Top Angel Investors in Tucson

Last updated: October 4, 2023

Aside from historical sites and Mexican cuisine, Tucson is also home to some of the most successful companies. And like most brands, these companies started their startup journey with little funds and no business experts.

If that’s the case, you must think, “How did these companies make it so big without expert advice or extra funds”?

That’s where the Angel Investors of Tucson come in. These angel investors love to invest their time and money into deserving startups that have what it takes to stand out in the market.

So, with no further delay, let’s start discussing the list of Top 8 Angel Investors in Tucson.

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    Top 8 Angel Investors in Tucson

    Generally, there are many angel investors in Tucson whom you can pitch for funding. However, finding an angel investor who has similar business interests can be a headache.

    That is why we have filtered out a list of top-ranking angel investors and VC Firms in Tucson with different investing interests.

    Alexander Crutchfield

    As one of Tucson's biggest and most experienced individual angel investors, Alexander Crutchfield has been helping startups grow for over a decade. The investor has diverse investing interests. 

    However, he usually funds startups related to SaaS, Mobile Commerce, Enterprise Software, Clean Technology, Agriculture, and Clean Energy. After funding 55 startups within the last decade, Alexander strictly focuses on startups that can make big profits in the market.

    He conducts strict screening tests to ensure that the most deserving startups get access to his funding and extensive network. He guides his portfolio companies by providing them with first-hand advice so they can lead their startup toward success.

    Alexander Crutchfield usually invests from $100,000 up to $3M. His portfolio companies include CellzDirect, a company that offers cellphone services, and Olympic Broadcasting Services, a channel that broadcasts the Olympic games.

    Hawkeye Investments

    Another new angel investment network in Tucson is Hawkeye Investments. The network consists of 3 main investors looking for startups related to  Telecommunications, Wireless, Affordable Housing, and Low-Cost Housing.

    Since Hawkeye Investments is quite new in the investing scene, the network has only invested in 4 startups. Compared with other angel investors, their screening tests aren’t very difficult.

    They look for startups with unique ideas in their respective fields and can do something big in the market. Moreover, the investors also have significant experience in the business fields to guide the startups whenever needed.

    Their investment range spans $50,000 upto $700,000. Some recent investments include UnWired Nation, Telesphere, and SeaMobile.

    Black Dog Venture Partners

    Founded by Jeff Kirkpatrick in 2013, Black Dog Venture Partners is a prominent VC Firm focusing on early-stage startups. The VC Firm invests in startups related to tech, media, healthcare, clean tech, and renewable energy.

    With a goal to boost the startup ecosystem of Tucson and Arizona, Black Dog Ventures invests in startups that can raise profits within the upcoming years. During the screening tests, they evaluate the possible profits and growth potential of startups that apply for funding. 

    However, once you can pass their screening tests, the experienced team of investors and business experts will guide you at different stages and, of course! Will provide you with the required funding. 

    The investing range of Black Dog Ventures ranges from $100,000 to $2M.

    NetVest Financial

    Found by the famous Brad Feld and David Wattumull in 1994, NetVest Financial looks to fund startups in their early stage. The Firm is dedicated to uplifting the financial sector of Tucson by helping startups grow in the relevant sector. 

    NetVest Financial provides funding to startups in a wide range. Currently, NetVest Financial is one of the biggest angel investors that raised $100M in its first year alone. Currently, they have $300M worth of assets under management. 

    The investing group also has one of the best advisories that helps startups by providing them with tips and guidance when they might end up making a loss. 

    Generally, NetVest Financial has an investing range from $500,000 upto $10M. However, this range isn't fixed, as the budget might increase if the startup shows exceptional growth potential.

    Social Equity Partners

    Founded in 2002, Social Equity Partners is a minority-owned firm that has funded over 100 startups since its inception. The Firm has a wide range of investment interests mainly focusing on startups related to tech, healthcare, the media industry, and E-commerce.

    As for screening tests, Special Equity Partners, like many other angel investors, want to ensure they invest in the best startups with market erupting potential. They evaluate many factors before providing the funding, which includes the startup’s growth potential, profit as well as the chances of withstanding the market conditions.

    Social Equity Partners also have many mentors who can guide startups at their different stages. Their investment range spans $90,000 to $1M.

    K. Krasnow Waterman

    Being relatively new in the investing market, K. Krasnow Waterman aims to change the startup ecosystem by funding different startups throughout Tucson. Before his appearance in Tucson, K. Krasnow Waterman had been funding different startups in various cities in America.

    Generally, Waterman likes to fund startups related to Big Data, Finance Technology, FinTech, Real Estate Technology, Privacy, and Cyber Security. Although he has only made 6 investments until now, Krasnow Waterman aims to fund more startups in the upcoming years. 

    As for the investing range, Krasnow Waterman invests differently depending on the startup. On Average, he funds startups starting from $50,000 upto $2M. Notable investments in his portfolio include Prevoty, a Web Application Security that opiates on your terms, and Tengah, an application that offers online data-saving services.

    Curtis Gunn

    Curtis Gunn is another individual angel investor in Tucson who has made almost 30 investments since the start of his investing career. With a huge experience in business markets, Curtis knows that many startups face the problem of gathering ample investments and getting proper guidance.

    This is why he has decided to change this and become an angel by guiding different startups towards success. Instead of just offering funds, Curtis likes to take one step further and arrange extra mentorship programs and networking events to ensure that his portfolio startups can receive the best advice. 

    In terms of investing interests, Curtis doesn’t invest in specified sectors. He understands all market sectors and takes a wide approach when funding startups. The investment range of Curtis Gunn spans $150,000 to $4M.

    9D Ventures

    Founded in 2013, 9D Ventures is one of the most active Venture Capital Firms in Tucson. Within its first decade, the Firm has invested in more than 100 companies with a ratio of funding 10 startups annually.

    Generally, 9D Ventures invests in different startup sectors, mostly related to healthcare and tech. Their investment strategy isn't about individual funding. The firm partners with other networks and provides extensive support to startups that show massive growth potential and has a unique idea.

    The CEO of the Firm, Jonathan Mittleman, was previously the owner of the Wet Shave Club, which was sold for $1 Billion. This demonstrates his experience and expertise as an entrepreneur and as an investor as well.

    Taking advantage of his vast business experience, Jonathan ensures that he can arrange mentorship programs for his portfolio startups and guide them in the best way possible.

    Generally, 9D Ventures invests in startups from $200,000 to $10M, depending on the project’s potential.


    So, with that being said, the list of top 8 angel investors has come to an end. These individuals have proven track records of identifying and nurturing innovative startups, making them potential pillars for your entrepreneurial journey.

    However, before concluding, I would like to share some important insights that can help you secure funding from angel investors. 

    The best step before approaching angel investors is to thoroughly research about them. Understand their investment preferences, previous ventures they've supported, and their industry interests. 

    Moreover, focus on creating an amazing pitch deck. Clearly communicate your startup's value proposition, target market, competitive advantage, and growth potential. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Do all angel investors have tough screening tests?

    A: Not all angel investors have the same screening tests. While some may have rigorous criteria to identify promising startups, others might be more open to exploring opportunities without strict tests. Researching individual investors' preferences can provide insights into their screening processes.

    Q: What is a pitch deck?

    A: A pitch deck is a visual presentation that outlines a startup's business plan, value proposition, market opportunity, team, financial projections, and more. It's a concise way to convey key information to potential investors and is crucial for making a strong first impression and capturing their interest.

    Q: How do you secure a warm introduction to angel investors?

    A: To secure a warm introduction to angel investors, leverage your network. Seek referrals from mentors, industry connections, or fellow entrepreneurs who have relationships with these investors. A warm introduction through a trusted mutual contact increases your credibility. It enhances the chances of getting your pitch noticed and considered by the angel investor.

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