"Der Spiegel" is a German weekly news magazine published in Hamburg. It is one of Europe`s largest publications of its kind, with a weekly circulation of more than one million. It was founded in 1947 by John Challenor, a British army officer, and Rudolf Augstein, a former Wehrmacht radio operator who was recognized in 2000 by the International Press Institute as one of the fifty World Press Freedom Heroes. "Spiegel Online", the online sibling of "Der Spiegel", was launched in 1994 with an independent editorial staff. Typically, the magazine has a content to advertising ratio of 2:1. "Der Spiegel" is known in German-speaking countries mostly for its investigative journalism. It played a key role in uncovering many political scandals such as the "Spiegel" scandal in 1962 and the Flick affair in the 1980s. According to "The Economist", "Der Spiegel" is one of continental Europe`s most influential magazines.

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Location: Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany