The Best Startup Apps for Businesses in 2022

Last updated: September 26, 2022

The explosion of applications for smartphones makes it easy to get help with your startup from anywhere. Business apps help companies manage finances, invest profits, and keep payroll for employees.

That said, finding the right app for your business is easier said than done. Fortunately, we're here to help. We're going to take you through a handful of the best business apps in 2022.

Read on to learn more below.

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    What are the Best Business Apps?

    The best business apps vary based on what your startup company needs. So, while one app works for some companies, that doesn't mean it's the best fit for yours.

    We list the top 5 business apps below.

    1. Cash App
    2. Google My Business App
    3. Splashtop Business App
    4. Vonage Business App
    5. Digital Business Card

    1. Cash App

    Cash App is a simple application that came out in October 2013. Today, Cash App is a 1.8 billion dollar company that processes more than 70 million transactions every year. What makes Cash App unique is that the fees are low and it's easy to use on your smartphone or mobile device.

    Cash App is also a well-rounded app. It's not just a money transfer app but also an investing app. Therefore, people can invest profits into the market through Cash App. Both individuals and businesses use Cash App and it's free to use.

    Keep in mind that there are limits to the application. While it allows users to send large sums of money, additional information is often necessary. To send more than $250 over seven days your social security number needs to be verified. The additional information you'll need is your date of birth.

    This information is also needed if you want to receive more than $1,000 over 30 days. Overall, it's the perfect app for receiving payments and it keeps track of the data for you.

    2. Google My Business App

    The Google My Business app used to be the premier app for businesses. It allowed companies to manage their business profile online. This includes speaking with clients, listing addresses, and monitoring traffic.

    While Google My Business exists in a different version – as Google Business Profile (GBP), the Google My Business app no longer functions. Therefore, to access your GBP profile you have to use Google Maps or the Google search bar.

    Fortunately, Google has several apps that make it easy to use your Google Business Profile on the go. It's possible to edit information through apps like Google Maps and Google Chrome search engine apps. So, there are workarounds for the Google My Business app getting taken down.

    3. Splashtop Business App

    The Splashtop Business app is designed for remote internet technology (IT) work. It allows users to connect to and control other devices from their mobile devices. The Splashtop Business app is compatible with Android, IOS, and personal computers. It's even possible to download the app on some smart TVs.

    The main purpose of the Splashtop Business app is to help people with small companies connect with remote employees. For startup founders, this is important because teams are often small and spread out. Plus, with the innovations of remote work, it's more common to work over long distances.

    With Splashtop Business, any employee can connect to someone's computer. It's also great for people who need to help clients download software or change files on a computer.

    Keep in mind that an app like Splashtop Business should only be used in-house or for clients. It shouldn't be used for stealing information and it's illegal to do so.

    4. Vonage Business App

    Vonage is one of the oldest companies on this list that offers a business app. What makes Vonage unique is that it's been around since 1998, which is a period before mobile apps. That said, the current CEO of Vonage, Rory Read, focuses on optimizing the user experience. He's been the CEO for around two years.

    The Vonage app helps users connect. It offers B2B cloud-based communication through text, video, and voice chat. On the app, users can have all of their communications in one convenient location. Ultimately, this makes it easy to stay organized.

    Vonage is also a great app for companies that want to set up communication platforms for their employees. For startup founders, this is helpful because the Vonage Business app helps people remain connected. Furthermore, Vonage will help people connect with investors whenever possible if they're connected to the platform.

    For communications, Vonage is one of the best apps you'll find on IOS and Android. There are also personal computer (PC) iterations.

    5. Blinq Digital Business Cards

    Digital business cards continue to gain popularity. Business card apps are becoming popular because of the push to work online. In fact, more than 30% of the workforce does some type of online business. The best app for digital business cards in 2022 is Blinq.

    Blinq allows you to create and share a digital business card. It works by using a QR code, which transfers the card from your device to another person's device. Therefore, you don't need to have paper business cards anymore. Some locations allow you to display the card online.

    Blinq is available on IOS and Android and it's compatible with laptops and desktops. That said, an app like this is best for smartphones. Blinq is also highly-rated and maintains a 4.8-star rating in the Android app store. More than 50,000 people use Blinq for their business and it's perfect for startup founders.

    What is the Purpose of a Business App?

    Business apps for startups have several purposes. These apps help you file taxes, keep records, and stick to a schedule. The most common purpose for business apps is to help people with scheduling and accounting.

    Almost all of the benefits fall into these two categories of scheduling and accounting.


    For scheduling, business apps help startups organize meetings, money, and calendars. Scheduling apps like Vonage also help team members communicate to make last-minute adjustments to the schedule. In fact, some apps like Vonage make it easier to schedule meetings due to video conferences.

    Scheduling apps may also be simple. For example, Google apps like Gmail make it easy to create video calls and create a calendar. Apps for businesses will also make it easy for you to share your calendar or create calendar invites with team members.


    Business apps also help with accounting. Keeping track of money is never easy, especially when you're running a company or creating a startup. Fortunately, business apps help with accounting in a few ways.

    First and foremost, apps like TurboTax help business owners file their taxes. Tax filing services for 1099 and other businesses are necessary because filing is more challenging. Luckily, apps like TurboTax make it easy.

    Another use of accounting apps is knowing how much money is entering and leaving the startup. When using an app like Cash App, you'll have a list of all of your transactions. Ultimately, Cash App keeps you organized.

    What's the Best Small Business App?

    Cash App is the best small business app for startups. It's an app for small businesses because it allows you to send and receive money. When doing business online or not in one location, the ability to send and receive money is crucial. Plus, with the right credentials startup founders receive large sums of money from investors through Cash App.

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