Top 15 Angel Investors in Austin

Last updated: August 1, 2023

Diving into the world of entrepreneurship often requires more than just ideas. It requires funding, a thorough understanding of business/startup stages, and finally, some angel investors to help you throughout the stage.

But wait! Are there angel investors in Austin willing to put their time and money into other people's dreams?

Well Yes! There are hundreds of them!

These angel investors want to create a thriving entrepreneur ecosystem in the country and help every startup achieve their dreams. So, let's not wait any longer and quickly jump onto the list of Top 15 Angel Investors In Austin.

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    Top 15 Angel Investors In Austin

    Below, I have listed some of the best angel investors in Austin that you can approach to secure funding, as well as their experience:

    UT Horizon Fund

    The UT Horizon Fund, affiliated with the University of Texas, is a group of angel investors that focuses on fueling university-driven innovation.

    Their work on a simple goal of supporting startups originating from the university ecosystem. UT Horizon Fund provides early-stage funding, expertise, and connections to help little entrepreneurs invest from an early stage of their life.

    Their investment range varies based on the specific startup and its growth potential. Generally, they provide investment starting from $50,000.

    Texas Investment Angels Network

    The Texas Investment Angels Network is another popular network with a wide range of investors, primarily focusing on aspiring startups and entrepreneurs.

    This network includes over 500 angel investors, generating partnerships with notable firms such as Hiphe and Star Shot Out Seed Round. The investment options offered by the Texas Investment Angels Network range from $50,000 to $5,000,000.

    TIE Austin Angels Network

    TIE Austin Angels Network is another influential investing network in Austin dedicated to encouraging entrepreneurship, particularly among youth and aspiring entrepreneurs.

    With approximately 15,000 members and over 10,000 capitalized startups, TIE Austin Network offers mentoring, investing, and incubating opportunities. Libre Technology Inc. is an active member of this network, supporting the growth of startups in the region.

    Silverton Partners

    Silverton Partners is a renowned venture capital firm that has helped many individuals achieve their dreams. Known for their investments in early-stage technology companies, Silverton Partners aim to boost the startup ecosystem of Austin.

    Some startups which Silverton Partners have joined hands with include WP Engine, Silicon Labs, and SpareFoot.

    Their investment range typically falls between $1 million to $6 million, helping startups accelerate their growth and achieve their milestones.


    Newchip is an online accelerator that connects angel investors and global firms, supporting entrepreneurial ideas worldwide. Simply put, it is a platform that facilitates connections between startups and investors, including angel investors, to help startups secure funding and support.

    Hill Country Angel Network

    The Hill Country Angel Network is a group of angel investors that focuses on supporting startups in the hill country regions.

    With over 100 angel investors, including Austin Investors, Southern US Angel Investors, and Texas Investors, this network provides business opportunities, funding, resources, and most importantly knowledge to startup companies.

    Minimum investments by the Hill Country Angel Network start at approximately $50,000, with funding reaching up to $500 million, depending on the project's nature.

    Gatherings of Angels

    Gatherings of Angels is an angel network that consists of high-profile business tycoons and individual investors.

    This network attracts seasoned angel investors, including giants like Microsoft and Apple Inc. Notable successful initiatives supported by Gatherings of Angels include Movado Media, Storm Shelter Technology, AutoThink, and Cryo.

    However, it is important to note that since this network is composed of high-profile business tycoons, the startup idea should also be outstanding in order to secure fundings. Generally, the screening test for Gathering Of Angels is quite tough compared to other angel investors in Austin.

    As for investing range, Gatherings of Angels invests around $50 million at once, providing substantial funding for promising startups.

    Central Texas Angel Network

    The Central Texas Angel Network is a leading group of angel investors that specializes in providing early-stage investment to businesses. Though Central Texas Angel Network has many branches, their Headquarters are located in Austin, Texas.

    The network comprises over 100 angel investors and more than 199 companies in their portfolio. Moreover, they have invested approximately $120 million in over 30 startups.

    Beam Angel Network

    To address gender discrimination in entrepreneurship, Beam Angel Investors is a group that focuses on supporting female entrepreneurs.

    Beam Angel Network operates by working with Women@Austin, another network that specifically targets women-led companies. Until now, Beam Angel network has invested approximately $3.8 billion in venture capital initiatives initiated by women.

    With nearly 350 angel investors, the investing network aims to empower and fund female-led startups.

    ATX Venture Partners

    ATX Venture Partners is another famous angel investor in Austin, known for nurturing the growth of startups.

    They focus on IT sector seeking innovative startups with disruptive potential. The investment ranges starts from $100,000 to $10 million, assisting entrepreneurs in scaling their businesses and achieving goals.


    Comprising of more than 200,000 angel investors, MicroVentures is an equity crowdfunding platform. Like many other angel investors, MicroVentures connects startups, businesses, and individuals seeking investment opportunities.

    Collaborating with well-known hubs such as Airbnb, Spotify, and Slack, MicroVentures has raised around $500 million and funded over 900 startups.

    Foodshed Investors

    Foodshed Investors is a network that focuses on food and resource-related investments. This network supports agribusiness activities and startups, raising approximately $4.4 million in capital since its establishment.

    Foodshed Investors actively seeks opportunities to drive innovation and sustainable practices in the food industry as they dream of making food-related startups more common across the city.

    Next Coast Investing Network

    Next Coast Investing Network is an Austin-based venture capital firm that invests in early-stage startups across multiple industries. With a focus on ambitious entrepreneurs, Next Coast Ventures provides funding ranging from $50,000 to $5 million. They actively support companies with unique ideas and have a strong potential for growth.

    Austin Technology Council

    The Austin Technology Council (ATC) represents Texas's unified voice of technology. Established in 1992, ATC aims to make Austin a high-tech innovative region globally. This council, consisting of angel investors and high-profile business leaders.

    With over 500 programs and awareness sessions, ATC has invested more than $430 billion in supporting various startups across different sectors.

    Elsewhere Partners

    Elsewhere Partners is a relatively new early-stage venture capital (VC) firm based in Austin, Texas, focusing on Series A and B investments.

    Their investment interests span North America, seeking out promising startups in various sectors. Notable investments made by Elsewhere Partners include Relatient in the digital health space, Statflo in retail tech with AI/machine learning applications, and Itential in network automation and platforms.

    Elsewhere Partners have a minimum investing range of $50,000 as the maximum investing range can go to several millions of dollars depending on the startup type.

    To educate individuals about startups, Elsewhere Partners holds regular meetings and events to engage with the entrepreneurial community. These meetings aim to create knowledge-sharing, provide insights into startup challenges, and create networking opportunities for entrepreneurs.

    Final Words

    Now that we have discussed the list of the Top 15 Angel Investors In Austin, let's move on to some important things about startups which entrepreneurs should know.

    It's important to remember that angel investors are attracted to passionate and driven entrepreneurs who deeply understand their market. Demonstrating a strong team and a well-defined business plan and scalable growth strategy can increase your chances of securing angel investment.

    Moreover, showing traction and progress, whether in customer acquisition, revenue generation, or product development milestones, can instil confidence in angel investors. They want to see evidence that your startup is on the path to success and has the potential to disrupt the market.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Are these angel investors interested in early-stage startups, or do they also invest in later stages?

    A: Many angel investors in Austin focus on supporting early-stage startups, providing seed and Series A funding. However, some investors may also participate in later-stage rounds, such as Series B.

    Q: How can entrepreneurs contact these angel investors in Austin?

    A: Entrepreneurs can connect with angel investors in Austin through various channels, including attending networking events, participating in pitch competitions, leveraging personal networks, and utilizing online platforms that connect startups with investors.

    However, if they are still having trouble, it is better to fully understand the art of connecting with investors and try again with a fresh mind.

    Q: What criteria do these angel investors consider when evaluating startups for investment?

    A: Angel investors consider several factors when evaluating startups, including the market size, unique value proposition, traction achieved, revenue potential, and alignment with the investor's investment thesis.

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