Ivo Harzdorf

Ivo Harzdorf has made 65 investments in companies such as: Riboxx, Heliatek, Novihum Technologies, MountLytics, Stadt.Land.Netz, Lecturio, eZelleron, SkillCert, dimensio informatics, Scoolio, Pamyra, RAYLYTIC, HiperScan, Qoniac, Couchfunk, Blue Wonder Communications GmbH, Mr.Snow, Think RE, Vizzlo, Medesa Technology GmbH, fodjan GmbH, Data Virtuality, LADON, Senorics, Dejoris GmbH, meetwise, Saralon, Caterna, pluriSelect, PaperC, FlyNex, MONKEY WORKS GmbH, Somonic Solutions, DIPAT, VivoSensMedical GmbH, Pharetis, denovoMATRIX, Mindance, NAVENTIK GmbH, ALUHEAT, AirRover Wi-Fi Corp., Packwise, Pendix GmbH, busnetworx, watttron, BASELABS GmbH, LAVIU, Rhebo, MSG Lithoglas, Relax Commerce GmbH, 3dvisionlabs GmbH, CAPPcore, Cinector, Arioso Systems, Segmentive.AI, DTF Technology, futalis, Webdata Solutions, Druck und Werte, DyNAbind, Merolt, unamera GmbH, Replex, apiOmat, Sentex.

Location of Ivo Harzdorf is Chemnitz, Germany.

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Ivo Harzdorf is a Investment Director and he his investment types are: Micro VC, Venture Capital.
Ivo Harzdorf focuses investing in industries such as: Big Data, Internet of Things, Semiconductor, Sensor, Health Care, Information Technology, SaaS, Service Industry, Software, Industrial, Industrial Automation, Industrial Manufacturing, Packaging Services, E-Commerce, Online Portals, Transportation, Environmental Engineering, Renewable Energy, Wellness, Computer, Electronics, Innovation Management.

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Past investments

  • Riboxx
  • Heliatek
  • Novihum Technologies
  • MountLytics
  • Stadt.Land.Netz
  • Lecturio
  • eZelleron
  • SkillCert
  • dimensio informatics
  • Scoolio
  • Pamyra
  • HiperScan
  • Qoniac
  • Couchfunk
  • Blue Wonder Communications GmbH
  • Mr.Snow
  • Think RE
  • Vizzlo
  • Medesa Technology GmbH
  • fodjan GmbH
  • Data Virtuality
  • Senorics
  • Dejoris GmbH
  • meetwise
  • Saralon
  • Caterna
  • pluriSelect
  • PaperC
  • FlyNex
  • Somonic Solutions
  • VivoSensMedical GmbH
  • Pharetis
  • denovoMATRIX
  • Mindance
  • AirRover Wi-Fi Corp.
  • Packwise
  • Pendix GmbH
  • busnetworx
  • watttron
  • Rhebo
  • MSG Lithoglas
  • Relax Commerce GmbH
  • 3dvisionlabs GmbH
  • CAPPcore
  • Cinector
  • Arioso Systems
  • Segmentive.AI
  • DTF Technology
  • futalis
  • Webdata Solutions
  • Druck und Werte
  • DyNAbind
  • Merolt
  • unamera GmbH
  • Replex
  • apiOmat
  • Sentex

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