xEdu is an accelerator that works with startups creating transformative learning solutions in the education sector. Based in Finland, they maximize upon the expertise of their nation’s superior educational system and pioneering tech/gaming scene and combine it with their dynamic global network of innovators, educators, entrepreneurs and investors. They believe in the power of education and the need to find ways to encourage the potential and growth for this generation and many generations to come. That’s why their xEdu Accelerator Program is fully serviceable, hands-on and helps build strategic relationships with the right partners to provide the specific expertise needed to bring the best learning solutions to the global market. They offer: - Partnerships with leading tech companies. - Pedagogical evaluation from world class educators. - Mentorship with recognized business influencers. xEdu has quickly gained visibility and recognition internationally from both the private and public sectors for their game-changing approach to the education business accelerator space. They look forward to working with you to help revolutionize the future of the way they think, learn and teach. xEdu provides a vast global network of recognized leaders in education business that are committed to creating effective learning solutions that stand out in competitive international markets. From product development to market entry, xEdu offers assistance in various areas including coaching, mentoring, real-life environment for testing, research and marketing. With decades of experience in technology, education and business, their community of experts are here to help you reach the next level.


Social Entrepreneurship

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10 weeks

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+358 400 807 211info@xedu.co