Top 10 Angel Investors in Portland

Last updated: August 30, 2023

When starting a business, one of the biggest challenges is to find the right supporter for your idea.

However, in Portland, there are a lot of angel investors who are willing to support startups that have what it needs to march their way to success.

Not only these angel investors are providing them with massive funding, but also with the right advice and mentorship. So, let's wait no longer and start discussing the list of the Top 10 angel investors in Portland.

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    Top 10 Angel Investors in Portland

    In the following list of angel investors, there are different VC Firms/ individual investors and incubators that will help your startup reach its max potential. 

    However, remember that different investments have their own investing preferences and criteria. It is best to gather proper information about the related angel investors before you appear for screening tests. 


    Founded in 2008, The Technology Partnership Growth Fund (TTPGF) is the venture capital division of the Oregon Investment Council. It has invested in more than 200 companies, and its portfolio includes businesses ranging from software to medical devices.

    However, the story doesn't just end there. Until now, TPG has invested more than $200 million in Oregon startups, creating more than 1000 jobs. It has also invested in early and late-stage companies to build a giant portfolio in Oregon's economy.

    Their wide range of experienced investors and mentors give the best advice to these startups that are in the development stages. 


    Completely opposite to its name, TinySeed is also one of the investing giants of Portland. The investing group consists of more than 50 experienced venture capitalists and entrepreneurs interested in helping early-stage businesses succeed. The fund offers not only money but also in-depth advice and tons of valuable resources that will help you take your startup to the next level.

    Usually, TinySeed focuses on startups that are related to software and SaaS Technology. Notable investments include Appcues, ZingFit, and ChartHop.

    Their investing range spans from $200,000 to $5M.

    Angela Jackson

    Investing since 2002, Jackson worked with several renowned venture capital firms before becoming a full-time investor. Until now, she has funded many startups, from which many are related to B2B software and healthcare technology.

    Besides, she is also an active member of many startup accelerator programs such as The Founder Institute and 500 Startups, demonstrating her interest in boosting the startup ecosystem in Portland. Angel Jackson carefully evaluates startups through tough screening tests. She identifies whether the individuals seeking investment have the potential to grow in the markets by offering unique products.

    Among her many investments, notable portfolio companies include Natural Machines, UnaliWear, and Burt's Bees Baby. Angela Jackson usually invests in startups ranging from $100,000 to $1M.

    Oregon Entrepreneurs Network

    Another giant investing network in the Portland startup ecosystem is the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network. This network offers different mentorship programs that help startups and entrepreneurs to get on the right track with their businesses. 

    They also provide investments and advice from successful investors who have made it big in the industry.

    The team at OEN provides angel investors with workshops, events, and networking opportunities for its members. The network also supports programs like AcceleratorNW, which provides early-stage seed capital for high-growth businesses.

    Since its inception, OEN has supported startups related to software, robotics, energy, bioscience, and more. Some of their most successful investments include Glider Tech Solutions, Revols, and Dune Sciences. 

    Although Oregan Entrepreneurs Network has a wide investing range since they are a collaboration of 2 Funds (Oregan Investing Fund and Portland Investing Fund), the network usually starts investing in startups from 250,000 to several million dollars.


    With a goal to connect different startups and investors, MassChallenge is an accelerator that helps startups start their journey. It was founded in 2009, and since then, Mass Challenge has helped more than 2000 startups find investors with similar interests.

    MassChallenge offers not only money but also mentorship, services, and resources such as office space and legal advice to help startups achieve their dreams. Although they do not directly fund startups, the network provides an environment for startups to grow and become successful by connecting with different investors.

    MassChallenge focuses on creating a network of entrepreneurs, which will help them set up connections with other experienced founders. Startups that have found their matching investors through this network include Indigo Slate, Moocho, and CareRev. 

    KPCS Ventures

    KPCS Ventures is another group of experienced entrepreneurs and investors who have funded many startups since their inception. Until now, the firm has invested in over 40 projects, mainly focusing on startup companies in the healthcare, logistics, and technology sectors.

    Moreover, KPCS Ventures often invest in early-stage startups with a unique idea but lack the investment. The nework's investments range from $500K to $2M.

    Notable companies in KPCS Ventures' portfolio include Apptree, Rippling, and Pulsara.

    Debi Coleman

    Debi Coleman is one of the most prominent female angel investors in Portland. She has invested in early-stage startups since 1998 and successfully exited many investments. Debi primarily focuses on seed funding and mostly supports tech entrepreneurs just starting their business journey.

    By conducting tough screening tests, Debi ensures that she is funding the best startups with the potential to stand out in the markets. Aside from funding, Debi is also a mentor to many young businesses and helps them in taking their product ideas to the next level. 

    Her portfolio consists of companies like CashCrate and Conspire. As for investments, Devi Coleman has invested more than $10 million into early-stage startups with an investing range of $25,000 to $500,000.

    Ryan Finley

    After starting an early-stage business named "SurveyMonkey" in 1999, Ryan Finley became one of the most successful entrepreneurs turned angel investors in Portland. He is part advisor and investor at Oregon Angel Fund, Wieden+Kennedy, and Entrepreneurs' Organization.

    He has been an active angel investor since 2008, and his portfolio includes more than 30 early-stage companies ranging from software to medical devices. Ryan Finley uses his wide business experience to help startups tackle their business-related challenges.

    Some of his investments include Urban Airship and Elemental Technologies.

    TiE Oregon Angels

    Being part of the world's biggest entrepreneurship organizations, TiE Oregon Angels support budding and aspiring entrepreneurs in Portland. The network usually looks for startups related to technology with vast growth potential.

    However, they aren't just limited to providing financial support. The experts at TIE Oregon provide valuable mentorship and other resources to their portfolio startups. Their mentorship programs include workshops and events to help these startups reach maximum success.

    As for investments, TiE Oregon Angels aren't limited by a specific investment range. Generally, they fund startups starting from $100,000 up to several million dollars, depending on the project.

    Travis Rush

    Travis Rush is another recent angel investor in Portland looking for startups with unique ideas. He is a highly experienced and successful entrepreneur who has founded two companies to date, both of which have been acquired by Fortune 500.

    Travis serves on the board for several startups as an advisor or venture capitalist. He's also an active angel investor with investments across consumer services, marketplaces, and financial services.

    Wrap Up

    With the help of angel investors, startups can indeed quickly grow and scale their businesses. 

    However, for it all to turn out in your favor, ensure that you present your pitch deck professionally and prepare yourself for a tough screening process. Angel investors take funding seriously and want to know that entrepreneurs have done their homework. 

    In most cases, investors evaluate track records, the strength of management teams, market analysis, fundraising strategy, and exit opportunities before signing on the dotted line. Once all is done, show confidence in your startup idea, and good luck!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How to get a warm introduction to angel investors?

    A: Late-stage startups have moved past the initial growth phases and are characterized by substantial development. These companies often have a solid customer base and established revenue streams and may even be on the brink of going public.

    They typically have undergone several rounds of funding and are in the process of expanding operations and market presence.

    Q: What do angel investors look for in startups?

    A: Angel investors look for a lot of things in startups. These include a unique and disruptive business idea, a clear and sizable market opportunity, a capable and adaptable founding team, a scalable business model, and alignment with the investor's own experience or interests.

    Q: What is Pre Seed Funding?

    A: Pre-seed funding occupies the earliest stage of startup financing, preceding even the seed round. It involves providing crucial initial capital to entrepreneurs.

    This funding enables them to develop a proof of concept, build prototypes, conduct essential market research, and validate the feasibility of their business ideas. Pre-seed funding plays a vital role in helping startups transform raw concepts into tangible and viable business ventures.

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