Top Angel Investors in Tampa

Last updated: October 4, 2023

With almost 200 startups in Tampa, the city is growing and becoming home to several industries every other day. 

However, since the city is known for food and tech, most of the investors in Tampa are also willing to continue this heritage by funding startups related to these sectors.

So, are you ready to get your startup funded by these investors?

Well, wait! Let’s not rush things. There are hundreds of investors in the city, each with different investing interests.

To ease your search, I have provided the list of the Top 7 angel investors in Tampa and some short tips on how you can pitch to angel investors.

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    Top 7 Angel Investors in Tampa

    Following is the list of some of the top angel investors in Tampa.

    However, before we move on to the list, always remember that different angel investors/ Venture Capital Firms have specific investment criteria and interests. It is best to do your research and confirm things before you pitch to angel investors.

    Macdonald Ventures

    Website: MacDonald Ventures | Tech Angel Investors Funding Phenomenons

    Although the Venture Capital firm was founded in 2020, Macdonald Ventures has quickly become one of the most active investors in Tampa. The firm invests in tech-related startups, funding startups with decent growth potential and unique ideas. The screening tests of Macdonald Ventures are also designed to test the startup's ideas and market survival strategy.

    Aside from funding, Macdonald believes that he can guide startups with his extensive expertise in the tech industry. That is why he conducts different mentorship programs and workshops to help his startups grow and overcome problems.

    The investment range of Macdonald Ventures ranges from $100,000 to $1.5M. Among many of his investments, some recent include Finexio, A team of 80+ individuals helping customers manage nearly $200B in accounts payable spend;, A platform for legal cannabis farmers and consumers to create and manage legal cannabis businesses; and Softwear Automation, A advanced robotics startup helping the apparel and textile industry.

    Florida Funders

    Website: Florida Funders | Florida's Most Active Venture Capital Firm

    Flordia Funders is another famous Venture Capital firm in Tampa. Founded by Candice Rezvanian, Kevin Adamek, Marc Blumenthal, Marc Sokol, and Tom Wallace in 2013, the network has been boosting the startup ecosystem of Tampa for almost a decade. 

    While their main focus remains on tech-related startups, the network consists of many angel investors, allowing them to invest with diverse investing interests. These investors also conduct tough screening tests, ensuring they fund the most deserving startups. 

    Moreover, the network also has a group of experienced entrepreneurs who help startups with different challenges. They arrange several workshops throughout the year to provide guidance to fresh businesses.

    The investment range of Florida Funders ranges from $200,000 up to several million dollars, depending on the startup’s growth potential. Some of their portfolio companies include PICKUP, A company that provides delivery service for heavy goods with a network of trusted pickup truck owners; Peerfit, A digital platform that’s helping brokers and employers provide corporate wellness programs; and Homee, A home servicing mobile application that connects service providers with customers.

    GunnAllen Venture Partners

    Founded in 1996, GunnAllen Venture Partners are also providing funding to the startups of Tampa. Although they may not be among the most active investors, the network provides funding to only those startups that align with their investment criteria. 

    The investors at GunnAllen Ventures are known for conducting strict screening tests. This is one of the reasons why they have only made around 10 investments since their inception. And from those investments, 4 startups have successfully exited.

    Moreover, the investors and mentors in the network guide their portfolio companies in the best way, allowing them to grow and expand over time. Throughout the year, GunnAllen Ventures conducts several networking events and startup acceleration programs, allowing startups to find investors with identical interests.

    The investment range of GunAllen Ventures ranges from $50,000 up to $800,000. Some of their portfolio companies are Atrica, a startup that provides Ethernet networks for metropolitan area networks, and LGC Wireless, a startup that develops in-building wireless voice/data coverage and capacity solutions.

    Marc Blumenthal

    Marc Blumenthal is one of the most experienced individual angel investors in Tampa. Funding startups for almost a decade, the investor has funded several startups, most of them being related to health, technology, and fitness. Blumenthal has strict funding criteria, providing capital to startups with unique ideas and massive growth potential.

    However, the best thing about Marc Blumenthal is his massive experience in the business industry. As the CEO of Intelladon and the producer of electronic courseware, Blumenthal knows what challenges startups may face in their early and late stages. This is why he guides his portfolio companies in the best ways, which can often be seen through their success. 

    Marc Blumenthal doesn’t mention his investment range online. However, looking at his portfolio companies, he invests in startups around $800,000. Notable names in his portfolio companies include Health Hero, An AI-driven well-being platform that provides free well-being benefits and supports over 14K companies, and Rewst, a Robotic Process Automation platform that integrates tools to automate processes, saving on headcount and efficiency.

    Kevin Hill

    Kevin Hill is another experienced individual angel investor in the investor community of Tampa. After investing for more than a decade, Kevin Hill invests in a wide range of startups, including tech, healthcare, finance, and sports. During his early years, Kevin also worked with Oxford Health Programs (1984-2004), providing him with amazing experience in the health industry.

    Moreover, Kevin also hosts many networking events and mentorship programs to guide different startups. Aside from his portfolio companies, Kevin also hosts local workshops and events to provide guidance to startups that are in their early stages.

    The investment range of Kevin Hill ranges from $100,000 to $500,000. However, most of his investments are around $300,000. One of his famous investments is XP Health, An AI-powered vision benefits platform for employees and their families to get frames from the world’s leading designers.

    Beck Besecker

    Focusing on Virtual Reality, Beck Bersecker is an experienced individual angel investor in Tampa. Ever since the beginning of his investment career, Beck Besecker has always boosted technology-related startups with a prime focus on Virtual Reality.

    And since Besecker is the CEO of Marxent, he is considered to be one of the leading personalities in Augmented reality and VR. The screening tests of Beck Besecker are quite tough compared with other angel investors. He ensures he provides the funding to the most deserving startups with massive growth potential.

    Moreover, Besecker also likes to share his knowledge and host several mentorship programs throughout the year. 

    His investment range can range to $1.5M, depending on the startups. One of his recent investments includes Magnetic Mobile Company, a company of many individuals who are providing devices to retailers. 

    Celeridem Capital Management

    Website: Celeridem Capital Management, LLC

    Investing since 2010, Celeridem Capital Management is also another investment network in Tampa. The network likes to invest in Finance as well as other industries as long as the startups show potential.

    Like most other investors, the screening tests of Celeridem Capital Management are also prepared to be rigorous. They invest in startups that show unique ideas with massive growth potential.

    The investment range of Celeridem Capital Management can range up to 500,000. Their recent investment includes Symbiont, a blockchain-related startup.

    Wrap Up

    So, there you have the list of top angel investors in Tampa. These investors will definitely provide you with the much-required funding and guidance. But, you must be thinking, how should I present and prepare my Pitch Deck?

    Well, preparing an amazing pitch deck is a brief process and cannot be explained within a few lines. 

    However, when looking at pitch decks, angel investors always see your achievements and understand your capabilities. They want to ensure that they are investing in the startup with the highest growth potential and unique ideas. 

    And most importantly, when pitching to angel investors, have confidence in your idea. 

    If you’re starting a tech-related startup and want to secure funding, explain to the angel investors why your startup should be funded and how it will become the next big brand of the respective city. Showing confidence and taking care of these little things is what matters the most.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Who are angel investors?

    A: Angel investors are people who offer financial support to early-stage startups, often in their late or early development. They usually invest their own funds in exchange for equity, convertible debt, or other financial instruments. These investors often provide valuable expertise, guidance, and networking opportunities to help the startup succeed.

    Q: What are early-stage startups?

    A: Early-stage startups are in their initial growth phase. They are characterized by their focus on product or service development, market validation, and building a customer base.

    Q: Do most angel investors fund late-stage startups?

    A: No!

    Most angel investors usually direct their investments towards early-stage startups rather than late-stage ones. Their focus lies in identifying promising ventures at their outset and contributing to their growth and success.

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