Melanie Hayes

Melanie Hayes has made 90 investments in companies such as: AskUltra, E Fridge Magnet, Immersive Rehab, earwig, Organise, XeroE, Labour XChange, Apptivism, aparito, Spareable, Birdsong, Mycarematters, PlaqueChecker, The Local Electricity Project, E-ccommodate, Route Aware, Envaluate, React, Bright Little Labs, Nation.better, PlantEra, EduKit, Data Campfire, Oto Health, Salve, pillar, AirPublic, Health Make Space, Mind Moose, Tranquil City, Head Set, TalkLife, Mini Mealtimes, Spokesafe, Dual Good Health, TellJo, Resilience Energy Technology, Run An Empire, The Hard Yard, Atticus Link, BriteLives, Breathe Happy, Route 21, Alice SI, Agronomex, PkBoo, Chanua, Chatterbox, Mappd, The Nu Wardrobe, Second Nature, Troglo, Circle Squared, Mental Snapp, Worktu, Syrona Health, Willow, Konnektis, My Community Capital, Balance Financial Technologies, Compact Cane, The Ticket Bank, Logameal, Workerbird, Rapitation, Ally Chatbot, Helsa, Ally, SoRa, IBS Coach, RightsDD, Plexus Associates, LettUs Grow, Simulation Sense, Upskill Me, Babihub, Remarkable Tech, Tendo, Andiamo, Silver Sharers, Commonplace, Musemio, How Do I?, Inhabit, Catapillr, Apiary Book, Safeguard-Me, Nightingale Software, Onaria Technologies, Fairphone.

Location of Melanie Hayes is London, United Kingdom.

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Melanie Hayes is a Managing Partner, Investment Director and he his investment types are: Accelerator, Venture Capital.
Melanie Hayes focuses investing in industries such as: Health Care, Information Technology, Marketplace, Apps, Therapeutics, Fitness, Personal Health, Wellness, Cycling, Mobile Apps, Parking, Property Management, Software, Transportation, Big Data, LGBT, Risk Management.

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Past investments

  • AskUltra
  • E Fridge Magnet
  • Immersive Rehab
  • earwig
  • Organise
  • XeroE
  • Labour XChange
  • Apptivism
  • aparito
  • Spareable
  • Birdsong
  • Mycarematters
  • PlaqueChecker
  • The Local Electricity Project
  • E-ccommodate
  • Route Aware
  • Envaluate
  • React
  • Bright Little Labs
  • Nation.better
  • PlantEra
  • EduKit
  • Data Campfire
  • Oto Health
  • Salve
  • pillar
  • AirPublic
  • Health Make Space
  • Mind Moose
  • Tranquil City
  • Head Set
  • TalkLife
  • Mini Mealtimes
  • Spokesafe
  • Dual Good Health
  • TellJo
  • Resilience Energy Technology
  • Run An Empire
  • The Hard Yard
  • Atticus Link
  • BriteLives
  • Breathe Happy
  • Route 21
  • Alice SI
  • Agronomex
  • PkBoo
  • Chanua
  • Chatterbox
  • Mappd
  • The Nu Wardrobe
  • Second Nature
  • Troglo
  • Circle Squared
  • Mental Snapp
  • Worktu
  • Syrona Health
  • Willow
  • Konnektis
  • My Community Capital
  • Balance Financial Technologies
  • Compact Cane
  • The Ticket Bank
  • Logameal
  • Workerbird
  • Rapitation
  • Ally Chatbot
  • Helsa
  • Ally
  • SoRa
  • IBS Coach
  • RightsDD
  • Plexus Associates
  • LettUs Grow
  • Simulation Sense
  • Upskill Me
  • Babihub
  • Remarkable Tech
  • Tendo
  • Andiamo
  • Silver Sharers
  • Commonplace
  • Musemio
  • How Do I?
  • Inhabit
  • Catapillr
  • Apiary Book
  • Safeguard-Me
  • Nightingale Software
  • Onaria Technologies
  • Fairphone

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