The 5 Best Investor Databases in 2022

Last updated: September 26, 2022

Investors play a critical role in startup companies. Without investors, many startups fall flat on funding and fail to expand. Unfortunately, connecting with investors is a challenge. Many founders struggle to build a network, attend events, or build proper email lists.

Thankfully, several online investor databases will help you connect with investors in 2022. Depending on your needs and industry, each investor database is a good option.

Read on to learn more about the best investor databases.

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    What is an Angel Investor Database?

    Angel investor databases are websites that contain information about angel investors. On most angel investor databases you'll learn about an investor's name, investments, email addresses, company affiliations, and more.

    The purpose of an angel investor database is to help startups connect with investors. Angel investor databases also help startups raise funding and connect with mentors, employees, and other founders. Overall, these networks are designed to help startups grow and flourish.

    Do Angel Investor Databases Help People Connect with Investors?

    Yes, angel investor databases help people connect with investors. These databases help people by providing contact information or a place to communicate. Some angel investor databases like AngelMatch also include investment history and email addresses.

    How Much Money Do Startups Raise From Investor Databases?

    Millions of dollars flow through investment databases. In fact, AngelList is one of the first platforms to have over one billion dollars flow through it. The industry is expected to grow between 2022 and 2040, so expect these numbers to rise.

    What's the Best Angel Investor Database?

    AngelMatch is the best angel investor database. With more than 90,000 angel investors from around the world, it's hard to connect with more investors elsewhere. AngelMatch also makes connecting with investors easy because it provides startup founders with the contact details of angel investors and venture capitalists.

    The 5 Best Investor Databases

    Several great investor databases exist. However, the internet is a huge place and that makes it hard to make the right choice. To help you narrow down your options, we've organized a list of the top 5 best investor platforms in 2022.

    We list the 5 best online platforms to connect with investors below.

    1. AngelMatch
    2. AngelList
    3. Investor Hunt
    4. Angel Investment Network
    5. Angel Forum

    1. AngelMatch

    AngelMatch boasts an impressive database with more than 90,000 angel investors and venture capitalists. The website dedicates time to ensuring that the information is current and up-to-date. Furthermore, AngelMatch provides subscribers with plenty of information. Some examples include LinkedIn profiles, Facebook profiles, email addresses, and more.

    Along with this data, AngelMatch shows you what industries people invest in and what their investment trends are. Ultimately, AngelMatch gives you as much data as possible to help you connect with investors that fit your needs. AngelMatch is also a simple website to use. All you have to do is create an account and you can connect with investors in minutes. Plus, AngelMatch helps you send and export data rapidly.

    Still, what makes AngelMatch more impressive is the website's automation. Unlike other investment platforms, AngelMatch automatically updates its website and continues to include new information and investors. Overall, you're always getting the most accurate database with AngelMatch

    2. AngelList

    AngelList is one of the more unique places to connect with investors. It's unique because AngelList doesn't just list investors and their investments. Instead, it's a platform that lists investors, job openings at startups, and almost anything else startup-related. Therefore, people use AngelList to find investors, jobs, mentorship programs, and more.

    Using AngelList is simple. When creating an account a profile is made for your business and from there you can connect with investors. While this sounds simple, AngelList is one of the biggest angel investor platforms in the world. There are more than five million active members who raise funds, connect with investors, and find employment.

    Financially, more than $1 billion has gone through the website and experts estimate that almost 40% of high-quality venture deals go through AngelList. AngelList also has a blog that focuses on educating the readers. The blog focuses on topics like remote work, diversity, mindset, and funding with angel investors.

    3. Investor Hunt

    Investor Hunt is another website that lists more than 90,000 angel investors and venture capitalists. On Investor Hunt, investors are from around the United States and across the globe. While the database is massive, it's easy to find what you're looking for.

    Investor Hunt makes it easy to connect with investors because of the filter options. They're unique options that allow users to sort by location, investment interests, and even capital. For example, it's possible to refine a search to include angel investors in Chicago that invest in the fashion industry.

    Investor Hunt also includes a lot of information about investors. When making an account you'll gain access to an investor's social media information, email addresses, known investments, and more. Having this information makes it easy to connect with investors.

    4. Angel Investment Network

    Angel Investment Network is one of the best places to connect with investors. It's one of the better places to connect with investors because of its size. While many angel platforms have a few thousand angel investors, Angel Investment Network has 300,000 angel investors. Furthermore, Angel Investment Network hosts over one million startups that are looking to connect with investors.

    Angel Investment Network is also a global investment platform. The website was launched in the United Kingdom but it's now online in more than 80 countries. With a global network, it's easy for startups around the world to connect with investors. Plus, a more diverse list of investors from different locations and backgrounds makes it easier for startups to find funding. More diverse investors also mean that more language options are available, which creates fewer barriers.

    Ultimately, the size and scope of Angel Investment Network are what make it unique. Compared to other websites and platforms, Angel Investment Network is challenging to beat and second-to-none in size/abundance.

    5. Angel Forum

    Angel Forum is a Canadian startup platform. The Canadian website continues to be a top 10 investment platform as the database continues to evolve. Angel investors on Angel Forum invest in many industries like technology, fashion, food service, and more. Connecting with investors on Angel Forum is as simple as creating an account and clicking search. Angel investors will also reach out to startups first, so it's more of a two-way street than other investor databases.

    Angel Forum is also a non-profit organization, so it's more affordable than many other angel investor databases. Fortunately, there's no drop in quality for the lower price. This is because startups will join the platform for free, whereas angel investors have to pay fees to maintain membership.

    Keep in mind that it's a Canadian website that operates in the British Columbia part of Canada. Therefore, many angel investors are from Canada. Still, the database is a collaboration of angel investors from around the world. So, you'll still find angel investors from the United States.

    Connect with Investors Today!

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