Top Angel Investors in Belgium

Last updated: April 25, 2024

In 2024, many startups in Belgium are growing expeditiously and generating millions in revenue annually. Surprisingly, most of these startups are tech and AI related which wasn’t the most discussed thing 5-6 years back.

So, you must think, how has the startup landscape changed within a few years? Who supported these startups?

Generally, tech has taken over the world and almost all of the countries are adapting to this change. Similarly, there are hundreds of angel investors who support this change by funding startups that bring innovation.

That is why, in this article, we will be discussing the list of the top 6 angel investors in Belgium.

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    Top 6 Angel Investors in Belgium

    “The best startup presentation is the one that takes a little time to explain but leaves the maximum impact”

    Onto angel investors now!

    Lorenz Bogaert

    LinkedIn: Lorenz Bogaert | LinkedIn

    Investor Type: Individual Investor

    Investment Interests: Tech

    Investment Stage: Early

    Lorenz Bogaert is a well-known Belgian entrepreneur and angel investor. He has been involved in the startup ecosystem for many years, funding around 25 startups at the early stage.

    When making any investment, Lorenz Bogaert focuses on startups that are in the software sector and are growing expeditiously. He only invests in profitable businesses that are led by experienced leaders and have qualified teams.

    Once a startup has secured an investment, Lorenz Bogaert also provides it with the required guidance throughout different stages. He has an investment range between $200,000 to $500,000. Some of his notable investments are:

    Maison Sport: Maison Sport is an online platform that connects independent ski instructors with skiers across 430+ European ski resorts. The platform has been used by over 10,000 customers, with 94% of reviews being 5 stars.

    Bizzy: Bizzy is a smart B2B prospecting platform that simplifies the outbound sales process by bringing companies, decision-makers, and contact details together. It uses AI and machine learning technologies to automate data collection and analysis, providing up-to-date business insights. 

    PlanHopper: PlanHopper is a SaaS-based construction management software designed for construction businesses, architectural firms, and real estate developers. 

    Toon Coppens

    LinkedIn: Toon Coppens | LinkedIn

    Investor Type: Individual Investor

    Investment Interests: Tech, Retail, and AI

    Investment Stage: Early 

    Toon Coppens is an angel investor based in Gent, Belgium. A little about his background, Coppens has a strong technical background and experience managing fast-growing online companies. As an entrepreneur himself, Toon Coppens understands the startup culture and knows which businesses to invest in.

    Similarly, he invests in various sectors as well as stages. Looking at his portfolio, Toon Coppens has invested in various sectors and stages, including Advertising (Pre-seed), Retail (Pre-seed), Advertising (Seed), Retail (Seed), AI (Pre-seed), and AI (Seed).

    He usually invests in startups by attending accelerator programs and related events, focusing on innovation and growth. The investment range of Toon Coppens is between $5,000 to $50,000. Some of his portfolio companies are:

    Accurat: Accurat is a data visualization company that works with clients to turn data into software, revenue, and digital experiences. The company helps its clients understand and leverage data assets via static and interactive data visualizations.

    StarApps: StarApps is a boutique venture builder that turns game-changing ideas into breakthrough companies, managed by rockstar entrepreneurs.

    Pieterjan Bouten

    LinkedIn: Pieter-Jan (PJ) Bouten | LinkedIn

    Investor Type: Individual Investor

    Investment Interests: Tech, Management, and AI

    Investment Stage: Early

    Pieterjan Bouten is also a reputable angel investor who has been actively investing in startups since 2017. He has made a total of 14 investments and has funded 11 rounds. A little about his background, Bouten is a Co-Founder and serves as Executive Chairman at Showpad. He is also a Co-Founder and Chairman at In The Pocket.

    He prefers to invest in startups that are in the early stages of their development, specifically in the Seed and Pre-seed stages. His investments are primarily in Enterprise Applications, Enterprise Infrastructure, and related sectors. 

    The investment range of Pieterjan Bouten lies between $50,000 to $500,000. Some of his portfolio companies are:

    Spendesk: Spendesk is a spend management platform that provides businesses with visibility and control over their operational spending. The platform features corporate cards, invoice payments, expense reimbursements, budgets, approval, reporting, compliance, and pre-accounting solutions. 

    Growblocks: Growblocks is a software startup that helps businesses unlock their revenue potential through improved data insights and forecasting. 

    Henchman: Henchman provides legal contract database intelligence solutions. The company offers advanced search, AI-based clauses and definitions, consulting, customer experience support, and other services.

    Luc De Vos

    LinkedIn: Luc De Vos | LinkedIn

    Investor Type: Individual Investor

    Investment Interests: Data Management and Innovative Software

    Investment Stage: Early 

    Involved with the funding of almost 50 companies, Luc De Vos is also an angel investor who funds Belgium-based startups. He has been an entrepreneur, co-founder, and part of management in well-reputed companies.

    While investing in any startups, Luc De Vos aims to seek profitability and invest in businesses that can generate at least 3x ROI within 24 months of investment and have a strong business model. Most importantly, De Vos only invests in innovative tech-based startups with low competition.

    The investment range of Luc De Vos lies between $50,000 to $100,000. Some of his portfolio companies are:

    Finactum: Finactum is a provider of company data for Belgium. The company delivers augmented analytics financial company data on different types of Belgium-based businesses.

    Myspectral: Myspectral is an open-source spectrophotometer that goes to space. The company’s technology offers portable diagnostic instruments and spectrometers.

    ADAM Software: ADAM Software is a global software vendor of marketing platform technologies that provide the ability to manage, structure, and deliver. The company helps brands deliver great customer experiences.

    Louis Jonckheere

    LinkedIn: Louis Jonckheere | LinkedIn

    Investor Type: Individual Investor

    Investment Interests: Management, Software, and AI

    Investment Stage: Early

    As an investor since 2017, Louis Jonckheere has funded around 10 startups, with most of them at the early stage. He is the co-founder and president of Showpad and also has been the founder of many successful startups.

    During the investment process, Jonckheere prefers startups in the sectors of hardware and SMB software, particularly at the pre-seed, seed, and Series A stages. He doesn't invest in businesses that have a lot of competition and usually makes his investments through startup events and fundraisers.

    The investment range of Louis Jonckheere lies between $10,000 to $50,000. Notable investments in his portfolio are:

    Henchman: Henchman provides legal contract database intelligence solutions. Henchman’s goal is to assist lawyers to excel in high-value tasks, allowing them to enjoy their newly acquired freedom as they see fit.

    Aikido Security: Aikido Security is a developer-centric software security platform, that provides advanced code scanning and cloud vulnerability assessments. It scans source code and cloud components, identifying mission-critical vulnerabilities that require immediate attention.

    Leadcamp: Leadcamp is a cloud & AI-based sales intelligence and analytics solutions provider. It offers source code and cloud scanning to show which vulnerabilities are important to solve, product security, threat detection, and other features.

    Annie Vereecken

    LinkedIn: annie vereecken | LinkedIn

    Investor Type: Individual Investor

    Investment Interests: Data Analysis and Innovative Tech

    Investment Stage: Early 

    Annie Vereecken is an angel investor who funds startups in the biotech sector. She has made investments in 6 startups since her inception and has been one of the most famous entrepreneurs. 

    Moreover, Annie Vereecken searches for dedicated startups, particularly those that are attracting a lot of attention for their performance, and invests in them. She also conducts investor meetings to understand the companies before providing them with the investment.

    The investment range of Annie Vereecken is around $200,000. Among 6 of her investments, some portfolio companies are:

    UgenTec: UgenTec is a fast-growing company that provides an automated, CE-IVD certified PCR analysis solution. The company’s software helps lab technicians in their analysis of PCR data. 

    Icometrix: Icometrix is a company that develops software solutions for medical image analysis. The company uses AI to enable its customers to analyze brain MRI and CT scans and quantify neurological disorders. 

    Ontoforce: Ontoforce is a Belgian start-up that develops and implements innovative technologies to improve information flows and information management. The company has developed DISQOVER, an AI-powered knowledge discovery platform for life sciences. 


    Summing it up, most angel investors are interested in generating high profits, while others are more interested in funding startups that bring innovation and leave a positive impact.

    The best strategy is to conduct strong research and due diligence before randomly pitching to any angel investor. And here’s a pro tip.

    Before you start preparing a pitch deck, look up some good examples of a strong pitch deck to ease the job.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is the difference between Venture Capital Firms and Individual Angel Investors?

    A: Venture capital firms are organized setups that aggregate capital from various investors and deploy it into startups at a larger scale, offering expertise and guidance.

    In contrast, individual angel investors are private individuals who invest personal funds directly into startups, typically at an early stage, using a more personalized approach and hands-on involvement in the startup's growth.

    Q: How to make your startup investable?

    A: To make a startup investible, focus on a scalable business model, a strong team, a well-defined market opportunity, and evidence of market validation.

    Q: Do Angel Investors Provide Mentorship Programs?

    A: Yes, many angel investors provide mentorship programs and financial support. They leverage their experience to offer strategic insights, assist in critical decision-making, and facilitate introductions to their network connections. This mentorship is pivotal for startups, aiding them in overcoming obstacles and expediting their growth trajectory.

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