Gunnar Fernstr�Em

Gunnar Fernstr�Em has made 65 investments in companies such as: Nutrie AB, Equilly AB, Stayble Therapeutics, Lumeotech, Equilab, Oterlu AI AB, Evispot AB, ZeroPoint Technologies AB, Promimic, Eneryield, Mimbly, Dialogtrail, Alpha Therapy Solution, Compular AB, Heap Carsharing, Yolean, Micvac, Detecht, Bokio, EQU8 Anti-Cheat, Epishine, Gastrofy, SalesByte AB, Elypta, RaceOne, Addtruly, Vitroprobe Analytics AB, Modvion, Wavi Analytics AB, Aquammodate AB, Brinja, ReVibe Energy, Rdot Display, Scaffcalc AB, TeXtreme, TRINE, Parakey, Mevia, Eperoto AB, In Singulo Solutions, Sigmastocks, Guinea Pig Health AB, Solartes AB, Atium, Amferia, YouPic, Safer Society, Vividye AB, Minalyze, Nyctea Technologies, Metry AB, Tummy Lab, BasedOn AB, Elpoalma AB, OMEN Technologies AB, Lucero AB, Winningtemp, Swedish Algae Factory, Aqua Robur Technologies, Envue Technologies AB, Aluwave, EmbeDL, LumenRadio, Monivent, Irisity AB (publ).

Location of Gunnar Fernstr�Em is Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Gunnar Fernstr�Em is a Acting CEO and he his investment types are: Venture Capital.
Gunnar Fernstr�Em focuses investing in industries such as: Apps, CleanTech, Mobile, Computer, Information Technology, Semiconductor.

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Past investments

  • Nutrie AB
  • Equilly AB
  • Stayble Therapeutics
  • Lumeotech
  • Equilab
  • Oterlu AI AB
  • Evispot AB
  • ZeroPoint Technologies AB
  • Promimic
  • Eneryield
  • Mimbly
  • Dialogtrail
  • Alpha Therapy Solution
  • Compular AB
  • Heap Carsharing
  • Yolean
  • Micvac
  • Detecht
  • Bokio
  • EQU8 Anti-Cheat
  • Epishine
  • Gastrofy
  • SalesByte AB
  • Elypta
  • RaceOne
  • Addtruly
  • Vitroprobe Analytics AB
  • Modvion
  • Wavi Analytics AB
  • Aquammodate AB
  • Brinja
  • ReVibe Energy
  • Rdot Display
  • Scaffcalc AB
  • TeXtreme
  • Parakey
  • Mevia
  • Eperoto AB
  • In Singulo Solutions
  • Sigmastocks
  • Guinea Pig Health AB
  • Solartes AB
  • Atium
  • Amferia
  • YouPic
  • Safer Society
  • Vividye AB
  • Minalyze
  • Nyctea Technologies
  • Metry AB
  • Tummy Lab
  • BasedOn AB
  • Elpoalma AB
  • OMEN Technologies AB
  • Lucero AB
  • Winningtemp
  • Swedish Algae Factory
  • Aqua Robur Technologies
  • Envue Technologies AB
  • Aluwave
  • EmbeDL
  • LumenRadio
  • Monivent
  • Irisity AB (publ)

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