Anne Mari Paster

Anne-Mari Paster has made 74 investments in companies such as: FoRx Therapeutics, Santaris Pharma, Spruce Biosciences, Attenua, Syros Pharmaceuticals, Jounce Therapeutics, Hydrocision, Atea Pharmaceuticals, Develogen AG, eTheRNA immunotherapies, LEXEO Therapeutics, Telesta Therapeutics, Prevail Therapeutics, Nuvation Bio, Editas Medicine, Ardana Bioscience, Orqis Medical, XTuit Pharmaceuticals, Scorpion Therapeutics, Alpine Immune Sciences, GelSight, Dicerna Pharmaceuticals, First Wave Bio, Morphic Therapeutic, Sana Biotechnology, Adagio Therapeutics, Intarcia Therapeutics, Eurobio-Scientific, Andrew Alliance, ImpactRx, BioSilta, Ikena Oncology, ESSA Pharma, Celletra, Median Technologies, Translate Bio, CropDesign, CymaBay Therapeutics, Exenta, Inc., Neurotech, Aquarius Technologies, Replimune Group, Elixir Pharmaceuticals, Checkmate Pharmaceuticals, Imago BioSciences, Icosavax, Visterra, SpineVision, Achaogen, OnPath Technologies, Amunix, Kronos Bio, Immunic, Gossamer Bio, Anaconda BioMed, Kuros Biosciences, JenaValve Technology, Trevi Therapeutics, Egalet, Paratek Pharmaceuticals, Arrakis Therapeutics, DBV Technologies, Kezar Life Sciences, Sienna Biopharmaceuticals, Oxagen, Evotec, Beam Therapeutics, Senti Biosciences, IFM Therapeutics, Chord Therapeutics, Endeavor BioMedicines, ObsEva, Arcutis Biotherapeutics, NeuroVision Imaging.

Location of Anne-Mari Paster is Boston, United States.

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Anne-Mari Paster is a Managing Director, CFO and he his investment types are: Venture Capital.
Anne-Mari Paster focuses investing in industries such as: Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Therapeutics, Health Care, Information Technology, Travel, Developer Platform, Medical, Women Led, Life Science, Women Founded, Genetics.

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Past investments

  • FoRx Therapeutics
  • Santaris Pharma
  • Spruce Biosciences
  • Attenua
  • Syros Pharmaceuticals
  • Jounce Therapeutics
  • Hydrocision
  • Atea Pharmaceuticals
  • Develogen AG
  • eTheRNA immunotherapies
  • LEXEO Therapeutics
  • Telesta Therapeutics
  • Prevail Therapeutics
  • Nuvation Bio
  • Editas Medicine
  • Ardana Bioscience
  • Orqis Medical
  • XTuit Pharmaceuticals
  • Scorpion Therapeutics
  • Alpine Immune Sciences
  • GelSight
  • Dicerna Pharmaceuticals
  • First Wave Bio
  • Morphic Therapeutic
  • Sana Biotechnology
  • Adagio Therapeutics
  • Intarcia Therapeutics
  • Eurobio-Scientific
  • Andrew Alliance
  • ImpactRx
  • BioSilta
  • Ikena Oncology
  • ESSA Pharma
  • Celletra
  • Median Technologies
  • Translate Bio
  • CropDesign
  • CymaBay Therapeutics
  • Exenta, Inc.
  • Neurotech
  • Aquarius Technologies
  • Replimune Group
  • Elixir Pharmaceuticals
  • Checkmate Pharmaceuticals
  • Imago BioSciences
  • Icosavax
  • Visterra
  • SpineVision
  • Achaogen
  • OnPath Technologies
  • Amunix
  • Kronos Bio
  • Immunic
  • Gossamer Bio
  • Anaconda BioMed
  • Kuros Biosciences
  • JenaValve Technology
  • Trevi Therapeutics
  • Egalet
  • Paratek Pharmaceuticals
  • Arrakis Therapeutics
  • DBV Technologies
  • Kezar Life Sciences
  • Sienna Biopharmaceuticals
  • Oxagen
  • Evotec
  • Beam Therapeutics
  • Senti Biosciences
  • IFM Therapeutics
  • Chord Therapeutics
  • Endeavor BioMedicines
  • ObsEva
  • Arcutis Biotherapeutics
  • NeuroVision Imaging

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