We invest in smart people solving hard problems, often difficult scientific or engineering problems. Importantly, we believe the brightest and most creative problem solvers seek the hardest and most interesting problems, and gathering the best technical talent is a major competitive advantage. Advances in cloud and other computing technologies radically reduce the costs of starting and running new businesses, creating opportunities for outsized returns. We invest in teams we believe in and our experience suggests that finding good founding teams and leaving them in place tends to produce higher returns overall. As a corollary, we resist shackling a company to its original business model. Businesses really do evolve over time and changing models in the early years is anything but a sign of weakness. We do not expect that the first business model for a company will be the final or best business model and do not see evolution as a negative. The most powerful minds are the ones that can be changed. We believe that substantially all of our investments should be directed to companies with an audacious vision seeking enormous markets. So, we will continue to invest in very talented entrepreneurs who are pursuing ambitious, challenging tasks. We will treat them with respect and hope for the best.

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