Top 10 Angel Investors In Houston

Last updated: 13 July, 2023

Houston, TX is a vibrant metropolis with a rich history and thriving entrepreneurial spirit. Known for its diverse economy, Houston is home to many industries, including energy, healthcare, aerospace, and technology.

However, not all of these startups were self-funded. In fact, most of these startups were funded by individuals who have made a significant impact on Houston's business community - the angel investors.

These investors are not only willing to provide much-needed capital, but also offer invaluable guidance to early-stage companies.

So, let's wait no more and start discussing the Top 10 Angel Investors in Houston, TX and how you can connect with them.

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    Top 10 Angel Investors In Houston

    1. Houston Angel Network (HAN)

    HAN, founded in 2001, is a prominent angel investor network in Houston. With a dedicated focus on empowering startups, HAN offers mentorship, financial assistance, and guidance to individuals about how they can start a startup.

    Over the years, HAN has invested an impressive share of $100 million in more than 400 startups, showcasing their commitment to supporting entrepreneurs. What sets HAN apart is its belief in investing in diverse businesses, regardless of the industry or sector.

    Startups seeking investment from HAN can benefit from an investment range of $100,000 to $1 million. Moreover, HAN boasts a professional team consisting of 100 members, providing startups with valuable mentorship and expertise.

    2. Houston Alumni Angels

    Established in 2007, Houston Alumni Angels (HAA) is a group of angel investors in Houston. HAA aims to provide financial, intellectual, and experiential guidance to startups with promising growth potential. And to comply with their regulations. All you need is a dream and a proper plan to make them believe your startup is the next business giant.

    The network's impressive portfolio of diverse and successful investments is a testament to its expertise and commitment to nurturing startups. When it comes to investment, HAA can allocate funds ranging from $50,000 to $2 million, depending on the specific needs of the startup.

    Houston Alumni Angels also organizes career seminars, creating opportunities for entrepreneurs to reach their maximum potential.

    3. Pipeline Angels

    Pipeline Angels, a Houston-based angel investor group, stands out for its mission of reshaping the face of angel investments by focusing on neglected gender groups such as Trans women, Cis women, non-binary individuals, two-spirit individuals, and other marginalized genders.

    Founded in 2011, Pipeline Angels strives to empower startups led by these underrepresented entrepreneurs. The group not only provides financial support but also organizes boot camps and pitch summits on a monthly basis. Since its inception, Pipeline Angels has invested $7 million in over 90 companies, contributing to the growth and success of many different startups.

    The investment range typically falls between $25,000 and $100,000, depending on the startup's specific requirements.

    4. Tie Houston Investment Group

    Tie Houston, established in 1992, is another angel investor group with a mission to mentor, guide, incubate, and finance future entrepreneurs. 'Tie' is an acronym for The Indus Entrepreneurs, reflecting their focus on nurturing startups in various industries.

    The group has an extensive record of investing in over 10,000 startups. Over the years, they have become a significant force in Houston's startup ecosystem. The group embraces diverse startup ideas, making it a welcoming platform for entrepreneurs from all backgrounds.

    As for investment plans, Tie Houston's investment range spans from $25,000 to $5 million, catering to startups at different stages of their growth journey.

    5. Angel Investment Network (AIN)

    Angel Investment Network (AIN) has significantly contributed to the local startup ecosystem. Established in Houston in 2004, AIN aims to provide seed funding, growth opportunities, and mentorship to struggling startups in Houston.

    Through its focused approach, AIN has garnered success by investing in startups across various sectors, including transportation, cafes, and applications.

    AIN is particularly interested in startups that demonstrate a bright future. The minimum investment range for AIN starts at $10,000, offering early-stage startups the financial support they need to propel their growth.

    6. Texas Investment Network (TIN)

    The Houston-based angel investor network, Texas Investment Network (TIN), has supported startups since 2004. The group aims to provide funding opportunities that help startups in Texas achieve growth and profitability.

    However, the best part about TIN is that it allows entrepreneurs and investors to join the network for free.

    With over a decade of active engagement, TIN has built a credible portfolio of investments spanning various industries and sectors.

    The minimum investment range for TIN typically starts from $50,000, providing startups with the financial backing they need to pursue their growth objectives.

    7. Rice Angel Network (RAN)

    Affiliated with the Rice University Alumni Organization, Rice Angel Network (RAN) has been instrumental in kick-starting numerous startups in Houston since its start in early 2000.

    The investors primarily focus on real estate businesses, investing at least $50,000 in startups with growth potential. The network boasts a team of qualified individuals who bring valuable expertise and mentorship to the startups they support.

    8. Access Silicon Valley

    As one of Houston's largest angel investor networks, Access Silicon Valley takes pride in connecting startups with angel investors and entrepreneurs from the renowned technology hub of Silicon Valley.

    The group's philosophy is very different from other angel investors as it revolves around knowledge and experience-sharing, enabling young startups to benefit from it.

    Access Silicon Valley has made successful investments in several Houston-based startups, contributing to their growth and development. The investment range for Access Silicon Valley typically falls between $150,000 and $250,000, providing substantial funding opportunities for startups with ambitious goals.

    9. Goose Venture Capital

    Goose Venture Capital has been serving startups in Houston since 2005, aiming to help entrepreneurs build a successful future through their investments and mentorship programs.

    The Goose Venture network primarily focuses on funding startups at the seed stage, particularly on breakthrough technological startups and ideas. With over 500 successful investments under its belt, Goose Venture Capital has established itself as a trusted partner for startups.

    The minimum investment range for Goose Venture Capital starts at $50,000, providing startups with the necessary financial backing to drive growth.

    10. TTI Investor Network

    Last but not least, the TTI Investor Network is also a great angel investing network supporting entrepreneurs and startups in Houston since 2000.

    They offer financial guidance to entrepreneurs in need and drive their success. With a network of experienced investors, the TTI Investor Network mainly focuses on investing in young businesses with significant growth potential.

    Wrap Up

    Now that we have discussed the Top 10 Angel Investors in Houston let's discuss some final words of wisdom.

    Though there are many different options to attract investments being a startup, It is important for entrepreneurs to do their research and understand the investment criteria.

    Tailoring your pitch and showcasing how your startup aligns with their interests can increase your chances of securing funding. Building connections within the startup community and attending networking events can also provide valuable opportunities to meet different investors.

    In short, once you have understood the basic principles of talking to angel investors, you can even attract angel investors for free.

    And remember, the journey of entrepreneurship is filled with challenges, but the support of angel investors can be a game-changer. Don't waste your chances.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How can entrepreneurs join the Texas Investment Network (TIN)?

    A: Entrepreneurs can join the Texas Investment Network (TIN) by visiting their website and registering as a member. The process is straightforward and free of charge. By joining TIN, entrepreneurs gain access to a vast network of investors and resources that can help them connect with potential funders and accelerate their startup's growth.

    Q: Does Angel Investment Network (AIN) focus on specific startup stages or sectors in Houston?

    A: Angel Investment Network (AIN) in Houston doesn't limit its focus to specific startup stages or sectors. They provide seed funding, growth opportunities, and mentorship to startups across various industries.

    However, It's advisable to thoroughly research AIN's investment preferences and criteria to determine if your startup aligns with its investment philosophy.

    Q: What sectors or industries does Houston Alumni Angels (HAA) typically invest in?

    A: Houston Alumni Angels (HAA) invests in a wide range of sectors and industries. Their diverse portfolio reflects their openness to various business ideas and opportunities. HAA considers investments across different sectors based on the potential for growth and profitability.

    They include startups related to technology, healthcare, energy, and consumer goods.

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