Top 13 Angel Investors In San Antonio

Last updated: 13 July, 2023

In the heart of the Lone Star State (Texas), where innovation and entrepreneurial spirit converge, San Antonio stands tall as a heart for startups and aspiring business visionaries.

As the tech industry is continuing to grow across the United States, San Antonio has become another tech hub in the nation.

There are many prominent and well-established angel groups who have a great track record of investing in successful entrepreneurs.

Let's start discussing some of the top 13 angel investor groups in San Antonio and how you can establish a connection with them.

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    Top 13 Angel Investors In San Antonio

    1. San Antonio Angel Investor Network

    The San Antonio Angel Investor Network was established to provide entrepreneurs and business leaders a platform to explore exceptional business opportunities at the seed stage.

    The investor network consists of business consultants, web designers, attorneys, and business alliances. The main goal of this network is to offer a diverse range of expertise, allowing entrepreneurs to achieve their full potential. With an investment capacity of approximately $450,000, they have had multiple successes with many different ventures.

    2. Aimo Investment Management

    Aimo Investment Management is a young Angel Investor Group in San Antonio. With a keen eye for disruptive technologies and innovative business models, Aimo Investment Management actively seeks out opportunities in sectors such as fintech, artificial intelligence, and e-commerce.

    As of now, the investor network has only invested in 1 startup. However, they are dedicated to grow and invest in many promising startups in the near future. Besides funding, they also offer hands-on mentorship and guidance to entrepreneurs, helping them refine their strategies and navigate market challenges.

    3. Alamo Angels Network

    Alamo Angels Network is a group of well-established and highly professional angel investors. To support startups, they organize monthly meetings, inviting entrepreneurs and individuals to present their business plans.

    Having successfully invested in over 25 ventures, Alamo Angels' investment amount range from $2.3 million to $50 million. Notable supporters of this group include Robot Creative and TRTF.

    4. Lone Star Angels Network

    Established in 2007, Lone Star Angels Network is a nonprofit organization that has significantly impacted the San Antonio startup scene. Their mission is to connect startup companies throughout various cities in Texas, including San Antonio.

    Lone Star Angels Network has successfully supported over 100 ventures in San Antonio, making investments ranging from $50,000 to $1,000,000. The group benefits greatly from partnerships with organizations like Happy State Bank and Montgomery Corsica Greilich LLP.

    5. Aggie Angels Network

    Another leading nonprofit corporation supporting a vast network of accredited investors, Aggie Angels Network facilitates investments in the early stages of ventures.

    The network provides additional market knowledge to entrepreneurs, particularly in disruptive technologies. Ren Ventures, established in 2020, is one of its active entrepreneurial members. The McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship is also associated with the Aggie Angels Network.

    Their check sizes range from $30,000 to $1,000,000.

    6. Baylor Angel's Network

    The Baylor Angel's Network works on nurturing San Antonio's students and analysts, empowering them to become successful entrepreneurs.

    The network consists of 240 angel investors and high-tech business professionals, offering early-stage business opportunities. Also, the Baylor Angel Network conducts regular meetings to guide students and entrepreneurs, assisting them in everything they need to know about early stage startups.

    The investment range of the Baylor Angel's Network starts from $30,000 and can go up to $50 million. One of the major names supporting this brand is Baylor Brand.

    7. Lotus Boat Angel Network

    Lotus Boat Angel is an angel investor group that has quickly made a name for itself in the San Antonio startup ecosystem. Consisting of experienced entrepreneurs and industry professionals, Lotus Boat Angel focuses on supporting early-stage ventures with a social or environmental impact.

    They invest in various sectors, including education, clean energy, and sustainable agriculture. Besides backing promising startups, Lotus Boat Angel Group also provides mentorship and guidance.

    8. Morningside Venture Investors

    Founded in 1986, Morningside Venture Investors is one of the oldest Angel investor networks in San Antonio. The network has played a vital role in supporting many innovative startups that turned into ultra successful companies.

    Morningside Venture Investors has invested in over 100 startups since its inception and had successful exits in dozens of them.

    Their investment approach is simple, which is a combination of capital infusion with mentorship and guidance.

    9. Assets New Ventures Group

    Assets New Ventures is a notable angel investor firm that has significantly impacted San Antonio.

    The main reason for their sudden fame is because of a diverse portfolio spanning various industries, including technology, consumer goods, and sustainability.

    Their experienced team of investors brings deep industry knowledge and a wide network of connections. Assets New Ventures is dedicated to driving innovation and economic development in San Antonio through strategic investments and partnerships.

    10. The Southwest Angel Network

    The Southwest Angel Network was established in San Antonio on September 1, 2015. Known for its commitment to women's empowerment, the Southwest Angel Network has gained attention from entrepreneurs and sponsors alike.

    Their investment range spans from $50,000 to $10 million.

    11. Foodshed Investor

    While many investors focus on technological innovation, Foodshed Investor aims to support sustainable agriculture and food entrepreneurs nationwide.

    Their successful ventures include BAM! Gluten-free, Back Garden, ABGB, and Black Lands, among others. Their investment policy ranges from $1 million to $500 million, depending on the nature of the project.

    12. Alliance of Texas Angel Network (ATAN)

    The Alliance of Texas Angel Network (ATAN) promotes quality deal flow among its members across San Antonio. Over the past decade, ATAN's prominent investors have invested around $200M in thousands of startups. They actively collaborate with other angel networks such as Angel Network, South Coast Network, HAN, and Aggie Angel Network.

    13. CISA Partners Network

    CISA Ventures is a reputable and one of the biggest angel investor firms that has played a vital role in supporting startups in San Antonio. With a focus on innovative startups, they identify promising opportunities and provide the necessary funding and expertise to drive growth.

    CISA Ventures is known for its collaborative approach, as they actively engage with other brands to create synergies and unlock value.

    Final Words

    No doubt that in the world of angel investing, San Antonio holds immense weight. The city is home to a diverse pool of experienced and successful angel investors, each with unique perspectives and areas of expertise.

    However, before contacting any of these angel investors, it's important to thoroughly learn how to effectively pitch to these investors. This will help to make a better decision and provide an advantage when convincing angel investors.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How do Alamo Angels and San Antonio Angel Investor Network operate?

    A: Alamo Angels and San Antonio Angel Investor Network operate like any other angel investor network. They bring together a group of individual angel investors who collaborate, share resources, and pool their investment capital. These networks typically organize meetings where entrepreneurs can present their business plans and seek funding.

    Q: What are some successful startups that angel investors in San Antonio have backed?

    A: Angel investors in San Antonio have supported a range of successful startups, including technology companies like Plus One Robotics, healthcare ventures like Funnel AI, sustainable agriculture enterprises like Back Garden, and social impact-focused businesses like Once Kids.

    Q: How can entrepreneurs in San Antonio connect with angel investors?

    A: Entrepreneurs can connect with angel investors in San Antonio by attending networking events, pitch competitions, and startup conferences.

    Moreover, leveraging personal connections, seeking introductions, and participating in angel investor networks can help entrepreneurs access investment opportunities. It is recommended to understand the proper way about how to get a warm introduction to investors.

    Q: What should startups prepare before pitching to angel investors in San Antonio?

    A: Startups should have a well-defined business plan, a compelling pitch deck, and a clear market understanding. Demonstrating traction, a solid team, and a scalable business model will increase the chances of attracting angel investor interest.

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