Alex Wolf

Alex Wolf has made 50 investments in companies such as: Alpha Foods, Ready, Set, Food!, Koia, Bandar Foods, Kidfresh, Rethink Water, Wandering Bear Coffee, Whynatte Enterprises, Gainful, I Heart Keenwah, Nounos Creamery, Four Sigmatic, Evoke Healthy Foods, Right Rice, Mansi, Tea Drops, Crunchsters, Brami, Nomi, Halsa, Good Fish, Buff Bake, ICONIC Protein, Good Boy Organics, New Pop, JJ's Sweets, JicaChips, Native State Foods, Good Day Chocolate, Element Snacks, Jaali Bean, Exo, Kalahari Biltong, Siete Family Foods, Nona Lim, Kalot, Aloe Gloe, Harmless Harvest, BOU Brands, Bonafide Provisions, Roar Organic, il Morso, Tractor Beverage, Cows Gone, Proud Source Water, CLIO Snacks, Soozy's, Skinny Dipped Almonds, Bear Squeeze, The Toasted Oat.

Location of Alex Wolf is United States.

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Alex Wolf is a Chief Of Staff and he his investment types are: Venture Capital.
Alex Wolf focuses investing in industries such as: Food and Beverage, Organic, Tea, Women Founded, Women Led, Dietary Supplements, Health Care, Personal Health, Wellness, Food Processing, Manufacturing, Snack Food, E-Commerce, Hospitality, Travel, Bakery, Fitness, Retail, Consumer, Consumer Goods, Water.

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Past investments

  • Alpha Foods
  • Ready, Set, Food!
  • Koia
  • Bandar Foods
  • Kidfresh
  • Rethink Water
  • Wandering Bear Coffee
  • Whynatte Enterprises
  • Gainful
  • I Heart Keenwah
  • Nounos Creamery
  • Four Sigmatic
  • Evoke Healthy Foods
  • Right Rice
  • Mansi
  • Tea Drops
  • Crunchsters
  • Brami
  • Nomi
  • Halsa
  • Good Fish
  • Buff Bake
  • ICONIC Protein
  • Good Boy Organics
  • New Pop
  • JJ's Sweets
  • JicaChips
  • Native State Foods
  • Good Day Chocolate
  • Element Snacks
  • Jaali Bean
  • Exo
  • Kalahari Biltong
  • Siete Family Foods
  • Nona Lim
  • Kalot
  • Aloe Gloe
  • Harmless Harvest
  • BOU Brands
  • Bonafide Provisions
  • Roar Organic
  • il Morso
  • Tractor Beverage
  • Cows Gone
  • Proud Source Water
  • CLIO Snacks
  • Soozy's
  • Skinny Dipped Almonds
  • Bear Squeeze
  • The Toasted Oat

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