Top Angel Investors in New Orleans

Last updated: October 4, 2023

Startups usually look for cities with busy environments, high populations, and lower taxes.

Luckily, New Orleans has all of these qualities, which is why it has attracted a lot of startups, individual angel investors, and Venture Capital Firms.

Are you thinking of starting a new business or boosting your current one in New Orleans? Well, angel investors have got you.

These investors don't just provide the required funding but also guide startups in different ways to ensure their success.

So, let's wait no longer and discuss the list of Top 5 Angel Investors in New Orleans.

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    Top 5 Angel Investors in New Orleans

    Following is the list of some of the most active and top-ranked individual angel investors and Venture Capitalists in New Orleans.

    However, before we jump onto the list, remember that from hundreds of angel investors, only a few might agree to look into your startup.

    This is because most angel investors have different interests and always want to invest in the most deserving startups. But, with this list and proper tips, you can easily secure the investment from investors. 

    LongueVue Capital

    Website: LVC | LongueVue Capital

    Investing Interests: Tech, Healthcare, and Transportation

    Investor Type: VC Firm

    LongueVue Capital is one of the biggest and most active Venture Capital Firms in New Orleans. Found in 2001, the firm has generated over $1.4B with ten successful exits. They have invested in a wide range of sectors, mainly including Tech, Healthcare, Transportation, Industrial Services, Consumer Products, and Food.  

    The investors at LongueVue Capital are focused on investing in startups with chances of massive growth. They usually look for a 3-Times ROI within the first five years, but it also depends on the startups. 

    The screening tests of LongueVue Capital are also very tough since the investors only provide funding to the most deserving startups. In the initial screening stages, the selected startups are filtered out based on their achievements and startup sectors. Once a startup makes it to the final stages, the investors host a Questioning Phase where the entrepreneurs can explain to the investors why their startup is worth investing in.

    Aside from funding, LongueVue Capital also hosts many mentorship programs and networking events. Their investment range spans around $10M to $50M, depending on the startup. 

    Some portfolio companies of LongueVue Capital include;

    ECA Medical: ECA Medical specializes in providing innovative surgical instruments and implant kits for orthopedic and spine surgeries.

    KPS Life: KPS Life is a healthcare company that develops and delivers cutting-edge pharmaceuticals.

    Ascent Aviation Services: Ascent Aviation Services is an aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) company.

    Revelry Venture Partners

    Website: Revelry

    Investor Type: VC Firm

    Revelry Venture Partners is also a famous Venture Capital Firm in New Orleans. Instead of backing developed and startups ready to succeed, Revelry Venture Partners takes a unique approach by investing in early-stage startups. They fund startups with unique ideas and chances of exceptional growth in the upcoming years.

    However, the screening tests of Revelry Venture Partners are quite difficult compared with other investors. There are almost 3-4 stages of a screening test where a startup applies online, then it gets selected, and after another online screening, it gets to appear in the final physical screening test. During these tests, the entrepreneurs have to demonstrate facts and figures explaining how their idea can develop into a brand, provided the required investment.

    Moreover, Revelry Venture Partners also provides Mentorship Programs to their portfolio companies. As for the non portfolio companies, they provide One-on-One coaching programs to allow entrepreneurs to grow.

    The investment range of Revelry Venture Partners depends on the startup. Looking at some of their past investments, they usually provide funding of around $4M.

    Some of their portfolio companies include;

    Sure, here's a brief description of each startup:

    Venteur: A digital ICHRA marketplace that helps employers provide the best health benefits.

    Textla: A platform that helps small businesses reach their customers on the go without the need for a developer.

    CarmaCare: A startup that offers a "healthcare-for-your-car" subscription service instead of car insurance.

    Greg Lucas

    Investor Type: Angel Investor

    Investment Interests: Tech, Healthcare, and Finance 

    As an investor since 2011, Greg Lucas has funded many startups. Usually, he funds startups related to tech, healthcare, and finance. Before funding a startup, Lucas evaluates various factors in a startup that may impact its growth potential. 

    He also hosts rigorous screening tests, ensuring only the most deserving startups make it through. During the screening tests, Lucas has a "10 Minute Questioning Phase," where he asks several questions to the startups depending on their sector.

    Once a startup makes it through, Greg Lucas ensures that it can receive the best guidance to become one of the most successful brands in the future. He hosts many networking events and accelerator programs to help startups find investors of different investment interests.

    The investment range of Greg Lucas ranges from $300,000 to $1.5M. Some of his portfolio companies include;

    Shelterluv: A software company dedicated to solving modern issues of today's animal welfare organizations.

     FortisPay: A payment and financial technology industry that has solved many online payment problems.

    Charles Allen

    Charles Allen is one of the most experienced and oldest angel investors in New Orleans. Since Charles has been investing for two decades, his investment interests aren't limited to 1 or two sectors.

    Charles Allen invests in a wide range of startups, depending on their growth potential. However, his investments mostly relate to Sports, E-Commerce, and SMM, which display his favorite sectors.

    As for screening tests, Charles Allen hosts the toughest screening tests compared with other individual investors. This is because of his unique mindset of funding startups that have different ideas and can bring a positive impact to the market.

    He also hosts various mentorship programs and screening tests to help startups grow in the best way possible. Throughout the year, Charles Allen hosts 1-2 Networking Events, allowing different investors to meet with entrepreneurs.

    Currently, Charles Allen invests in startups ranging from $500,000 up to $2M.

    His portfolio companies include;

    THG plc: A premier e-commerce retailer headquartered in Manchester, England, operating over 100 international websites.

    2 Sisters Food Group: A European food company supplying Poultry, Red Meat, Fish, Chilled, Bakery, and Frozen products to the retail, food service, and food manufacturing sectors.

    ISS: One of the world's leading facility services companies, Cleaning, Catering, Security, Property, and Facility Management.

    Sisung Capital

    Website: The Sisung Group Financial and Development Services

    Investing Interests: Construction Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Tech

    Investor Type: VC Firm

    Sisung Capital is also one of the most active Venture Capital Firms in New Orleans. With investment interests spanning sectors like Telecommunications, Print Manufacturing, Construction Services, Healthcare, and Media, they ensure startups with the highest growth potential can receive the funding.

    Once they have funded a startup, the mentors at Sisung Capital provide guidance to the startups by hosting weekly and monthly programs. Other than these programs, they also host workshops to guide startups about challenges they face at several stages.

    The investment range of Sisung Capital ranges from 900,000 to several million dollars, with most of their past investments being around $2M.

    Wrap Up

    Angle investors can indeed bring a positive change in the startup ecosystem of any city.

    However, receiving funding from these investors is another challenge. So, let's discuss some important tips that can help you prepare a good pitch deck and secure funding from angel investors.

    Firstly, keep your pitch deck straightforward and to the point. Tell a great story about your business idea, the market opportunity, what sets you apart, and how you plan to make money.

    Moreover, pay attention to the design of your pitch deck. Use attractive visuals, good-quality images, and a consistent color scheme.

    Present a solid analysis of your target market, your competitors, and the potential for growth. Explain how your product or service meets a need or solves a problem in the market.

    And finally, be realistic about your conclusion, explaining how you plan to make money, your costs, and your growth expectations.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Who are angel investors, and why do they invest in startups?

    A: Angel investors are people who invest their personal funds into early-stage startups. They invest to support promising ventures and earn a return on investment as the startup grows. These investors often provide not only financial support but also valuable advice and mentorship to help startups succeed.

    Q: What are late-stage startups, and why do investors prefer them?

    A: Late-stage startups are more mature companies that have already shown significant growth and have a proven business model.

    Investors prefer them because they carry less risk compared to early-stage startups. Late-stage startups often have a larger customer base, revenue streams, and established market presence, making them attractive for investors seeking a more stable investment opportunity.

    Q: How to pitch to angel investors?

    A: To pitch to angel investors successfully, prepare a concise and engaging presentation about your startup.

    Clearly present your business idea, market opportunity, unique value proposition, and financial projections. Focus on showing the potential for growth and profitability. Most importantly, explain how their investment will be utilized and the benefits they can expect.

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