Venture Capital Databases: What You Need to Know

Last updated: October 8, 2022

Connecting with investors is crucial for budding startup companies. During the pre-seed and seed rounds of funding, it's important for startups to raise a substantial amount of capital. Unfortunately, bootstrapping and crowdfunding only get startup companies so far. The good news is that venture capital databases make it easy to connect with investors. 

Venture capital databases are innovative databases that contain contact information for thousands of venture capitalists. Many venture capital databases also contain contact details for angel investors. Unfortunately, finding the right venture capitalist database is easier said than done. With so many options, it's hard to find the perfect database for your needs. This is where AngelMatch comes into play. AngelMatch is the best venture capitalist database available with over 90,000 angel investors and venture capitalists.

Read on to learn more about AngelMatch and how investor databases work.

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    What is Venture Capital?

    Venture capital is money that's invested into startups for a profit. Typically, venture capital flows through newer, high-risk companies because the potential for rapid growth is higher. There are hundreds of venture capital firms across the United States, which makes it easy for startup founders to connect with investors when they know where to look.

    How Much Capital to Venture Capitals Invest? 

    Venture capital firms often invest millions into startup companies. The goal of venture capital firms is to gain 25% or 50% ownership in a startup company. That said, it's not uncommon for venture capitalists to invest between $1 million and $100 million into startup companies during the Series A round of funding.

    What's the Biggest Venture Capital Firm?

    There are a few big venture capital firms. The biggest firms are Accel, Sequoia Capital, and New Enterprise Associates. These firms are responsible for investing billions of dollars each year into budding startup companies. Andreessen Horowitz is another big-name venture capital firm.

    What is an Angel Investor?

    An angel investor is an individual who invests personal money into startup companies. Similar to venture capitalists, angel investors choose high-risk companies that are in the early stages of development. However, because angel investors have less capital than firms, they invest in pre-seed or seed-round startups.

    On average, angel investors invest between $50,000 and $250,000 into startups during these rounds of funding. Furthermore, Angel investors typically pull out of investments faster as part of their exit strategy. Angel investors invest for either convertible debt or equity in the company.

    What is a Venture Capital Database?

    A venture capital database is a collection of data about angel investors and venture capitalists. Most databases include information from thousands of investors. That said, some of the best databases like AngelMatch provide you with information for almost 100,000 investors. Depending on the database, venture capital databases will include the names, emails, and phone numbers of investors.

    What is Venture Capital Data?

    Venture capital data is information about venture capitalists and their investments. This data will also show people what companies have received financing from venture capitalists and why. Learning this information is useful for creating pitches and connecting with investors.

    What Information do Venture Capital Databases Have?

    Venture capital databases provide you with a lot of information. The goal of these databases is to help startup founders connect with investors. Therefore, many databases will include details about a firm's location, investment strategies, portfolio, and more. Venture capital databases will also give you resources to connect with investors via email or phone.

    What's the Best Venture Capital Database?

    The best venture capital database is AngelMatch. AngelMatch gives you access to more than 90,000 angel investors and venture capitalists. Furthermore, AngelMatch makes it easy to connect with investors and send pitches. AngelMatch makes the process simple by matching you with thousands of investors based on your industry, location, and startup stage.

    Are Venture Capital Databases Free?

    No, most venture capital databases are not free. This is because the information is constantly updated to ensure that it's up to date. In most cases, venture capital databases will allow you to search for a few investors for free. However, if you want to continue searching you need to enroll in a free trial period or subscribe.

    What are the Use Cases of Venture Capital Databases?

    Venture capital databases are useful for several things. Depending on the database and what you're looking for, they help startup founders and investors connect. 

    We list some of the most common use cases of venture capital databases below. 

    • Connecting with investors

    • Learning about when an investor makes investments (pre-seed, seed, Series A round of funding)

    • Expanding someone's network

    • Connecting with other startup founders

    • Gaining mentorship from venture capitalists or angel investors

    • Researching data about investments and how they skew 

    • Creating pitch decks 

    • They allow venture capitalists to connect with startups 

    These are only some of the uses of venture capital databases. Depending on the database, you'll find more benefits. For example, AngelMatch educates readers about investing and startups and offers templates for pitch decks.

    What Data Types are Similar to Venture Capital Databases?

    While venture capital databases are popular there are also other types of data that startup founders can access. These data types are private equity databases and angel investor databases.

    Angel Investor Databases

    Angel investor databases are often grouped with venture capital databases. Still, some angel investor databases operate separately. Similar to a venture capital database, an angel investor database includes data about potential angel investors. Data includes their name, investment tendencies, and where they're located.

    Private Equity Databases

    Private equity databases are similar to angel investor databases and venture capital databases. However, most private equity databases will include information about investment deals, so you can see a firm or individual's investment tendencies. Private equity databases are also more comprehensive than databases specific to angel investors or venture capitalists. Ultimately, a private equity database combines venture capital databases and angel investor databases.

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