Top 9 Angel Investors in Milwaukee

Last updated: October 4, 2023

In the city of Milwaukee, there are many renowned angel investors who have supported some of the most successful and innovative startups.

These angel investors love to provide capital to help entrepreneurs launch their businesses and guide them when they are most vulnerable to making high losses. That is why the city of Milwaukee has faced massive business growth and has become a hub for high-potential startup businesses.

Do you also want to find some angel investors with similar goals and business interests?

So, let's waste no more time and dive into the list of Top 9 Angel Investors in Milwaukee.

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    Top 9 Angel Investors in Milwaukee

    Before moving on the list of investors, remember that the list features individual angel investors, incubators and VC firms with different investing interests.

    If you've found an investor with similar business interests, always check their official websites to confirm the details.

    Phillip Katz

    After making his first-ever funding in 2018, Phillip Katz has funded a wide range of startups to boost the startup ecosystem in Milwaukee. Usually, the investor likes to fund startups related to sports, enterprise software and SaaS.

    Moreover, Katz is the founder of Pitch Deck Angels Milwaukee, an angel network aiming to give early-stage tech companies a platform to get funded. Through this platform, the investors can see pre-screened deals and decide whether to invest in them or not. They host tough screening tests to ensure the best startups make it through and receive access to their funding and extensive network.

    From his wide range of investments, some portfolio companies include SportsDataIO, Sproutt, and Daysail Technologies.

    Golden Angels Investors

    Being one of the famous angel investment networks in Milwaukee, Golden Angel Investors has invested more than $9.5 million in early-stage tech companies.

    The network was founded by John Mangelaars and has invested in more than 15 startups within the last four years. They are looking for innovative startups with a strong focus on fintech, artificial intelligence, big data, media/entertainment and healthcare sectors.

    Their minimum investment range is $250,000, with the maximum investing range going up to $5M. Some of their portfolio companies include Thwack, a startup that provides customer service insights, and Inverset, a web platform that helps investors get access to multiple annuities.

    Nathan Lustig's Magma Partners

    Another investor who likes investing in Milwaukee startups is Nathan Lustig and his firm Magma Partners. He has invested in more than 40 startups since launching the fund in 2015. With offices in San Francisco and Santiago, Nathan has invested in different companies across the US.

    The investor specializes in providing early-stage capital to companies focused on disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotics, and cybersecurity. He also provides support with market entry and scaling into different geographies.

    His investment range usually starts from $50K and can go up to $750,000.

    Some of his portfolio companies include Zego, a pay-as-you-go insurance provider for transport workers, and Loggi, an instant delivery service in Brazil.

    Continuum Ventures

    Continuum Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm based in Milwaukee. The VC firm mainly focuses on investing in companies within the Midwest, such as software and technology startups.

    Their primary focus is to invest in tech-related and high-potential startups that want to make a difference by offering unique products/services. They usually look for companies in the areas of enterprise software, consumer cloud, healthcare IT, and clean-tech sectors.

    The firm has invested over $100 million since its launch and has had some great success stories with portfolio companies such as Bright Cellars, PerBlue and Tendril Networks. The investment range usually starts at $500k and can go up to several million dollars, depending on the project.

    Angels on the Water

    With its inception in 2010, Angels on the Water is an angel investment network located in Milwaukee. The mission of this group is to give early-stage companies access to their network and capital.

    The group comprises more than 30 experienced business angels looking for innovative startups related to the healthcare, software and technology sectors. As for screening tests, the investors conduct tough screening tests to ensure they find startups that have a viable product and are looking to scale their business.

    Usually, AOTW has a minimum investing range of $25k, and the maximum can go up to several million dollars. Some of their highly successful investments include Canopy Health, CircleCI, and Kiva Protocol.

    Wisconsin Investment Partners (WIP)

    Wisconsin Investment Partners (WIP) is a network of 40 angel investors investing in startups located in Milwaukee. The group focuses on providing capital to early-stage companies with massive growth potential.

    The team has invested more than $16 million since its launch in 2009, focusing mostly on the software, technology, healthcare and clean-tech sectors.

    Their minimum investment range usually starts from $100,000, ranging to $8M, depending on the startup's potential.

    Amongst their many successful investments, some portfolio companies include Medici Technologies, Fattmerchant, and SignalFire.

    Jeffery Harris

    Another individual angel investor, Jeffery Harris, has been funding different startups since 2012. The investor likes to focus on providing capital to early-stage startups in the software, health tech and hardware sectors.

    After investing in Milwaukee, Jeffery has now moved on to funding startups based in New York. He also offers his massive network and mentorship to help entrepreneurs launch their startups.

    Since Jeffery has a lot of experience in business, he has many mentorship programs to help startups increase their growth. One of his most famous mentorship programs is the Global Mentorship Summit, which brings together mentors from all over the world.

    He has invested in companies like SwiftIQ, a retail platform that helps retailers and brands optimize their pricing strategies, and Bevel, a wearable health company. His investment range usually starts at $200,00 and can go up to $2M. 

    Silicon Pastures

    Funding startups since 1998, Silicon Pastures is a tech-focused angel network in Milwaukee backed by more than 25 investors. The investor is interested mostly in software companies and looks for teams that might need help with product design, marketing, customer development, financing or other aspects of the business.

    The investment network has a wide range of investors who don't just fund the startups but also provide guidance through different startup stages. Silicon Pastures ensure that they are investing in the right startup by conducting rigorous screening tests. They look for entrepreneurs who have the potential to survive tough market conditions and take their startups to the next level.

    Some recent companies in their portfolio include Cloudmine, Propeller Health and Fundwise.

    Anne Nimke

    With an interest in funding startups related to consumer products, Anne Nimke is a well-known angel investor in Milwaukee. She has already provided capital to more than 10 startups and is looking for more startups with massive growth potential.

    Nimke also offers mentorship programs to help entrepreneurs launch their businesses successfully. Her wide range of experience in the business field makes her a great asset for any aspiring entrepreneur.

    Some of her portfolio companies include BarBot, a smart bartender that can craft drinks with the help of artificial intelligence and bio-feedback technology. Nimke is also part of a few other accelerators like gener8tor and BrightStar Wisconsin. 

    Wrap Up

    With the list of top Angel Investors ending, let's have some final words of wisdom.

    Aside from conducting a decent pitch deck, securing a warm introduction to angel investors is also important. This helps to keep the conversation at a personal level and builds trust between angel investors and entrepreneurs.

    Moreover, always remember to do your research before approaching any angel investors. It's important to know about their background investments, interests, portfolio companies, and minimum investment range.

    With these factors in mind, you won't face any problems finding the right angel investors with similar investing interests.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What are different startup stages?

    A: Different startup stages encompass crucial phases in a company's growth. The Seed stage marks the inception, where ideas are formed. Early Stage follows, emphasizing product development, testing, and initial market entry.

    The growth stage involves expanding the customer base and refining strategies. Late Stage signifies a more stable phase, with a proven product and significant market share.

    Q: Do all angel investors conduct screening tests?

    A: Angel investors' approaches vary. While not all use screening tests, some employee evaluations like pitch assessments, business plan analysis, or due diligence. Networking and referrals also play a role, enabling angels to identify promising startups. Ultimately, each investor has distinct preferences, combining tests, instincts, and personal connections to make investment decisions aligned with their goals and expertise.

    Q: What are late-stage startups?

    A: Late-stage startups are advanced ventures that have moved beyond initial growth hurdles. With a solid product-market fit and substantial user base, they focus on scaling operations efficiently. These companies often have established revenue streams and partnerships. Late-stage startups attract large investments, including venture capital and private equity, to support their expansion.

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