Top Angel Investors in Tulsa

Last updated: October 4, 2023

Located in northeastern Oklahoma, Tulsa has seen a massive growth in its startups sector compared to the previous 5 years. 

However, there are many different fields including the sports, healthcare, and tech sector that await modern ideas which could be cashed in the form of startups.

Don’t have enough capital to start a business? Fear Not!

The angel investors of Tulsa are all set to fund startups and guide them through their extensive experiences.

So, without wasting time, let’s move on to the list of the Top 7 Angel Investors in Tulsa.

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    Top 7 Angel Investors in Tulsa

    Generally, many angel investors in Tulsa are actively funding startups. However, only a few angel investors are willing to invest in startups with diverse investing interests.

    Following is the list of top-ranking individual angel investors and Venture Capital Firms in Tulsa.

    Plains Ventures

    Founded in 2019, Plain Ventures is one of Tulsa's biggest Venture Capital firms. The firm invests in many startup sectors, including Tech, Healthcare, media, entertainment, and consumer products. 

    The screening tests of Plain Ventures are known to be tough as they have tough selection criteria. They identify startups based on their growth potential, industry experience, and achievements. Once a startup passes these screening tests, Plains Ventures ensures they receive the best guidance and required funding.

    As for the investment range, Plains Ventures invests in startups ranging from $150,000 up to $1.5M. 

    Some of their portfolio companies include DEKA Biosciences, An early-stage venture in the field of drug discovery and clinical trials; DocViaWeb, A late-stage venture in the field of clinic services; Dex-Pump, An early-stage venture in the field of other commercial services; and Progentec, A startup that operates in the field of digital therapeutics for the management of autoimmune diseases.

    Website: Home - Plains Ventures (

    Matthew Brainerd

    As an individual angel investor, Matthew Brainerd is also looking to fund startups in Tulsa. Throughout his investing career, Brainerd has always funded startups related to the chemical industry, showing his dedication to the field.

    Since Matthew Brainerd has started investing recently and wants to fund more startups, he hunts startups through different pitch events with the potential to dominate the markets.

    Currently, Matthew Brainerd doesnt actively arrange any mentorship programs. His only interest relies on funding startups. The investment range of Matthew Brainerd can range from 100,000 up to several million dollars.

    One of his most famous investments includes BluePallet, a digital marketplace that connects manufacturers with the chemical industry.

    Concord Music Group

    From a music band in 2005 to becoming an investing network, Concord Music Group has had one of the most exciting journeys in angel investors. The network funds in a limited sector of startups depending on their growth potential and ideas.

    During the screening tests, Concord Music Group carefully evaluates the startups to see whether they can survive markets with high risks and saturation.

    Moreover, Concord Music Group also has an expert team of investors that guides its portfolio companies through the different stages of a startup. Recently, they have also launched a $10M impact investment initiative to fund different startups throughout Tulsa.

    Currently, the investment range of Concerdia Music Group can range up to $3M. Some of their past investments include NAL Media and KEIPhone.

    Website: Concord | Independent Music

    Healthcare Services Corporation

    As a famous healthcare insurance company, Healthcare Services Corporation was started in 1936. However, in the late 2000s, they transformed into one of the most active healthcare investors and have been funding startups all across Oklahoma. Their investing interests are limited to the healthcare sector.

    As for the screening tests, HCSC conducts very strict screening tests, ensuring they can find the most deserving startups. The primary goal of these angel investors is to find startups that have unique ideas and can bring a positive impact to the healthcare system.

    Moreover, the network also has some of the most experienced businessmen guiding startups through their tough stages. The investment range of Healthcare Services Corporation ranges from $200,000 to $2M.

    Website: Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) | Health Care Service Corporation

    John Curzon

    John Curzon is one of Tulsa's most experienced angel investors, as he has been investing since the early 2000s. As a managing partner at CCK Strategies, John Curzon is well-experienced in selecting startups and providing them with much-needed support. 

    Ever since the inception of his investing career, Curzon has always been a mentor for many other brands. He arranges different mentorship programs as well as workshops to guide startups in the best way. 

    As for screening tests, John Curzon ensures he invests in startups with massive growth potential. From his past investments, it is quite evident that Curzon loves to invest in tech-related sectors, especially in startups that have unique ideas and the ability to solve real-life problems.

    The investment range of John Curzon ranges from $100,000 up to $1.8M. However, most of his investments are around $500,000-$700,000.

    Devon Diaz

    Founder of JOOC Holdings and President at Limitless Ventures, Devon Diaz is one of the biggest individual investors in Oklahoma. With over 20 years of experience in business, Diaz invests in a wide range of startups, including Mobile, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Information Technology, Event Management, Social Media, Enterprise Software, finance, and biotech.

    Before funding startups, Diaz ensures that these startups have the potential to outperform different brands in the market. He carefully evaluates various factors about the startup that may impact its growth potential.

    Aside from funding and screening tests, Devon Diaz is also very active in conducting mentorship programs. Throughout the year, Diaz conducts several workshops to help startups overcome several challenges. He also arranges several networking events to allow startups to meet with different investors.

    The investment range of Devon Diaz ranges from $200,000 up to several million dollars, depending on the startup’s potential and field.

    SeedStep Angels

    Comprised of many successful entrepreneurs and investors, Seed Step Angels funds startups all across Oklahoma. The network was founded in 2009 by a group of entrepreneurs who wanted to change the entrepreneurial landscape of Tulsa. Since then, the network has funded many startups and has made successful investments. 

    As for investment interests, Seed Step Angels funds a wide range of startups, including health and wellness, technology, environmental, healthcare, e-commerce, and the list continues.

    Before funding startups, SeedStep Angels ensures that the startup has a bright future and features a unique idea. They have a strict criterion for funding startups that have been in operation for at least 2-3 years. 

    Like many other successful investment networks, SeedStep Angels also has a group of entrepreneurs who guide their portfolio companies through different challenges faced by startups. 

    The investment range of SeedStep Angels ranges from $300,000 to several million dollars. Some of their portfolio companies include WeGoLook, An online and mobile collaborative economy platform; Moleculera Labs, A medical startup; and RiskGenius, A tech startup.

    Website: SeedStep Angels | An angel investment group

    Final Words

    With the list of Top 7 Angel Investors in Tulsa coming to an end, let us have some final words of wisdom about how you can pitch to angel investors.

    When presenting your pitch deck to angel investors, always keep it simple and clear. Make sure your pitch is easy to understand. Back up your pitch with evidence like market research and financial projections. And here’s a personal tip:

    Always show your achievements to investors in the form of numbers so they know you've done your homework.

    Moreover, introduce your team confidently. Investors are keen on the people behind the idea. Present a skilled and dedicated team that works well together. 

    And finally, don’t feel shy when explaining your startup idea. If you cannot present your idea as a future brand, there’s a high chance that any investor won’t consider funding it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Who are angel investors?

    A: Angel investors are individuals with financial capacity who provide crucial early-stage funding and support to startups in exchange for ownership equity or convertible debt.

    Q: What do most investors invest in late-stage startups?

    A: Because of lower chances for loss.

    Investors usually allocate funds to fuel expansion and growth in the later stages. This includes scaling operations, intensifying marketing efforts, and improving the product or service offerings. The aim is to maximize market impact, customer base, and profitability.

    Q: What do investors look for in startups?

    A: Investors look for many things in a startup. These include a sustainable and well-structured business model, a sizable and expanding target market, a capable and dedicated team, a unique value proposition that sets them apart, and a clear roadmap to financial sustainability. They also assess market traction, competitive advantage, and the potential for significant returns on investment, seeking promising opportunities for long-term growth and success.

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