Tarja Zu Dem Berge

Tarja zu dem Berge has made 90 investments in companies such as: PinMeTo, Sideline Labs, DanAds, Mimerse, RumbleStrip, KSTING, Learnster, Like a Boss Games, Havredals, Mediatool, Mendi, Mimbly, Release Reporting, Madden Analytics, Velove, Xenergic, Handiscover, Lurkit, CloudBackend, Newsvoice, Ear Labs, Loxysoft Group, Detecht, Gestrument, MAQ AB, roaring.io, Grace Health, Econans, MIND Music Labs, Corite, Vevios, EQU8 Anti-Cheat, Migränhjälpen, Tebrito, settr., Gedea Biotech, Bower, Epishine, Asthmatuner, CorPower Ocean, Crosser, Typelane, Maven Wireless, Datia, Linkura, Minnemera, Alertix, C2Amps, Ekkono Solutions, Altered, BuildSafe, C-Green, CARTANA, Shopit Online Europe, Medarca, Carcare Systems Europe, Alva Labs, Elevenate, Geselle Group, Limina Financial Systems, Amferia, BioReperia, Entiros AB, Bintel, Invisense, Preactlys, Referanza, Peafowl Solar Power, CareLigo, Splitgrid, Leeroy, Gårdsfisk, Audiodo, Codemill, re:newcell, Winningtemp, Studybee, Lingio, Beleco, Aqua Robur Technologies, EmbeDL, Profundus Imaging, xNomad, MyBeat, Boositifed, Spowdi, Beactica AB, Haldor, EVAM, IGDB.com.

Location of Tarja zu dem Berge is Sweden.

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Tarja zu dem Berge is a Fund Manager and he his investment types are: Government Office, Venture Capital.
Tarja zu dem Berge focuses investing in industries such as: Health Care, B2B, Energy, Manufacturing, Sustainability, Water Purification, Food Processing, Restaurants, Coworking, SaaS, Software, Big Data, Enterprise Software, Industrial Automation, Information Technology, Internet of Things, Accounting, Industrial Manufacturing, Machine Learning.

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Past investments

  • PinMeTo
  • Sideline Labs
  • DanAds
  • Mimerse
  • RumbleStrip
  • Learnster
  • Like a Boss Games
  • Havredals
  • Mediatool
  • Mendi
  • Mimbly
  • Release Reporting
  • Madden Analytics
  • Velove
  • Xenergic
  • Handiscover
  • Lurkit
  • CloudBackend
  • Newsvoice
  • Ear Labs
  • Loxysoft Group
  • Detecht
  • Gestrument
  • MAQ AB
  • roaring.io
  • Grace Health
  • Econans
  • MIND Music Labs
  • Corite
  • Vevios
  • EQU8 Anti-Cheat
  • Migränhjälpen
  • Tebrito
  • settr.
  • Gedea Biotech
  • Bower
  • Epishine
  • Asthmatuner
  • CorPower Ocean
  • Crosser
  • Typelane
  • Maven Wireless
  • Datia
  • Linkura
  • Minnemera
  • Alertix
  • C2Amps
  • Ekkono Solutions
  • Altered
  • BuildSafe
  • C-Green
  • Shopit Online Europe
  • Medarca
  • Carcare Systems Europe
  • Alva Labs
  • Elevenate
  • Geselle Group
  • Limina Financial Systems
  • Amferia
  • BioReperia
  • Entiros AB
  • Bintel
  • Invisense
  • Preactlys
  • Referanza
  • Peafowl Solar Power
  • CareLigo
  • Splitgrid
  • Leeroy
  • Gårdsfisk
  • Audiodo
  • Codemill
  • re:newcell
  • Winningtemp
  • Studybee
  • Lingio
  • Beleco
  • Aqua Robur Technologies
  • EmbeDL
  • Profundus Imaging
  • xNomad
  • MyBeat
  • Boositifed
  • Spowdi
  • Beactica AB
  • Haldor
  • EVAM
  • IGDB.com

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