Top Angel Investors in Louisville

Last updated: August 30, 2023

In the busy city of Louisville, many angel investors are always on the hunt to find startups with exceptional ideas and, of course, massive Growth Potential.

These Angel investors have various interests, from software development to retail businesses. Not only do they provide the required funding, but they also help startups and entrepreneurs to make the right decisions. 

However, connecting with these startups and finding your best match can be one big problem.

So, let's waste no time and start discussing the Top 11 Angel Investors in Louisville and how to connect with them.

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    Top Angel Investors in Louisville

    In the following list, there are individual investors/ accelerators and VC firms with specific interests. Before contacting any investor, it is recommended to confirm all the details from the official website of the investor to avoid any issues later on.

    With that said, let's move onto the list of the Top 11 Angel Investors in Louisville.

    1. Bob Saunders

    Bob Saunders, also working as an investment partner for OCA Ventures, started funding startups in 2005. He is known for his interest in software development and other tech-related startups. 

    Bob usually hosts screening tests based on the startup's progress to ensure that he is funding the right idea. Among many of his investments, some notable portfolio companies include GigaSpaces, Vyopta, and Advanced Solutions International.

    His investment range spans from $50,000 to $1 million. 

    Render Capital

    Render Capital is a VC firm that likes to invest in startups related to artificial intelligence, robotics, and machine learning. Throughout their investment journey, the firm has always funded startups and provided several mentorship classes.

    They also look for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and fund different startups every year.

    However, Render Capital conducts tough screening tests focusing on the best startups and evaluating their growth potential.

    The firm has funded startups like PicoBrew Inc., a company that develops home brewing devices, and Orange Chef Co., developers of food preparation solutions. 

    As per the funding range, Render Capital starts funding startups from $500k up to $4 million.

    3. CapitalSpring Financial Group

    Another angel investor in Louisville is CapitalSpring Financial Group, which prefers working with restaurants and food chains across the US. With over $200M worth of investments, CapitalSpring Financial Group is one of the biggest investors in Louisville.

    With an experienced team of advisors, mentors, and investors CapitalSpring Financial Group doesnt just invest but also ensures that their portfolio companies receive the best business advice.

    Their investment range starts from $500k and can go up to $5 million depending on the needs and growth potential of the business.

    Some of their notable investments include Culver's-a startup that focuses on providing an online food ordering system, and Taco Johns- a startup that provides Mexican cuisine.

    4. David Jones

    Investing since 1997, David Jones has been a great mentor for many entrepreneurs in the city. He is interested in startups that are creative and have a strong vision for their product or service.

    Being an old investor, David Jones knows the problems many startups suffer  throughout the entrepreneur journey. He uses his experience to guide startups and provides separate mentorship classes to nurture future entrepreneurs.

    He is also the co-founder of Louisville Central Community Centers, a non-profit organization for poverty alleviation. His investment range starts from $50,000 to $1 million.

    David Jones has invested in big names like ePrize, Sortable, and Halogen Networks.

    5. Churchill Downs Incorporated

    Churchill Downs Incorporated (CDI) is a publicly traded company. It has funded startups since 1990 and keeps an eye out for promising startups in Louisville.

    The venture capital firm is known to make investments in the range of $200,000 to $3 million. They are mainly interested in ideas related to health and wellness, eCommerce, and other innovative technologies.

    Churchill Downs is also known for conducting strict screening tests. They ensure that only the deserving startups can avail their funding as well as guidance throughout their journey.

    Some notable names in their portfolio include Alkeus Pharmaceuticals, a company specializing in therapies for rare diseases, and Kupona Health, a consulting platform.

    6. LHOME Investing Network

    Founded by Geri Wittig, LHOME provides early-stage capital to a wide range of startups and entrepreneurs in Louisville. With 5 years of experience in funding, LHOME always looks for new ideas that can be turned into profitable ventures.

    As for funding, Geri usually looks at seed-level investments ranging from $25,000 to $500,000. Some of her notable investments have been in the retail and healthcare industries, including Relay Foods- a grocery delivery service, and Aver Health- a drug testing services company.

    7. The 6ixth Event

    The 6ixth Event is a VC firm  investing in Louisville-based companies since 2018. Working along with Narwhal Ventures, The firm usually likes to invest in startups that have the potential to make an impact in the Cataclysmic world.

    Not only do they provide investment, but The 6ixth events also has many successful entrepreneurs and mentors who can guide their portfolio startups when needed.

    Their investment range spans from $50,000 to $2 million. 

    8. Bruce Lunsford

    Bruce Lunsford is an entrepreneur-turned-investor who has been investing since 1998. As a tech investor, Bruce actively invests in startups with innovative ideas and market-erupting potential.

    When conducting screening tests, Bruce filters out the best startups evaluating what they can offer in the upcoming years. He has strict criteria for funding only the deserving startups that have what it takes to stand out in the market.

    Since he has been an entrepreneur himself, Bruce also understands mentorship and can provide advice to startups. He has backed numerous companies, including BrightSpring Health Services, Care Partners Solution, and Passport Health Communications. 

    Bruce Lunsford starts investing in startups from $50,000 and can go up to several million dollars, depending on the startup. 

    9. Jonathan Copley

    Jonathan Copley, the founder of Serent Capital, is actively looking for startups willing to reach their max potential. Jonathan's investments focus on enterprises that can impact their industry and have massive growth opportunities.

    He has invested in many successful companies, such as Tallwave, PeopleAdmin, and PivotDesk. Not only does he invest in a company, but Jonathan also provides guidance and advice to the right businesses.

    His investment range is typically between $100,000 to several million dollars depending on the startup's potential.

    10. Humana Investment Group

    Humana Investment Group is another famous and active angel investor in Louisville. It works in collaboration with local startups to create more efficient healthcare strategies and solutions.

    Humana's portfolio includes companies like Health iQ, CareAcademy, and Apexian Pharmaceuticals Inc. As for investment range, the network can invest anywhere from $10,000 to a few million dollars.

    11. Landon Swan

    As an individual angel investor, Landon Swan loves to invest in startups related to eCommerce, retail businesses, and digital marketing. He also offers valuable advice and mentorship to startups for better results.

    Swan has worked with multiple famous companies, including Popshelf, Copper Cow Coffee, and PrettyLittleThing. His investment range is quite flexible, but usually, he invests around $100,000 to $700,000.

    Wrap Up

    Now that we're done talking about angel investors, here are some tips about how you can connect with them.

    Angel Investors always look out for startups that have the potential to stand out in the markets. That is why networking can be your best tool here. Take some time to reach out to local angel networks and meetup groups to get in touch with investors. This way, you can meet with angel investors and showcase your potential much better.

    Moreover, attending seminars and conferences related to startup investments should also be part of your strategy. Just make sure you know what each investor is looking for and adjust your pitch accordingly.

    Good luck!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Why do angel investors look for growth potential in startups?

    A: Angel investors search for startups with growth potential because they want their investments to grow over time. When a startup expands and reaches more customers, it has a better chance of making more money. This benefits both the startup and the angel investor.

    Q: What kind of startups do angel investors look for?

    A: Angel investors look for startups that have unique and promising ideas. They want startups that can solve problems or offer something new. Startups in industries with room for growth, like technology or healthcare, often catch their attention. They also like startups with strong and dedicated teams.

    Q: Is a well-crafted pitch deck important?

    A: Yes, a well-crafted pitch deck is very important. It's like a visual story that explains the startup's idea, how it will make money, and why it's special. A clear pitch deck helps angel investors understand the startup quickly and decide if they want to invest. It's a key tool to make a great first impression and get their attention.

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