Best Angel investors in San Diego

Last updated: August 1, 2023

San Diego is not just a haven of sun and surf but also home to hundreds of startups. This city has always been a hub of businesses, attracting angel investors from all corners.

Moreover, these angel investors always look forward to investing in promising startups. The San Diego Angel Conference is a living example where many entrepreneurs and angel investors participate to boost the startup ecosystem.

So, without more wait, let's quickly jump onto the list of the Top 12 Angel Investors in San Diego.

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    Top 12 Angel Investors In San Diego

    From the huge number of Angel Investors in San Diego, it can be daunting to find the one that best matches your interests.

    That is why I have prepared the list of the best Angel Investors in San Diego with different investing interests.

    NuFund Venture Group

    NuFund Venture Group is a prominent angel investor network based in San Diego.

    With a focus on supporting early-stage companies, NuFund plays a vital role in the region's startup ecosystem. Their investment plans range from a minimum of $25,000 to a maximum of $500,000 per startup. Moreover, the investment group ensures they only channel their investments into ventures with substantial growth potential.

    This means convincing their team will not be an easy nut to crack. You would need a solid business idea to secure funding from them. The NuFund Investing group comprises seasoned investors and industry experts who provide great guidance and mentorship about starting a new business. Until now, NuFund Venture Group has funded many different startups, which proves their services for boosting the startup ecosystem in San Diego.

    Interlock Capital Investing Network

    Interlock Capital, established by investors Al Bsharah and Neal Bloom, has greatly financed numerous San Diego-based businesses. Their reach extends beyond San Diego, as they have funded companies in San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Texas, and Kentucky.

    With the collective efforts of approximately 120 angel investors, Interlock Capital has successfully identified, assessed, funded, and provided ongoing support to nine local startups. To date, Interlock Capital has raised over $1.25 million, benefiting companies such as Mercato, Crafter, Kast, and Launch Factory.

    Tech Coast Angels-San Diego

    Tech Coast Angels-San Diego (TCA-SD) serves as the local branch of TCA Investment Group. This renowned angel investment network has established itself as one of the biggest Angel Investing Networks in the San Diego startup ecosystem, investing over $11 million in 2020 alone.

    Focusing on technology-driven sectors such as computing/ clean technology and life sciences, including biotech, TCA-SD loves to provide financial support to startups with market-blowing ideas.

    TCA-SD investors also actively engage with their portfolio companies, providing guidance and access to extensive networks within investor communities, trade alliances, and leadership circles.

    Krenn Venture Capital Group

    KVC investment group is another famous name among the Angel Investors of San Diego. With a focus on providing early-stage funding, Krenn Venture Capital plays a vital role in supporting innovative companies across various industries.

    Known for its tough selection process, Krenn Venture Capital ensures that they invest in ventures with strong market positioning and unique startup ideas.

    However, this doesn't mean that it is impossible to pinch them. Entrepreneurs should equip themselves with investor-pinching strategies, unique business ideas, and, most importantly, all the good and bad of their startup to get the required funding.

    Keiretsu Forum Investors

    Keiretsu Forum is another famous group of angel investors known for collaborating with other Southern California regions, including Orange County, Los Angeles, and Westlake Village. This makes them one of the most prominent angel investors in the city.

    This angel network, along with its partners and sponsors, shares a common mission to expand the investment network and support entrepreneurs in San Diego. Like many other startups, this investing group has a tough screening process, ensuring that only the most promising startups receive funding and guidance for their growth and success.

    Imporium Angel Investors

    This group of Angel investors focuses on emerging tech businesses. Their interests include various sectors, including telecommunications, biotech, RFID tags, application programs, medical devices, and electronics.

    Their extensive network of business connections becomes available to companies that successfully pass their screening process, demonstrating their commitment to supporting the growth and development of their portfolio firms.

    Upfront Ventures Network

    Upfront Ventures is another highly reputed Angel Network that focuses on Series A investments.

    The group supports innovative ideas related to technology, healthcare, and consumer goods. Their team of investors possesses deep industry knowledge and a keen understanding of market trends, enabling them to identify and nurture high-potential startups.

    Beyond financial backing, Upfront Ventures offers valuable resources, connections, and mentorship to help startups scale and achieve their goals.

    Band of Angels Group

    Band of Angels is a well-established club consisting of 165+ angel investors, most of whom are high-tech professionals.

    Becoming one of the most successful clubs in High-Tech investing, Band Of Angles has supported over 400 companies, resulting in 82 successful M&A exits.

    Each week, the investing network convenes in Silicon Valley and San Diego to evaluate three selected companies from a shortlist of over 50 startups at the seed stage.

    Life Science Angels

    Life Science Angels, a nonprofit organization based in San Diego, boasts a community of 130-150 certified investor members. Through their LLC structure, individual angel investors gather their funds to invest in specific companies.

    One of the best things about this investing group is the mentorship of professional investors. Life Science Angles have several experienced members who are willing to guide startups in different aspects of the business.

    The investing range of this network ranges from $50,000 to $1M.

    Barbara Corcoran Venture Network

    Barbara Corcoran Venture Partners is a prominent investing group founded by renowned entrepreneur and television personality Barbara Corcoran.

    Since the network was founded by Barbara Corcoran, her vast experience and expertise in the world of real estate allow her to recognize startups with potential in similar fields. Like many other startups, Barbara Corcoran Venture Network also arranges meetings and events to help startups navigate the competitive business landscape.

    The venture network usually looks for startups with disruptive ideas and a passion for future growth. The investment range ranges from $50,000 to several million dollars, depending on the type of startup.

    Our Crowd

    Our Crowd is an online marketplace that connects startups to potential investors. With Our Crowd, individuals get access to top-notch venture capitalists, angel investors, and partner companies, just like the big investment firms.

    Moreover, they also get to customize their investment portfolio to suit their preferences. Our Crowd also does thorough research on potential investors and presents it on their profile, making sure the startup owners seeking funding have all the required information.

    Seed San Diego Angel Investors

    Seed San Diego represents a group of investors determined to transform the investment landscape in San Diego. The best part about these angel investors is that they ensure friendly behavior with the portfolio startups.

    This behavior by Seed San Diego Angel Investors is maintained to ensure the best business outcomes and sharing of tips with these entrepreneurs. The investing range of Seed San Diego Angel Investors starts from $100,000 and goes up to $2.5M.

    Final words

    Thanks to the angel investors, individuals who used to dream of startups now have successful businesses located in San Diego.

    However, as an entrepreneur looking for angel investors, it is most important for you to understand your own business first. This includes thoroughly reviewing your idea, understanding the outcomes, and presenting it to someone else.

    This way, it'll be much easier to pitch to Angel Investors and show how your business can stand out.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How does Seed San Diego aim to change the investing environment?

    A: Seed San Diego is a group of investors striving to transform the investing environment in San Diego. They aim to create a supportive and personalized approach by engaging with their investors in a friendly manner instead of using the Boss/Employee approach.

    Q: Can Our Crowd provide customized investment opportunities in San Diego?

    A: Our Crowd offers qualified individuals in San Diego to engage with top VCs, angel investors, and partner companies, allowing customizable investment portfolios. With in-depth due diligence and low initial costs, individuals can access vetted investment opportunities on the same terms as institutional investors.

    Q: How can I approach Tech Coast Angels-San Diego for funding?

    A: To approach Tech Coast Angels-San Diego (TCA-SD) for funding, it is advisable to prepare a compelling pitch deck highlighting your startup's unique value proposition about startup stages, market potential, financial projections, and team expertise. TCA-SD hosts networking events and pitch competitions where you can connect with their members and present your business.

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