Top Angel Investors in Seattle

Last updated: August 12, 2023

Seattle has caught the attention of tourists, investors, and tech-savvy folks alike. With its lush green environment and top companies like Amazon and Microsoft calling it home, Seattle is bursting with innovation.

Moreover, the city has also ranked among the top 10 cities for successful startups, becoming a hub for AI expertise, life sciences, and Big Data.

But let's not forget that in the world of startups, every founder looks for a helping hand to navigate through uncertainties. These helping hands are often known as Angel investors.

Thinking about who these angel investors are and how you can pinch them?

Well, this list of the Top 12 Angel Investors in Seattle is definitely meant for you.

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    Top 12 Angel Investors in Seattle

    Throughout Seattle, hundreds of Angel Investors are ready to invest in different startups, provided their idea is worth the funding.

    However, it often becomes difficult for startups to select the right angel investor to apply for funding and guidance. That is why I have prepared the list of the Top Angel Investors in Seattle and their investing interests.

    Keiretsu Forum Northwest

    With over 300 investments since 2013, Keiretsu Forum Northwest is part of one of the largest networks of angel investors. They hold monthly forums to hear pitches and decide on investments, focusing on real estate, consumer, and technology-based startups.

    Their investment portfolio, valued at $30 million, is a testament to their commitment to supporting innovative startups. The forum provides a platform for entrepreneurs to present their ideas and secure funding. Keiretsu Forum Northwest usually don't have a fixed investment range. Their budget usually depends on the startup type and its future growth.


    Founded in 2016, Grubstakes invests in startups in the Northwest Pacific.

    With its broad portfolio encompassing more than 25 startups and a starting investment of $50,000, Grubstakes is steadfast in its dedication to creating the utmost success for startups. It has collaborated with several angel investor groups, such as Alliance of Angels, TIE and Swan.

    However, the founder of Grubstakes, Lyle Fong, is known for strict screening tests. This is because Grubstakes want to ensure they invest in startups with high success rates.

    Puget Sound Venture Club

    Puget Sound Venture Club has a long history of supporting innovation ever since it was established back in 1985. The VC has invested over $150 million in 1,210 startups, demonstrating their commitment to creating entrepreneurial spirit. Until now, the investing network has funded many successful startups, including TomBoyX and Defined Crowd.

    Puget Sound Venture Club also partners with renowned brands like Starbucks, further enhancing their credibility in the investment community.

    Alliance of Angels

    Being of the biggest Angel Investors in Seattle, Alliance of Angels invests in startups with unique ideas and huge growth potential.

    With a remarkable track record of investing over $100 million in over 200 startups, they have demonstrated a clear preference for Life Sciences, Information Technology, and Consumer-based startups. Their annual investment commitment of $10 million to over 20 startups shows their dedication to creating innovation.

    Alliance of Angels also offer mentorship and knowledge-building programs, making them a comprehensive resource for budding entrepreneurs seeking both funding and guidance.

    Outlines Venture Group

    Founded in 2013 by Gillian Muessig and Anne Kennedy, Outlines Venture Group invests in and mentors early-stage tech companies. They offer consultation services for mid-sized businesses and have made notable investments in startups like Spiral Genetics.

    The Venture group tries to filter the best ideas and talented entrepreneurs through their strict screening tests. The investment range of Outlines Venture Group ranges from $100,000 to $2M.

    TiE Seattle

    As the local branch of The Indus Entrepreneurs, TiE Seattle stimulates entrepreneurship through programs and presentations. They occasionally provide startups with funding and have made notable investments in startups like Versium and Glencoe Software. With a mission to boost entrepreneurship, Tie Seattle arranges mentorship classes and business analytics programs to ensure their portfolio companies receive the best guidance.

    The investing range of Tie Seattle ranges from $50,000 to $700,000.

    Puget Sound Venture Club

    With nearly 1,000 investments since 1985, Puget Sound Venture Club has a network of investors, business executives, and entrepreneurs. Their portfolio includes successful startups like Remitly, Blokable, Amplero, DefinedCrowd, and TomboyX.

    Puget Sound follows a network-driven investing strategy supporting early-stage startups and leveraging the collective expertise of their network to provide strategic guidance. The VC usually likes to invest big, starting from $200,000 to several million dollars.

    Seattle Angel Conference

    Operating in an 'American Idol'-style format, the Seattle Angel Conference allows startups to compete for investment from assembled angels. They have provided investment opportunities to many startups with some famous names, including Invio and TomboyX.

    The conference provides a unique platform for startups to showcase their ideas and compete for funding, making it a valuable resource for entrepreneurs seeking investment. Startups willing to participate in Seattle Angel Conference are recommended to check out the requirements on their website.

    Although there aren't such specific requirements, it's recommended to ensure everything before you head out for a screening test.

    WITA Group of Investors

    WITA Group of Investors is another famous Angel Investor located in Seattle. The Investment Group has funded over 70 technology-based startups, creating more than 1000 jobs. They collaborate with several angel investor groups, such as Alliance of Angel, TIE, and Swan, reflecting their commitment to creating a collaborative investment ecosystem.

    The investment range of WITA Group of Investors starts from $100,000 to $5M, depending on the startup's growth potential.

    Sea Change Fund

    Previously known as Seattle Angel Fund, the Sea Change Fund is an angel investing fund that has invested nearly $59.4 million in 34 startups since 2015. The network usually likes to support both Series A and Series B startups.

    With an investment range of $500,000 to $1,000,000, they have a diverse portfolio that includes tourism applications, AI-based startups, and maintenance solutions.

    Keeler Investments Group

    Originating from a family-run laundry business, Keeler Investments Group now invests between $50,000 to $500,000 in early-stage startups.

    The investment group invests in startups related to VR, cloud, e-commerce, and SaaS sectors. Their investment strategy reflects a focus on technology-driven solutions that have the potential to disrupt traditional industries.

    Some notable investments in their portfolio include JetClosing, Integris Software, and HaptX.

    E8 Angels

    With a keen interest in cleantech startups, E8 Angels is a famous angel investor in Seattle founded in 2006. They have a huge portfolio of 98 startups funded through a total investment of $48 million.

    Notable startups in their portfolio include Membrion and LevelTen Energy, which are making significant strides in the clean tech sector. The investment network holds tough screening tests and focuses on the growth level of startup ideas. E8 Angels also want to ensure that the individual applying for the funding must have leadership qualities.

    Depending on the startup, the network provides investments ranging from 100,000 to several million dollars.

    Wrap Up

    With the list of top 12 Angel Investors in Seattle being explained, let's move onto some final tips that can aid you in pitching Angel Investors.

    Most of the time, Angel investors are interested in funding startups that have significant growth potential. To ensure they are attracted towards your idea, explain your startup stages, and convince them by telling them how your idea can change the relevant industry and erupt the market.

    Giving a warm introduction to angel investors can also help you build long time connections with them which can result in form of funding later on.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How to find a good angel investor?

    A: Finding a good angel investor involves research and networking. Start by identifying investors with a history of investing in your industry or sector.

    Use online platforms like AngelList, LinkedIn, or Crunchbase to gather information. Attend industry events and startup meetups to meet potential investors. A good angel investor provides funds and contributes valuable industry knowledge, mentorship, and connections. They should align with your vision and be interested in building a long-term relationship.

    Q: Do all angel investors operate in the same way?

    A: No, all angel investors do not operate in the same way. Their investment strategies vary based on their preferences, industry focus, risk tolerance, and investment capacity.

    Some angel investors prefer to invest alone, while others operate as part of an angel group or network. Some may take a hands-on approach, offering mentorship and guidance, while others may prefer a more passive role.

    Q: What do angel investors look for in startups before investing?

    A: Angel investors look for a lot of things in startups. They usually prefer startups with a strong team, a unique value proposition, a large potential market, and a well-defined growth strategy. They often seek evidence of traction, such as customer engagement, revenue, or other key performance indicators. They also consider the scalability of the business model, the competitive landscape, and the exit strategy.

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