Ute Mercker

Ute Mercker has made 80 investments in companies such as: Aignostics, Meetrics, Loopline Systems, Motognosis, Blinkist, 42reports, machtfit, Kindaling, P & T, DiscoEat, Labforward, qLearning, babelforce, OMEICOS Therapeutics, Realbest, Oculid, YAS.life, Flexperto, Wunderflats, CareerFoundry, blogfoster, Pfleglisoft, Medbelle, Fliit, The Female Company, Pflegebox, CAYA, Crowd Guru, Babbel, Skive, DirectPhotonics Industries, dentolo, Mika, HIGH MOBILITY, Nuventura, Media4Care, Travelcircus, brighter AI, AUCTA, Civey, store2be, fairr.de, Newsenselab (M-sense), Krankenhaus, JobUFO, SkillYoga, Remerge, Outfittery, Dalia Research, emmy, Hrmony, Tausendkind, Yptokey, MATE, Remind.me, CrossEngage, HUG A PET, Jurafuchs, BOOST Thyroid, DiaMonTech GmbH, Skoove, Tracks, Thermondo, Seniovo, Inselberg, testxchange, Myelo Therapeutics, Suitepad, Hardscore Games, Steady, KUGU, viasto, Scarosso, sofatutor, Lumenaza, Heycater!, Getsurance, Creators Media, Mymoria GmbH, Stilnest.

Location of Ute Mercker is Berlin, Germany.

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Ute Mercker is a Investment Director and he his investment types are: Government Office, Venture Capital.
Ute Mercker focuses investing in industries such as: Biotechnology, Enterprise Software, Information Services, Information Technology, Life Science, Software, Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, Autonomous Vehicles, Computer Vision, Big Data, Health Care, Medical, Therapeutics, Renewable Energy, Database, Electronics, Industrial Manufacturing, Marketplace, SaaS, Blockchain, Internet, Security, Legal, Legal Tech, Machine Learning, Transportation.

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