Top Angel Investors in Miami

Last updated: October 4, 2023

Known as the future hub for tech startups, Miami has become home to many investing giants. These angel investors are ready to change the entrepreneurial landscape of Miami by funding startups that can bring positive change to the market.

Do you also have a startup idea and want it to be funded by angel investors?

Fear not! 

In today’s article, we will be sharing the list of the Top 8 Angel Investors in Miami and different ways to connect with them.

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    Top 8 Angel Investors in Miami

    Below is the list of the top individual angel investors, Venture Capital Firms and Investing Groups in Miami. 

    However, before we move on to the list, remember that most of the angel investors in Miami are interested in tech-related startups. Still, there are different startups that have wide investing interests, so it is important to do your side of the research before contacting any specific investor.

    Gold Coast Angel Investors

    Started in January 2019, Gold Coast Angel Investors look for startups that have the potential to impact the markets of Miami. Although they are relatively new investors in the market, GCAI is arranging different pitch events and mentorship programs to fund deserving startups.

    Aside from funding, they also have an experienced team of investors who can guide different startups through their tough stages. The investment range of Gold Coast Angels ranges from $20,000 up to $500,000.

    Website: Home - Gold Coast Angel Investors (

    Miami Angels

    Founded in 2014, Miami Angels is one of the top-ranking angel investors in Miami. They have invested in many startups since their inception and are ready to help more startups pave their way to success.

    However, the screening test of Miami Angels is where many startups are challenged to the maximum extent. Miami Angels has a strict criterion, funding only those startups that are led by experienced entrepreneurs with strong connections. 

    And since they are known to be one of the biggest investment networks in Miami, the group also has a network of experienced entrepreneurs. As for the investment range, Miami Angels have no fixed investment range. They invest in startups depending on their growth potential and funding requirements.

    Some of their portfolio companies include Dart Technology and IMF Magazines.

    Website: Miami Angels | Smart Capital for Early Stage Tech Companies

    New World Angels

    New World Angels, founded by the famous investor and entrepreneur Rhys L. Williams, J.D., is another investing network in Miami. With huge investments of around $1.9M in the last month, NWA are all pumped to find deserving startups through their pitch events and provide them with much-needed funding.

    Like all the other investors, NWA carefully evaluates different factors about a startup and then provides them with an investment. Currently, they are actively investing in startups related to tech as long as it has the potential to grow and thrive in the future.

    Other than investing, the investment network is also home to some of the most experienced entrepreneurs in Miami. With directors like Bryan Abboud and President Ron Taro, Startups will definitely get the best advice.

    The investment range of NWA ranges from $200,00 up to $3M. 

    Website: New World Angels Florida angel investors and venture capital for early stage companies

    Andreas Penna

    As an entrepreneur turned Angel investor, Andreas Penna is one of Miami's biggest individual angel investors who focuses on a wide range of startups. Because of his massive experience in the business industry, Andreas Penna doesn’t limit his investment interests.

    He looks for startups that can bring positive change and generate massive profits in their respective fields. And since Penna is also the CEO of West Quad Ventures, he is well aware of the problems startups go through in their early stages.

    Andreas Penna conducts different mentorship and networking programs throughout the year to support different startups and provide guidance. He also provides individual guidance to his portfolio companies.

    Currently, Andreas Penna hasn’t disclosed his exact investment range. Looking at some of his past investments, he usually invests in startups ranging from $50,000 upto $1M.

    Tamiami Angels

    Tamiami Angels, a network that is now currently operating in more than 90 countries, is also one of the major angel investors in Miami. The investing interests of Tamiami Angles include sectors like Technology, Software, Biotech, Finance, and the list continues.

    Since the network has been investing for more than a decade, investors can easily invest in startups in different fields. As for screening tests, Tamiami Angels carefully invests in startups, evaluating factors like; What Problem a startup solves, Its aimed market and  growth potential. 

    Aside from their funding routine, Tamiami Angles hosts mentorship and networking events worldwide. The entrepreneurs from this network share expert advice and guide early-stage startups about how they can establish a brand.

    The investment range of Tamiami Angels starts from $500,000 up to $10M, depending on the startup.

    Website: Overview - TAMIAMI ANGEL FUNDS (

    Micro VC South Florida

    Micro VC South Florida is a VC Firm with almost 1600 investors actively working to boost the startup ecosystem of Miami. The network was started back in the late 2000s and has quickly accelerated, becoming one of the investing giants of Miami.

    Like most of the other investors, Micro VC invests in startups that are related to tech. They conduct strict screening tests to ensure only the startups that can survive saturated markets make it through. 

    After making 69 investments within the first decade, the firm actively seeks out more promising startups with massive growth potential. The reason most startups find their way to success with Micro VC firms is because of their exceptional mentorship programs.

    The investment range of Micro VC South Florida ranges from $200,000 up to $2M, depending on the startup.

    Website: Invest in Startups | Equity Crowdfunding | MicroVentures

    David Blumberg

    As the founder of Blumberg Capital, David is one of Miami's most experienced individual angel investors. The entrepreneur has funded many startups as he has been a startup investor for almost 30 years. 

    Because of his extensive experience, David understands most startup fields and doesn’t limit his investment interests. He invests in startups from different fields as long as they show massive growth potential.

    Moreover, David Blumberg arranges different pitch and networking events throughout the year to help startups reach him. The investment Blumberg can provide to a startup depends on its field and chances of growth.

    Florida Funders

    After funding more than $6.5M in 2020, Florida Funders are also a part of the angel investing community of Miami. The special thing about these investors is that they always look to fund early-stage startups with unique ideas, even if they don’t have exceptional growth potential. Although this approach might sound rare, it's possible since many angel investors want to fund unique ideas-based startups.

    During the screening tests, Florida Ventures identifies whether a startup has the potential to stand out in the markets. Aside from their funding support, Florida Funders also provide guidance and mentorship plans to their portfolio companies. And since they invest in early-stage startups, mentorship support is a big part of their firm.

    The investment range of Florida Founders ranges from $125,000 to $1.7M.

    Website: Florida Funders | Florida's Most Active Venture Capital Firm

    Final Words

    With the list of Top 8 Angel Investors in Miami coming to an end, allow me to share some final words of wisdom.

    Angel Investors always look for startups that are confident in the screening tests. As mentioned before, before reaching out to any investor, understand their background, investment preferences, and past investments. This will help you understand the investor and develop confidence.

    Plus, your pitch should also be clear, concise, and compelling. Highlight the problem your product or service solves and how it differentiates itself. 

    And most importantly, don’t let the golden opportunity of networking events slip from your hands. Attend local networking events, conferences, and meetups to meet investors in person. Building a face-to-face connection always leaves a lasting impression.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Do all angel investors have different investment interests?

    A: Yes, all angel investors (more than 95 per cent) vary widely in their investment interests. Some may focus on specific industries, like tech or healthcare, while others prefer geographic regions or social impact projects.

    Understanding an investor's preferences and past investments is quite important in order to target the right ones for your startup, as it increases the likelihood of a successful partnership.

    Q: How to prepare a good pitch deck?

    A: Creating an effective pitch deck involves many steps.

    To get started, prepare a clear problem statement, then present your solution and its unique value. Include market research, a sustainable business model, and a strong team introduction. Use visuals, concise language, and storytelling to explain your idea in a better way.

    Q: What are late-stage startups?

    A: Late-stage startups are businesses that have progressed beyond the initial phases of development and have achieved significant milestones. These milestones can vary but often include having a well-established customer base, generating substantial revenue, and demonstrating a clear path to profitability. Late-stage startups have usually undergone multiple funding rounds, including seed and early-stage rounds, to fuel their growth.

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