Top Angel Investors in Fresno

Last updated: October 4, 2023

With investments of more than $11.4B in the past 2 decades, Fresno has now become a thriving community of entrepreneurs and angel investors.

These angel investors always look for different startups with the potential to stand out in the market, making exceptional profits. 

Thinking about "Who are these Angel Investors?", "How can you connect with them?"

Let's find out the answers to all of these questions by diving into the list of top 9 angel investors in Fresno.

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    Top 9 Angel Investors in Fresno

    Following is the list of some of the top individual angel investors, startup accelerators and Venture Capital Firms. Before approaching any angel investor for funding, always remember the golden tip about double-checking your information.

    Most of these angel investors change or expand their investing interests as well as change the screening test criteria. That is why it is important to be equipped with the latest news that can help you secure funding.

    Alphabet Funding Network

    Affiliated with giant Brands such as Google, Alphabet Funding Network was started in 2010 with a goal to fund different startups throughout Fresno. Their interests encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from artificial intelligence to renewable energy, with a prime focus on tech-driven ventures.

    Alphabet Funding Network conducts tough screening tests to ensure they fund the best startups with outstanding startup ideas. Investing at both the early and seed stages, the investing network provides an investing range of $100,000 to $5M.


    Founded in 2001, Acumen Fund. embodies a unique approach to angel investing. Emphasizing social impact, Acumen seeks out startups addressing poverty-related challenges. 

    Their screening process prioritizes startups that can make a positive difference in sectors like healthcare, education, agriculture, and water across developing regions worldwide. The network comprises angel investors and experienced entrepreneurs who can help different startups by providing guidance and funding.

    Moreover, Acumen Fund also conducts different accelerator programs and networking events where investors and entrepreneurs can connect with the right mindsets. Generally, Acumen Fund doesn't disclose their exact investing range. 

    However, the network usually starts investing from $75,000 and can invest up to several million dollars.

    Latino Community Foundation

    Since its establishment in 1989, the Latino Community Foundation has been dedicated to uplifting the startup ecosystem through strategic investments. The foundation operates in different cities as a not-for-profit org focusing on startups that promote equity. 

    Being an old angel investor, LCF comprises many investors/ experienced entrepreneurs/ business experts to ensure their portfolio startups receive the best piece of advice along with investment. During their screening tests, they evaluate the social impact and community engagement of different startups. Usually, the Latino Community Foundation likes to fund startups that are related to education, economic development, health, and advocacy efforts.

    Their investing range spans from $25,000 to around $1M, depending on the project's potential.

    David Hellman

    As an individual angel investor, David Hellman seeks to fund different startups that have the potential to become giant brands in the future. His investment interests span many sectors, namely, Bitcoin, Finance Technology, Food and Beverages, Internet of Things, FinTech, and Wine And Spirits. 

    David understands the importance of guidance, especially when dealing with early-stage ventures. This is why he uses his past entrepreneurial experience to guide startups at various stages.

    As for the investment range, David Hellman has no fixed investing range. He evaluates different factors of a startup during screening tests and comes up with appropriate funding after discussing with the individuals themself.

    Generally, David starts investing in projects from $150,000 to several million dollars. Notable investments in his portfolio include Chronicled, a Smart Supply Chain Solution on Blockchain, and Edge, an online security platform.

    Lighter Capital

    Lighter Capital, founded in 2012, introduces a unique startup funding model in the world of angel investing. They specialize in revenue-based financing, helping startups look beyond conventional equity funding. 

    Their screening process analyzes startups' growth potential and business metrics, with a preference for software and technology-enabled startups, particularly in the SaaS domain. As of now, Lighter Capital doesnt operate with a giant network of investors in Fresno. 

    However, they understand the importance of guidance and provide mentorship programs to their portfolio companies.

    Focusing on seed-stage startups. Lighter Capital Investment Network usually invests from $50,000 to $1M, depending on the type of the project and its growth potential.

    500 Global

    Started in the early 2000s, 500 Global is a Venture Capital Firm that funds startups with market-erupting ideas. Generally, 500 Global doesn't have a fixed investing interest. They have a wide range of investors who understand various business markets.

    Usually, their investment interests include tech, healthcare, sports, media, user equipment and the finance industry. 500 Global also comprises different business experts who conduct different networking events and provide mentorship programs to individuals about how they can lead their startups towards success.

    The investment network also hosts accelerator programs to show its dedication to boosting Fresno's entrepreneur ecosystem. The investment range of 500 Global starts from $75,000 and can range up to $2M, depending on the startup.

    Greg Bettinelli    

    Greg Bettinelli is one of the most experienced individual angel investors in Fresno. With a keen eye for startups with unique ideas, Betiinelli invests in many different sectors. Namely, he mostly likes to invest in Mobile, Consumer Internet, Online Travel, Digital Media, Social Media, E-Commerce, and Marketing. 

    However, Greg Betiinelli doesnt limit himself to a specific field of angel investing. As an entrepreneur himself, he provides first-hand advice to different startups in his portfolio. Greg ensures he funds the best startups by evaluating factors like startup potential, market growth and ROI. 

    Until now, Greg has made almost 16 investments in different sectors. Some of his portfolio companies include Luxe, an on-demand valet parking and car service, and Walker & Company Brands, a startup that offers health & beauty services.

    Goldman Sachs Asset Management

    With a history of entrepreneurs in financial expertise, Goldman Sachs Asset Management is one of the oldest Angel Investors in the whole world. With its inception in 1869, Goldman Sachs Asset Management consists of more than 200 investors who look for different startups that can match their requirements.

    Like many other investors, Goldman Sachs Network also conducts rigorous screening tests to filter out the best startups with the potential to stand their ground even in the worst market conditions. Their investments span many industries, including technology, healthcare, finance, and more, focusing on high returns.

    Along with funding, investors have always focused on educating individuals about investing tactics and market rules. Since the early 80s, Goldman Sachs has been providing different mentorship programs, networking events as well as accelerator programs to help startups grow.

    Their investment range spans from $200,000 up to $10M.

    Nick Avedesian

    As a new investor in Fresno, Nick Avedesian dreams of changing the startup ecosystem of Fresno by funding deserving startups that can make a positive change. Previously, Nick has launched many companies himself and is now an entrepreneur turned angel investor ready to provide funding as well as guidance to different startups.

    He usually focuses on startups that are related to Education, Retail, Entertainment, Clean Technology, Healthcare, and Restaurants. As for investment range, Nick can invest in startups from $25,000 up to $700,000.

    His recent investment includes Sultana Solar, a startup that offers Autonomous Photovoltaic Farming.

    Wrap Up

    So, there you have the list of top angel investors in Fresno. Now, before wrapping up, allow me to share some personal insights about how you can pitch angel investors.

    Always remember that Clarity is Key. Angel investors are presented with numerous opportunities. Make sure your pitch clearly conveys what your business does, its unique value proposition, and the problem it solves. 

    Moreover, it is also important to know your numbers. Investors want to see a solid understanding of your financial projections, revenue model, and how you plan to use the funds. Demonstrating a grasp of these crucial aspects can build confidence in your business acumen.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How to prepare a decent pitch deck?

    A: Craft a compelling pitch deck by outlining your business idea, market opportunity, and unique value proposition. Include concise slides on problem-solving, target market, competitive landscape, and revenue model. Use visuals to enhance understanding. Keep it focused, clear, and engaging to captivate potential investors.

    Q: Why do startups invest in seed-stage startups?

    A: Startups invest in seed-stage startups to secure early access to innovative ideas and emerging markets. It offers the potential for high returns if the invested startup succeeds. Additionally, it allows them to diversify their portfolio and establish strategic partnerships that could benefit both parties in the long run.

    Q: What are venture capital databases?

    A: Venture capital databases are repositories of information about various venture capital firms, their investments, portfolio companies, and industry trends. These databases provide entrepreneurs with insights into potential investors, helping them identify suitable partners for funding and enabling VC firms to track and analyze their investments.

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