Top Angel Investors in Indianapolis

Last updated: August 12, 2023

In the heart of the Midwest lies a hidden gem for aspiring entrepreneurs, also known as Indianapolis.

Over the years, the city has attracted an impressive share of venture capital investments making Indianapolis a hub for innovation and growth.

Moreover, Techpoint's VC report reveals that Indianapolis startups have raised a jaw-dropping $76.5 million through investments in 13 companies, a testament to the city's potential and allure for investors and entrepreneurs alike.

In this fast-paced environment, many startups continuously search for angel investors who can provide financial banking and mentorship.

To find out these angel investors, let's waste no more time and quickly move on to the list of Top 13 Angel Investors in Indianapolis.

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    Top 13 Angel Investors in Indianapolis

    Generally, there are many angel investors in Indianapolis.

    However, I have tried to shortlist the best and most active investors, making it convenient for the startups to find their related type. The following is the list of top angel investors in Indianapolis.

    StepStone Angels

    StepStone Angels is a leading angel investor network in Indiana, focusing on high-tech companies in their early stages.

    The investing group comprises professional entrepreneurs and angel investors eager to invest in growing startups. Their diverse portfolio includes startups from technology, healthcare, and many other industries.

    Beyond financial help, the investing network provides its portfolio companies with strategic advice and mentorship, helping them navigate the challenges of the early stages of business development. Initial investments range from $200,000 to $500,000.

    Allos Angels

    Despite being a relatively smaller and newer investing network, Allos Angels is dedicated to expanding the network of angel investors in the city and funding the dreams of entrepreneurs. As of now, their portfolio is limited to Life Sciences.

    However, in the future, Allos Angels plans on investing in startups related to other fields as well. They believe in investing for tomorrow and are looking forward to investing in potential startups with huge future growth.

    The network offers funding and training programs helping the students and freshies navigate the challenges of the early stages of business development.

    Tim Kopp

    Tim Kopp is another prominent angel investor in Indianapolis, known for his interest in marketing tech startups. He is a former CMO of ExactTarget and is currently the General Partner at Hyde Park Venture Partners.

    His portfolio includes companies like Terminus, a leading account-based marketing platform, and G2, a peer-to-peer review site. Kopp's preferred investing niche is marketing technology and software as a service (SaaS).

    His investing range starts from $100,000 and can range up to $2M, depending on the startup's potential.

    Indiana Angel Investors

    The Indiana Angel Network is a group of angel investors aiming to connect investors with entrepreneurs locally and internationally.

    Their focus is primarily on seed-stage investments, particularly in digital and tech-based startups. They offer financial support, mentorship, and networking opportunities, helping startups gain the traction they need to succeed.

    For the investment range, Indiana Angel Investors typically invest from $50,000 to $500,000.

    Angelnet Group of Investors

    Angelnet is a network of angel investors that supports organizations leading to advanced economic progress throughout Indiana. The investment network likes to support startups related to modern technology.

    Being a giant network in Indianapolis, Angelnet also holds mentorship classes helping their portfolio startups to deal with different challenges of business development.

    INDYMD Angels

    INDOMD Angels is a group of angel investors focused on helping early-stage companies reach their max potential.

    They aim to connect entrepreneurs with the resources and networks startups need to thrive. Their investment philosophy is to make investing accessible, fun, and intellectually stimulating for startups and entrepreneurs.

    The investment range of INDYMD Angels ranges from $50,000 to $1M or even more if the startup looks promising.

    XCAP Angels

    XCAP Angels is another famous investing group that focuses on supporting early-stage startups. Comprising successful entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors, they are committed to guiding other entrepreneurs from their initial pitch to a successful exit.

    Providing financial advice and entrepreneurship classes, XCAP Angels is determined to transform innovative ideas into successful business models. The investment range of this group ranges from $50,000 to $500,000.

    FNEX Investment Group

    FNEX investment group connects institutional investment investors with different startups related to their fields. They have invested in many successful tech and healthcare startups, contributing to the city's economic growth.

    This group aims to invest in startups that will lead to future innovation. The investment range starts from $50,000 and can range up to $700,000.

    IU Ventures

    IU Angel Network supports creating connections among startups and prospective investors among Indianapolis University students with global opportunities. Their mission is to create an entrepreneurial culture contributing to the city's economic growth and prosperity. IU has contributed to the success of many big startups.

    However, the screening tests of IU Ventures are still a big challenge to overcome. The investment network only focuses on ideas that have the potential for future growth.

    The investment range of IU Ventures ranges from $100,000 to several million dollars, depending on the type of the project.

    Ade Olonoh

    Ade Olonoh is an influential angel investor in Indianapolis with a particular interest in tech startups and social enterprises. He is the founder of Formstack, a versatile online form builder, and Jell, a platform for team collaboration.

    Moreover, Olonoh's portfolio includes companies like Visible. VC, a platform for startups to engage with investors, and DemandJump, a customer acquisition platform.

    His preferred investing niche is tech-based startups focusing on software and internet services. Olonoh typically looks for startups with a clear vision, a strong team, and a scalable business model.

    Developertown Angels

    Developertown Angels focus on funding early-stage startups. Understanding the challenges of an early-stage venture, they aim to aid startups with financial capital and professional advice. They have a team of experts who know what it takes to get a product to market faster.

    The angel investor network has invested in several digital and tech-based startups in Indianapolis. The investment range of Developertown Angels ranges from $50,000 to $1M.

    Elevate Angels

    Elevate Angels is a renowned angel investor group in Indianapolis dedicated to building Indiana's sustainable entrepreneurial culture. They aim to develop high-potential, high-growth businesses for investment and returns for stakeholders.

    The investment network provides early-stage startups with unbiased and in-depth perspective recommendations, helping them grow and thrive in the market. Their commitment to fostering entrepreneurship has made them a pillar in the local startup ecosystem.

    Scott Dorsey

    Scott Dorsey is a well-known angel investor in Indianapolis, recognized for his keen interest in tech startups. As the co-founder and former CEO of ExactTarget, which Salesforce acquired for $2.5 billion, Dorsey brings a wealth of experience to guide freshies through their startup journey.

    He is also the Managing Partner at High Alpha, a venture studio that launches, scales, and invests in enterprise cloud companies.

    Some notable companies in his portfolio include Lessonly, Zylo, and Terminus. Dorsey's preferred investing niche is SaaS and tech-enabled services, with a maximum investing range of over $3M.

    Final Words

    With all that competition, pitching the angel investors may be tough, especially when you aren't well prepared for the screening tests.

    However, remember that Angel Investors always seek ideas that stand out and have growth potential.

    If you possess such an idea, there's always a high chance of your startup idea getting accepted by these angel investors. Don't hesitate to give it a shot!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How to pitch angel investors?

    A: There are many things angel investors look for in a specific startup. To pitch angel investors, try to follow these guidelines:

    1. Prepare a compelling business plan highlighting your unique value proposition, market opportunity, and financial projections.

    2. Craft a concise and engaging pitch that communicates your passion and expertise.

    3. Research potential investors to find those interested in your industry.

    4. Secure a warm introduction if possible.

    Q: What is an angel investor group?

    A: An angel investor group is a collection of affluent individuals who pool their financial resources to invest in early-stage startups and small businesses. These investors, known as angel investors, typically provide funding, mentorship, and expertise to help entrepreneurs grow their ventures.

    Joining an angel investor group allows individuals to diversify their investment portfolio, collaborate with like-minded investors, share due diligence efforts, and collectively make larger investments in promising startups.

    Q: How to get a warm introduction to angel investors?

    A: Securing a warm introduction to angel investors can greatly increase your chances of gaining their attention.

    Consider these steps:

    1. Seek introductions through friends, colleagues, or acquaintances who may know potential investors.

    2. Participate in industry conferences, startup meetups, and pitch competitions where you can connect with investors directly.

    3. Explore angel investor networks or social media groups dedicated to startup funding.

    4. Build relationships with experienced entrepreneurs or advisors who can introduce you to their investor contacts. Always be professional and respectful when seeking introductions.

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