Established in 2016, HealthVenture is a global foundry innovation center of excellence and an investment fund that supports and scales an elite cohort of early and seed-stage digital healthcare entrepreneurs whose goal is to transform digital health. They know that end to end support for academic medical entrepreneurs accelerates the creation of impactful digital solutions. Their competitive niche is solving the first scalability challenge which increases the success of the entrepreneurs and the investment. Technology has the power to impact and penetrate markets that are typically underserved by advancements in medicine and allied health opportunities. They focus on but are not limited to technologies in the areas of behavioral health, wearables, big data and artificial intelligence, patient engagement and core technology such as EMR and blockchain. By leveraging their team`s depth of knowledge and strategic partnerships with top institutions and experts around the world, they are uniquely positioned to identify, support and launch innovative digital health solutions on a global scale from ideation to product launch. HealthVenture offers four premier services: HealthVenture Labs, HealthVenture Capital, HealthVenture Advisory and the Tulasi Foundation. HealthVenture Labs is an intensive 120-day incubator program working with startups to develop, build, and launch a minimally viable product to beta-customers. HealthVenture Capital is a venture fund investing in disruptive technologies and solutions with a mission to improve healthcare on a global scale. HealthVenture Advisory works with mid to large healthcare firms seeking to enhance and create innovative environments. The Tulasi Foundation funds and supports underrepresented populations of women and girls, as entrepreneurs, to innovate in their local healthcare markets. Health Venture’s team brings 50 plus years of innovation, execution, healthcare consulting, finance, law, business development and technology experience.

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Location: New Haven, Connecticut, United States