to gain their market place. We developed a unique acceleration technology based on world cutting-edge technologies and practices. We stick to the approach of deep immersion in each project and represent the phenomenon which investors call «smart money». Our acceleration program consists of several selection stages. Duration of the programm is 4 months.

Program Types:
Program duration in weeks: 16
Investment Stages:

Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia