Bionic’s primary business is advisory services for large enterprises seeking to discover new growth opportunities and build new businesses. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with every level of an enterprise, from the C-suite to the ground floor, helping them to learn by doing. Our services include strategy work, discovering growth areas based on disruptions, new technologies, consumer trends, and outside forces that could enable new businesses; executive leadership coaching; growth portfolio management; entrepreneurship training; organizational change; and systems building (people systems, compliance, communications, supply chain, etc). Our entrepreneurs begin by installing the Growth OS™ as a pilot, creating the new mindset and mechanics for growth. We drive new growth mindsets, mechanics, methodologies and skills and provide tools to scale the capability throughout the organization. Bionic creates a new growth operating rhythm where the skills of venture capital and entrepreneurship are a new form of management resulting in a permanent growth capability.

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Location: New York City, New York, United States