Top 7 Angel Investors in Raleigh

Last updated: October 4, 2023

Like many other cities in the U.S, Raleigh is also home to many angel investors who want to boost the startup ecosystem of the city.

These investors are focused on the startup's idea and carefully invest their money, evaluating different factors that may impact its future growth.

Do you also want your startup to be funded by these investors?

Well, this article is definitely for you. After filtering out some of the best angel investors, here is a short list of the Top 7 investors in Raleigh and some tips on connecting with them.

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    Top 7 Angel Investors in Raleigh

    In the following list, we have mentioned different individual angel investors, VC firms, and investing groups. Before contacting any investor, always spare some extra time to properly check their investing ideologies to increase your chances of getting an investment.

    With no further delay, here is the list of top angel investors in Raleigh.

    Academy Venture Fund

    Founded by the famous investor John Ason in 2002, Academy Venture Fund is one of the oldest VC Firms in Raleigh. The firm operates in different cities, including Raleigh, funding the most deserving startups with unique ideas.

    Their investing interests include startups related to Tech and biotechnology. Moreover, the VC Firm conducts strict screening tests to find startups with massive growth potential.

    The investing range of Academy Venture Fund mostly depends on the startup. On average, Academy Venture Fund has funded startups upto $3M.

    Some of their famous portfolio companies include Babyscripts, CureMetrix, EpiBone, Glympse Bio, Luminary Therapeutics, and Nanovis. Most of them are related to health, biotechnology, and medical devices.

    Bob Young

    As a new individual angel investor in the investor market, Bob Young is on a mission to complete 100 investments within the next few years.

    However, the best part about his funding is his huge experience in the business industry. He is currently the CEO of and also works as a digital creator. This is why Bob doesnt limit himself to a specific field and invests in different startups as long as they show growth potential.

    Apart from investing, Bob utilizes his online presence to help individuals understand the business market. He provides online sessions, paid classes, and proper mentorship courses to his portfolio companies, ensuring they overcome the challenges faced in startup stages.

    Currently, Bob is investing in startups ranging from $100,000 to $900,000.

    RTP Capital Associates

    Founded by the famous investors Mark Friedman, Elaine D. Bolle, and C. Preston Linn in 2010, RTP Capital Associates is another famous investing network in Raleigh. 

    After investing for more than a decade, the firm seeks to make seed and early-stage investments in companies operating in the technology-centric or low-tech execution-driven business sectors in North Carolina. RTP Capital Associates are always focused on the startup’s goals and achievements. 

    They fund different startups based on their potential and what they can achieve in the future. 

    Once a startup can pass its screening tests, the entrepreneurs at RTP Capital Associates provide guidance and the required funding for the startup. They also organize networking events, mentorship, and accelerator programs to help different startups find investors with identical business interests.

    As for the investing range, the investment network funds startups ranging from $125,000 up to $2M.

    Triangle Angel Partners

    Founded by the famous entrepreneur and investor Craig Stone, Triangle Angel Partners is also one of the investing giants in Raleigh. After investing in 17 companies, all related to tech and life sciences, TAP has shown its dedication to boosting the startup ecosystem in Raleigh.

    The network comprises many investors and entrepreneurs who can help startups at different stages. The wide network of experienced investors also organizes different startup accelerator programs to attract investors from all over the U.S.

    The investing range of Triangle Partners ranges from $25,000 to $500,000. They have funded many startups. Some of their famous portfolio companies include Adzerk, A cloud API platform for building integrated native ads; ArchiveSocial, A social media archiving solution that captures and preserves online conversations; and FilterEasy, A subscription service.

    Duke Energy Investors

    Founded in 1908, Carolina Power & Capital bought small, distressed electrical companies. 

    However, in the early 2000s, the company was bought by William Johnson, and since then, it has converted into an investing firm, merging with other brands like Duke Energy. Namely, Duke Energy invests in a wide range of startups related to renewable energy, grid-edge technology, and clean water production.

    The investors at Duke Energy are highly experienced entrepreneurs who understand the challenges startups face. To help these startups, these investors organize different networking and mentorship programs, guiding them in the best way possible.

    The investment Range of Duke Energy Investors ranges from $20,000 to $500,000. Some of their famous portfolio investments include Source Global, a startup that produces hydro panels; Open Energy Solutions Inc., a startup that develops open-source software for grid edge technology solutions; and Breakthrough Energy Ventures, a venture capital fund that supports startups working on zero-carbon energy technologies.

    Thomas Darden

    Being one of the most experienced individual angel investors, Thomas Darden is the only investor in Raleigh who has crossed the mark of funding 100 companies. The investor mainly focuses on startups that are related to tech and renewable energy.

    As for his experience, Thomas Darden is not new to angel investing. As the current CEO of Cherokee Investment Partners, Darden has funded many successful startups, namely, Cherokee Environmental Risk Management (environmental insurance), Tethis (biological superabsorbent), Living Homes (green buildings), and Cherokee Solar (solar energy).

    The investment range of Thomas Darden isn’t specified. Depending on the startup, Darden can invest up to several million dollars in a startup.

    James Avery

    James Avery is a name that isn’t new to the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Raleigh. Throughout his life, James has always been involved in many different businesses, and his success stories have always surprised many startups.

    Now, as an entrepreneur turned investor, James has funded many different startups and conducts different mentorship programs every year. He provides training classes to individuals willing to start a business.

    And since Avery has a lot of experience with the business industry, he carefully evaluates the startups before investing in them. During the screening tests, Avery asks different questions to get a better understanding of startups and whether they should be provided with the investment.

    The investment range of James Avery isn’t specified. However, if the startup shows massive growth potential, James can provide funding of up to several thousand dollars.

    Wrap Up

    With that said, the list of top angel investors in Raleigh has come to an end. 

    However, before we conclude, let us discuss some tips about how you can connect with angel investors.

    Before approaching investors, remember that establishing a connection with angel investors depends on your behavior, trust, and shared goals.

    To build connections with angel investors, it's important to research their backgrounds and investment interests, align your pitch with their preferences, and clearly articulate your value proposition. 

    Plus, developing a compelling business plan, demonstrating a solid track record, and showcasing signs of future growth potential will increase your chances of getting the funding.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What does angel investing mean?

    A: Angel investing is an important part of early-stage funding for startups. It entails affluent individuals, often experienced entrepreneurs or business professionals, investing their personal funds into promising startups in exchange for equity or ownership stakes.

    Angel investors provide capital and contribute valuable mentorship, industry expertise, and connections to help these startups succeed.

    Q: What are startup stages?

    A: Startups typically go through several stages:

    The first stage is about ideation, where entrepreneurs develop their business concept. The next is the seed stage, characterized by product development and initial funding rounds. Finally, there is the early stage, where startups enter the market and focus on growth, involving scaling and expansion.

    Q: Is it possible to find an angel investor for free?

    A: Although it's not common to find networking events that are totally free, but, with the right tips, it is possible to find investors for free.

    The most important thing is participating in networking events within your industry or local entrepreneurial community, as this can help you connect with potential investors without direct financial outlays.

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