Top 13 Angel Investors in Las Vegas

Last updated: August 17, 2023

Las Vegas is a city known for its Night culture and gambling culture. But is that it? Is Las Vegas nothing more than a space for enjoyment? Definitely Not!

Aside from the enjoyment and chilling, Las Vegas is also known for producing some of the best business brands and entrepreneurs. In fact, some of the most successful startups have come from Las Vegas. It is no wonder why many angel investors are investing in Las Vegas businesses.

So who are these angel investors investing their time and money to help local businesses?

Let's look at the list of the top 13 Angel Investors in Las Vegas.

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    Top 13 Angel Investors in Las Vegas

    Before approaching any angel investor, always remember the additional pitch deck tips and examples to get the required funding for your startup.

    Following is the list of the top Angel investors in Las Vegas.

    1. Vegas Valley Angels

    Founded in 2003, Vegas Valley Angels has emerged as one of the biggest angel investing networks in the Las Vegas startup ecosystem. With a mission to offer expertise in business planning, seed-stage funding, and mentorship, this angel investors group has been a guiding light for many businesses.

    Its investment range of $100,000 to a million dollars at the seed stage makes it an attractive prospect for startups seeking early-stage funding. The focus of Vegas Valley Angels lies in supporting Las Vegas-based startups, and it boasts an impressive track record with over $30 million invested in diverse ventures over the past seventeen years.

    2. Sierra Angels

    Sierra Angels, established in 1997, remains a well-respected and experienced investment network among the Las Vegas angel investors groups. Having a massive network of over 50 investors, Sierra Angels has been a driving force behind notable startups that are shaping the future of Las Vegas.

    The group's investment range of $1 to 5 million highlights their commitment to supporting ventures with unique ideas and growth potential. Sierra Angels has a diversified portfolio of nearly 100 companies, particularly excelling in software, AI, IoT, and application startups.

    3. Reno Seed Fund, Las Vegas

    A relatively new entrant in the Las Vegas Eco System, Reno Seed Fund was founded in 2018, focusing on technology-based startups and future-oriented entrepreneurs in Nevada. Offering an investment range of $50,000 to $500,000, Reno Seed Fund has already made an impact with a high-profile portfolio that includes BlocWatch, FanUp, and BreadWare.

    This group's dedication is evident in their impressive revenue generation of $1 million from a healthcare startup in the previous year.

    4. Startup NV

    Since its establishment in 2016, Startup NV has supported local entrepreneurs to innovate, work, and generate revenue. Catering to ventures in various sectors, Startup NV helps startups transition from Round A to Round B.

    Although their investment range varies, the investment network helps startups with a starting investment of $200,000. To date, Startup NV has funded 27 companies, contributing to total revenue of $69.8 million.

    5. Angel NV

    Launched in 2018, Angel NV is on a mission to support Las Vegas startups facing financial, educational, or resource-related challenges. With an investment of $330,000 in three Las Vegas-based startups, the investment network has shown its dedication towards the Vegas-based startups.

    Moreover, the investors in Angel NV also provide different educational programs to help individuals understand different startup stages and business ideas.

    6. Angel Investment Network

    The Angel Investment Network as it can be guessed by the name, is an investment network that serves as a bridge between aspiring Las Vegas entrepreneurs and experienced investors. The network comprises several angel investors dedicated to finding startups with market-erupting ideas and growth potential.

    The varied investment range depends on the individual investors within the network, contributing to a diverse and extensive portfolio.

    7. Wild World Investments, LLC

    Founded in 2002, Wild World Investments is dedicated to supporting tech-based startups. Their portfolio includes some of the biggest market brands, including startups like See Why, E-Sniper, and Planted.

    With an investment range of $10,000 to $100,000, Wild World Investments seeks to empower startups to make their mark in the evolving tech landscape.

    8. Rebel Venture Fund

    Since its inception in 2013, Rebel Venture Fund (RVF) has been one of the biggest investing networks for student entrepreneurs and startups in Las Vegas.

    Backed by the University of Nevada, RVF doesn't just invest financially and offers learning programs to nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs. Generally, their investment range depends on the startup type and its growth potential.

    However, RVF has been funding startups with a minimum range of $100,000.

    9. Bit Angels

    Bit Angles network is another prominent angel investor in Las Vegas with a distinct mission: to create a blockchain of investors and entrepreneurs.

    With an investment range of $150,000 to $250,000 million, Bit Angels actively seeks seed-stage opportunities. This group's presence extends beyond Las Vegas, with multiple city expansions.

    Bit Angels' portfolio primarily features startups in the technology and AI sectors.

    10. Henderson Group

    The Henderson Group, established in 2011, has established itself as a reliable source of funding for startups, particularly those rooted in engineering and invention.

    With an investment range of $500,000 to $2 million, the group's focus aligns with advancing technology and innovation within the Las Vegas startup landscape.

    11. Global Trust Fund

    Global Trust Fund is another angel investment network founded with a mission to boost promising startups in Las Vegas.

    The network strictly focuses on the best startup ideas providing funding and access to their extensive network, which is why their screening tests can be tough to pass.

    With an overarching focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, Global Trust Fund supports startups across various sectors, including tech, AI, and consumer products.

    The investment range of the Global Trust Fund ranges from $100,000 to $1M.

    12. SCCG Venture Fund

    SCCG Venture Fund is an angel investing network that was founded to provide targeted financial support and guidance to startups. With an investment range of $200,000 to $500,000, SCCG Venture Fund primarily focuses on startups within the gaming and entertainment industries.

    The network understands that these fields are often ignored in terms of startups and early businesses, which provide financial backup along with exceptional mentorship. SCCG Venture Fund consists of some of the most experienced mentors that help fresh startups pave their way to success.

    Some of their portfolio companies include, a gaming company that focuses on creating unique online gaming experiences for its users, and Playability Labs, a mobile and web platform that helps players in the gambling industry make smarter decisions while playing real money games.

    13. VICI Properties

    VICI Properties, a notable presence in the Las Vegas startup ecosystem, brings a unique perspective to the investment landscape.

    Established with a vision to support real estate and hospitality startups, VICI Properties offers an investment range of $1 million to $5 million. With a comprehensive understanding of the market, VICI Properties contributes funds, industry insights, and expertise to the startups they back. The network has supported many startups until now.

    However, some of their portfolio startups include Airbnb Plus: A home rental platform that allows users to connect with verified hosts from around the world, and Holidash: An online marketplace for travel experiences; Holidash makes it easy for travelers to find unique experiences in any city.

    Wrap Up

    So, there you have it. The list of top 13 Angel Investors in Las Vegas. However, before we wrap up, here are some additional tips for securing funding from your desired angel investor.

    Before applying for screening tests, always remember that research is essential. Before you approach any angel investor, always research the companies they have previously funded and the kind of investments they make.

    Moreover, a good pitch can also be a game-changer. Once you are sure that the angel investor is the right fit for your company, ensure you have a good pitch ready. You need to capture the investor's attention in the first few sentences and ensure they understand why you are worth investing in.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Do Angel Investors have similar investing interests?

    A: No, Angel Investors showcase a wide array of investing interests. While some focus on tech startups, others prefer healthcare, real estate, or even hospitality ventures.

    This diversity ensures that startups across various industries can find investors who resonate with their vision, leading to more tailored and impactful partnerships.

    Q: Do All Angel Investors have a screening test before funding a startup?

    A: Yes, many Angel Investors implement screening tests as part of their investment process.

    However, these assessments can differ in their depth and criteria. Some may evaluate market potential, team capabilities, or financial projections. These tests help investors make informed decisions and identify startups with the greatest potential for success.

    Q: How can startups pass the screening tests from angel investors?

    A: Startups can improve their chances of passing screening tests by meticulously preparing their business plans, showcasing a deep understanding of market demand, highlighting the expertise of their team, and presenting a clear path to revenue generation.

    Aligning their pitch with the investor's interests and demonstrating a solid execution strategy also significantly enhances their appeal to potential backers.

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