Tim Woodward

Tim Woodward has made 50 investments in companies such as: Boston Metal, Heliotrope Technologies, Aquion Energy, Project Frog, Solidia Technologies, Zapata Computing, Voltus, Form Energy, Pivot Bio, Renew Financial, Climax Foods, Covercress, Zymergen, Arable, ClearMetal, polySpectra, Thrilling, Trove, Natron Energy, MineSense Technologies, Scoop Technologies, Recurrent, Nyriad, CATALOG, Benson Hill, Powerhive, EnergySavvy, LevelTen Energy, Sense Photonics, Encycle Corporation, Greenlight Biosciences, Metalenz, Spark Thermionics, QuantumScape, Simplus, AMP Robotics, Atom Computing, OptimoRoute Inc., Ripple Foods, unspun, Meati Foods, Mori, Sense, Fortify, Citrine Informatics, Holo, Planet, Yerdle, Lime, Artemys Foods.

Location of Tim Woodward is San Francisco, United States.

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Tim Woodward is a Managing Director and he his investment types are: Venture Capital.
Tim Woodward focuses investing in industries such as: Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Management, Oil and Gas, Power Grid, Smart Building, E-Commerce, Fashion, Marketplace, Black / African American Founded, Black / African American Led, Women Founded, Women Led, Advanced Materials, CleanTech, Industrial, Manufacturing, Product Research, AgTech, Biotechnology, Food and Beverage, Food Processing, 3D Printing, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Building Material, Automotive, Electric Vehicle, Software, Computer, Quantum Computing, Hispanic / Latinx Founded, Battery, Energy Storage, Environmental Engineering, Renewable Energy.

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