Top Angel Investors in Aurora

Last updated: October 4, 2023

Aurora is an ideal city for startups related to tech and manufacturing. The city is also home to some of the most successful startups, including viaPhoton and Factor. 

While some of these startups started as self-funded businesses, many startups were all about having mind-blowing ideas and pitching to angel investors in the right way. That is why, even today, Angel investors are a vital part of many successful business ventures, providing early-stage capital and advice to entrepreneurs.

Thinking about how you can get this funding for your startup idea by connecting to these angel investors?

Let's find out by diving deep into the list of Top 7 Angel Investors in Aurora.

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    Top 7 Angel Investors in Aurora

    Generally, there are many investors in Aurora. 

    However, not every investor is worth pitching to. This is because different investors have their own investment interests which may not relate with your startup idea.

    So, here is the list of some of the top-ranking angel investment networks and Venture Capital firms in Aurora.

    Hyde Park Angels

    Website: About HPA - HPA

    Founded in 2007, Hyde Park Angels is one of the biggest investing networks operating in Aurora, Illinois. The network focuses on a wide range of startups, including Automation, B2B Marketplaces, Cybersecurity, Logistics and Supply Chain, Consumer Platforms, E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, and Healthcare.

    And since they have been investing for nearly 2 decades, Hyde Park Angels follows a strict screening test system. From the online requests, the team at Hyde Park Angels shortlists 75 companies for the screening tests. These 75 startups appear for the screening tests, from which few receive the required funding and guidance to become successful brands.

    The investment range of Hyde Park Angels ranges from 200,000 up to several million dollars, depending on the startup’s field and its potential. Some of their portfolio companies include Ahaology, Base, Brilliant, Catalytic, Dabble, The Eastman Egg Company, Farmlogs,, fourkites, Geofeedia, and Glidera.

    Chicago ArchAngels

    Website: About Chicago ArchAngels - Chicago ArchAngels Chicago ArchAngels

    Chicago ArchAngels is a huge investment network that funds startups in Aurora, Illinois. The network was founded in 2012 with a prime focus on startups related to tech and healthcare. 

    Usually, they fund startups related to medical devices, health care, digital technology, manufacturing, green tech, clean energy, financial services, education, consumer products, and other industries.

    Moreover, the network comprises some of the most experienced investors who conduct different mentorship programs and networking events throughout the year. These events don’t just help their portfolio companies but also allow different startups to meet with investors who have identical business interests.

    The investment range of Chicago ArchAngels ranges from $500,000 to $5M. Their portfolio companies include famous names like SetBone Medical (a healthcare startup), PageVault (a finance-related startup), and Popwallet (a startup that eases the process of online payments). 

    Wildcat Angels

    Website: Wildcat Angel Fund

    Wildcat Angles are an investment network based in Evanston, Illinois. The network funds startups all across the state, ensuring they have massive growth potential and the capability to solve real-life problems.

    Moreover, Wildcat Angels was founded in 2010 by the famous investor Thane Gauthier. Ever since, Gauthier has helped several startups accelerate their growth by providing them with much-needed capital and guidance. 

    However, before funding these startups, investors at Wildcat Angels follow careful investment criteria. They invest in startups that can at least provide a 5X return on the investment within the next 3 years. 

    The investment range of Wildcat Angels ranges up to $3M. However, they usually fund startups around $500,000-$2M, depending on their sector and growth potential.

    West Suburban Angels

    Website: Home - West Suburban Angels

    West Suburban Angles is also an investment network founded by Kenn Miller, Mike Healy, and Tianyi Joe Zhu in 2014. The network focuses on a wide range of sectors funding startups related to innovative information technology space, business services, industrial technology, financial services, consumer or industrial products, and healthcare services or technology.

    Aside from early and seed-stage funding, West Suburban Angels also provides startups with mentorship and guidance through their workshops. The network also arranges different networking events to help startups find investors with identical investment interests.

    The investment range of West Suburban Angles ranges from $100,000 to $1.5M.

    Prota Ventures

    Website: Prota Ventures

    Started in 2016 by a group of experienced investors, Prota Ventures is one of the most active investors operating in Illinois. The investors David Parrott, Kyle Buzzard, Perry Azevedo, Ryan Buterbaugh, and Will Little founded the network to fund pre-seed and early-stage startups.

    Unlike many other investors, Prota Ventures funds startups based on the uniqueness of their ideas. The investors look for startups that can act as problem solvers and can grow in the future.

    Once a startup passes the screening tests of Prota Ventures, they also organize numerous workshops and mentorship programs to guide these startups. Currently, they do not organize networking events as their full focus is funding startups.

    The investment range of Prota Ventures isn’t mentioned on their page. However, they have made investments in their paste around $1M.

    Kingologic LLC

    Website: KingoLogic

    Kingologic LLC is another Venture Capital Firm and startup incubator. The firm was founded by Ali Khurram in January 2017, funding startups related to  Freelance, Information Technology, Logistics, Software, and Web Development.

    And since Ali Khurram is an experienced investor, he invests in startups at the early and seed stages. As for funding, Kingologic LLC has very strict criteria for funding startups. They evaluate startups based on their idea and growth potential.

    Once a startup is finalized for investment, Kingologic LLC provides these startups with access to their extensive networks. These startups receive the best guidance about how to convert their small business into big brands. 

    Their investment range ranges from $15,000 to $500,000 depending on the startup sector and its growth potential.


    Website: Home - IrishAngels

    Founded in 2012, IrishAngels is a group of more than 250+ entrepreneurs and investors who are determined to boost the startup ecosystem of Aurora. The investors are mainly interested in startups related to B2B, consumer, and medical companies.

    Moreover, the screening tests of IrishAngels are designed to be strict and tough to ensure only the deserving startups get selected. Once these startups have been selected for funding, IrishAngles ensures they can get the best advice and mentorship.

    Other than their mentorship programs, the network has also hosted some of the biggest networking events in Illinois. Currently, the investment range of IrishAngels spans $200,000 to $3M, depending on the startup.

    Some of their portfolio companies include Wise Apple, A food preparation company; Page Vault, A web capture company that helps legal professionals capture and authenticate web content; and ZipFit, An online clothing shopping platform.

    Wrap Up

    Angel investors are definitely the driving force behind any country’s startup community. They fund startups, provide them with guidance, and help them in many ways.

    However, pitching to angel investors isn’t that easy. If you’re going to prepare a pitch deck for securing an investment, allow me to share some final words of wisdom before we wrap up.

    The most important thing about making a good pitch deck is to present your idea clearly. Make sure your slides are understandable. If you cannot understand the goals and mission of your startup, there’s a massive chance that investors won’t understand as well.

    Explain what problem your idea solves and how it does it uniquely. Highlight the market opportunity, how you'll make money, and why you and your team are the right people for the job. Keep it short but full of impactful information. 

    Good luck with your pitch!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How to secure a warm introduction to angel investors?

    A: To secure a warm introduction to angel investors, always try to participate in startup networks, attend industry events, and actively seek referrals from mentors or acquaintances already connected with investors.

    Building genuine relationships and demonstrating your passion for your venture can also open doors for warm introductions.

    Q: Who are angel investors?

    A: Angel investors are a network or team that provides financial backing and valuable guidance to early-stage startups. These investors take calculated risks by providing capital into promising businesses, often at a stage when traditional sources of funding might not be readily accessible, in exchange for a stake in the company's ownership.

    Q: Why do most investors fund late-stage startups?

    A: Investors often favor late-stage startups due to reduced risk and clearer potential for profitability. Late-stage startups have validated their concepts, shown market traction, and likely have a solid management team in place.

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