Top 12 Angel Investors In Philadelphia, PA

Last updated: 13 July, 2023

Philadelphia, a city steeped in history, is now emerging as a hub for entrepreneurial mindsets. In the midst of its rich cultural heritage, Philadelphia boasts a startup ecosystem supported by many angel investors.

Yes, you heard it! Philadelphia is surrounded by tons of angel investors all across the city.

From the bustling streets of Center City to the creative enclaves of Fishtown, Philadelphia's angel investors span a wide range of industries and investment interests. They are actively seeking out promising ventures in technology, healthcare, consumer products, social impact, and more.

So let's wait no more and dive deep into the profiles of the top 12 angel investors in Philadelphia, exploring their investment philosophies.

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    Top 12 Angel Investors In Philadelphia

    Remember, if you're an aspiring entrepreneur with a groundbreaking idea for the next stage of growth but no funds, an Angel Investor is all you need.

    Here are 12 Angel Investor groups listed below:

    1. Keystone Angel Investors

    Keystone Angel Investor's is a well-established group of angel investors focused on supporting early-stage startups across different industries. With a strong network of experienced professionals and successful entrepreneurs, they provide funding ranging from $100,000 to $1 million.

    Keystone Angels actively seek out disruptive technologies and innovative business models. However, their support isn't only limited to financial support. Keystone Angel Investors also help people develop a business mindset through their different events and showcases.

    2. Angel Venture Fair Group

    With a group of more than 50 angel investors, Angel Venture Fair Group is enthusiastic about investing in high-tech startups. Their annual venture fair showcases promising startups and facilitates meaningful connections. Over the years, Angel Venture Fair has successfully invested in more than 500 startups.

    The Annual Venture Fair group funding ranges from $50,000 to $1 million.

    3. Broad Street Angels Group

    Broad Street Angel Investors offer exciting business opportunities in the mid-Atlantic region. Established in 2017, this group has successfully invested around $7 million in seven different startups. Within a short time, they have grown to over 100 accredited investors, which tells a lot about why they are known as one of the biggest Angel Investor Networks in Philadelphia.

    Moreover, Broad Street Angels not only provides funding but also creates a supportive ecosystem for startups. They regularly organize meetings and discussions, allowing entrepreneurs to share their business ideas and seek valuable insights.

    4. Philly Growth Investors

    Philly Growth Investors is a group of seasoned angel investors with a passion for fueling the growth of promising startups in Philadelphia. They focus on providing growth-stage funding ranging from $500,000 to $5 million.

    The Network specializes in e-commerce, consumer products, and SaaS.

    5. Innovation Capital Group

    Innovation Capital group aims to support startups driving innovation and disruption. With a focus on early-stage funding, they invest in technology-driven ventures with high growth potential.

    The network provides investments ranging from $250,000 to $2 million, along with strategic guidance and mentorship. Entrepreneurs interested in mentorship events can check their website to understand the proper schedule.

    6. Growth Catalyst Ventures

    Growth Catalyst Ventures is dedicated to supporting high-growth startups in the technology and digital media sectors. They provide funding ranging from $1 million to $10 million, targeting companies with scalable business models and disruptive technologies.

    Growth Catalyst Ventures focuses on startups at the intersection of media, entertainment, and technology. An easy and simple way you can get connected with their investors is by attending their events.

    7. Social Venture Circle Group

    The Social Venture Circle is a group of angel investors focused on promoting economic justice and environmental change. Unlike many other angel investors in Philadelphia, their goal is unique, and they open their doors to entrepreneurs with a similar mindset.

    They have built a strategic alliance of angel investors, venture capitalists, corporations, entrepreneurs, and business leaders. With over 700 angel investors, they are committed to creating an economy that utilizes resources efficiently and conserves the environment.

    The Social Venture Circle has organized numerous events, providing a platform for entrepreneurs to present their environmentally conscious business ideas. They offer a minimum investment of $100,000 to early-stage startups.

    8. Minority Angel Investor Network

    The Minority Angel Investor Network works in collaboration with Ben Franklin Technology Partners to support technology startups and entrepreneurs from minority communities. They have a group of highly professional investors, entrepreneurs, and individual investors dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in the startup ecosystem.

    The Minority Angel Investor Network has successfully raised around $6 billion since its formation. They have invested in various startups, including Immunomic Therapeutics, a biotechnology company developing novel immunotherapies.

    9. Private Investor Forum

    The Private Investor Forum, based in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, is a group of angel investors specializing in seed and early-stage investments. They consider a wide range of startups for investment and provide mentorship and guidance to help startups succeed.

    The Private Investor Forum has featured investors from various regions, including the Northern US, Great Lakes, and the Greater Philadelphia area. Since its establishment, the Private Investor Forum has made three investments and provided mentorship to more than ten startups. Their investment range varies from $50,000 to $1 million, depending on the potential and scalability of the startups.

    10. Funding Post Network

    FundingPost, established in 2001, has made remarkable strides in creating a network that connects entrepreneurs and investors. They offer both online and offline platforms where entrepreneurs can showcase their ideas and connect with potential investors.

    FundingPost has worked with over 1,000 venture capital firms, angel investors, and corporations, helping them raise an impressive $108 billion in funding. Their events, hosted in 23 cities worldwide, provide valuable networking opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

    11. Startup Angels

    Startup Angels is a group of angel investors that are interested in promoting innovation and technology. They are supported from industry giants like Microsoft, who actively contribute to their mission.

    Startup Angels was founded in July 2013 and has made countless investments to date. They offer an open platform for new angels to explore investment opportunities and discover projects where they can invest their capital.

    12. TIE Philadelphia

    TIE Philadelphia is a chapter of TIE Global, an organization focused on fostering entrepreneurial ecosystems worldwide. TIE Philadelphia conducts multiple events annually, hosting 50 to 70 events globally. These events promote business innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

    Moreover, there are tons of opportunities for businessmen to learn tactics to learn the art of spreading their network globally.

    TIE Philadelphia has garnered support from huge sponsors like SRI Capital, Pact, and Comcast NBCUniversal, who provide seed investments and early-stage funding for promising startups.

    Final Words

    Now that we're done discussing the top 12 best angel investors in Philadelphia, let's move on to some quick tips for entrepreneurs.

    Raising capital from angel investors is not an easy task, but you can increase your chances if you know the process and understand the proper way of doing it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How do angel investors typically structure their investments?

    A: Angel investors often structure their investments through convertible notes or equity financing. Convertible notes are loans that can be converted into equity at a later stage, usually during a subsequent funding round. Equity financing involves the purchase of shares in the startup in exchange for the investment amount.

    Q: Do angel investors provide ongoing support beyond the initial investment?

    A: Yes, many angel investors provide ongoing support to the startups they invest in. This can include mentorship, guidance, and introductions to their professional networks.

    Q: How can entrepreneurs best prepare for meetings with angel investors?

    A: Entrepreneurs should thoroughly research the investor's background and investment preference to prepare for meetings with angel investors. They should refine their pitch and be prepared to answer questions about their business model, market opportunity, and growth strategy.

    However, not all investors look for the same things in a startup. Many angel investors have different kind of goals to look in a startup, which is why you should do your homework before pitching your startup to them.

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