Top Angel Investors in Fort Worth

Last updated: August 1, 2023

Fort Worth is home to numerous cultural and artistic attractions.

However, it's not just cowboy boots and rodeos that made the city this famous. One of the key reasons for Forth Worth attracting so much attention is the Angel Investors.

Though, there are a lot of angel investors that are providing the required funding and guidance to different startups, many individuals are still unaware of these game changers of the startup ecosystem in Fort Wroth.

So, without further ado, let's dive into the list of the top 11 angel investors in Fort Worth and how you can connect with them.

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    Top 11 Angel Investors In Forth Worth

    In the Gigantic numbers of Angel Investors in Fort Worth, it's easy to get confused. That is why I have prepared the list of the top 11 Angel Investors in Forth Worth along wither interests and investment range.

    Mitchell Asset Group

    Mitchell Asset Group is a prominent angel investment firm with a strong presence in Fort Worth. Known for its strategic approach to funding, this group focuses on early-stage startups with high growth potential. They specialize in sectors such as technology, real estate, and renewable energy.

    With a track record of successful investments, the firm provides not only financial backing but also valuable mentorship and industry expertise to its portfolio companies. The investment range of Mitchell Asset Group can start from $50,000 and go up to $1M, depending on the type of startup.

    Crestline Network Of Investors

    Crestline is a respected name in the world of angel investing in Fort Worth. As a venture capital firm, Crestline Investors target early-stage and growth-oriented startups, particularly in the healthcare, technology, and consumer goods sectors.

    The investment network actively collaborates with its portfolio companies, offering strategic guidance and operational support. Crestline's impressive portfolio includes companies like HealthMark Group, Delivery BIZ Pro, and Southwind Milling. The investing range of Crestline Network Of Investors ranges from $200,000 to $10M or even more, depending on the project.

    Virtus Investment Advisors

    Virtus Investment Advisors is another angel investment firm with a strong foothold in Fort Worth's startup community. The investment network specializes in the energy and infrastructure sectors.

    Their strategic investments have played a huge role in uplifting the startup ecosystem in Fort Worth. Some of their funded startups include Revo Environmental, Resolute Environmental, and Enmass Energy.

    However, with all this said, it is also important to note that Vortus Investment Advisors are very strict with their screening tests. Though they hold several events and screening processes throughout the month, their selection of individuals is always based on the startup's potential and future growth.

    Double Eagle Development

    Double Eagle Development is an investing network that operates in Fort Worth with a core focus on the real estate and property development sectors.

    Using their expertise in the industry, Double Eagle Development can easily identify promising real estate projects and turn ideas into reality. With a keen eye for market trends and untapped opportunities, they have successfully nurtured several commercial and residential ventures. The investing group likes to invest in projects related to mixed-use developments, luxury residential complexes, and innovative commercial spaces.

    The investment range of Double Eagle Development can go as much as $15M if the project looks promising.

    EPUS Global Energy

    EPUS Global Energy is an investment group that focuses on energy-related startups. The network supports early-stage startups and growth-oriented companies with groundbreaking solutions in the energy space.

    As an angel investor, EPUS Global Energy provides financial support starting from 100,000 to $2M. The investment group also provides training workshops and helps individuals gain expertise in businesses related to the energy sector.

    For screening tests, EPUS Global Energy likes to support ideas that contribute to developing innovative technologies, environmental sustainability, and energy efficiency. The investment group focuses on entrepreneurs who have in-depth knowledge of startups and how to make them succeed.

    Pheasant Energy Investing Group

    Pheasant Energy is another angel investor group that focuses on Energy-related startups. With a strong presence in Fort Worth, Pheasant Energy provides Series A and Series B funding to startups related to oil, gas, and renewable energy.

    Depending on the project, Pheasant Energy can offer investments from $250,000 to $5M. Their team of experts also provides excellent industry insights, strategic guidance, and operational support to their portfolio companies.

    Fort Ventures

    With a prime focus on the tech, food, and biotech sectors, Fort Ventures is a leading venture capital firm based in Fort Worth that invests in early-stage companies.

    These angel investors are also known for providing Seed and Series A funding to selected startups. Moreover, Fort Ventures also provides mentorship to the selected individuals to ensure they can lead the startups in the best way possible.

    The Investment network's active portfolio consists of 35 companies, with some of the main names including Thunkable, Eden, YSplit, Misapplied Sciences, TripleByte, Chef's Cut, Tilt, Backdrop, Zego, and the list continues…

    Harvest Returns

    Harvest Returns is a digital platform that serves as an online marketplace, connecting individuals interested in investing with agricultural investment opportunities.

    It provides a convenient and accessible way for investors to browse, evaluate, and potentially invest in various agricultural projects or enterprises. With a mission to promote sustainable agriculture and rural development, they help fund projects that embrace innovation and responsible practices.

    YS Capital Partners

    YS Capital Partners is a well-established angel investment firm based in Fort Worth, known for its diverse range of industries. Though the investing network has many investing interests, YS Capital Partners usually likes to fund startups related to technology, healthcare, and e-commerce.

    The investment approach of YS Capital Partners involves extensive research and basic analysis to see if the presented idea has growth potential. Their investment range starts from $50,000 and can range up to $2.5M.

    Venture Dallas

    Venture Dallas works as a non-profit organization in Fort Worth. The network facilitates connections between venture capital firms, early-stage investors, and startups. This means they don't directly invest in startups but connect investors and related startups. Their flagship annual event serves as a platform where innovative startups and investors come together and see if they have a relevant match.

    With a spotlight on technology-driven ventures seeking Seed and Series A funding, Venture Dallas plays a vital role in showcasing the city's brightest ideas and talents. Startups struggling to find suitable venture investments benefit from increased visibility and networking opportunities through this dynamic platform.

    Cowtown Angels

    Similar to Venture Dallas, Cowtown Angels operates as a network that connects angel investors and related startups. This group assesses applicants based on specific criteria and evaluates the viability of funding opportunities.

    However, Cowtown Angels doesnt just serve as a connecting network. The members of this group also invest in a wide array of industries, including consumer products, life sciences, environmental technology, and technology sectors. Their portfolio includes companies like Interplay Learning, MyndVR, CardioWise, and Little Passports.

    Final words

    Summing up, Fort Worth has an impressive lineup of angel investors, each contributing to the growth of a great startup ecosystem.

    However, individuals willing to get funds for their startups should also remember some tips before heading for screening tests. Most angel investors always want to invest in the best idea. This brings us to the fact that the startup idea you possess in your brain should be mindblowing and should have the potential to stand out in the market in the upcoming years. Pair up this idea with some good communication skills and an understanding of the startups/startup stages, and you are good to go!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How much do angel investors in Fort Worth typically invest in a startup?

    A: Angel investment amounts can vary significantly based on the investor's financial capacity and the startup's funding needs. On average, angel investors in Forth Worth may invest anywhere from $25,000 to $2M or more in a startup.

    Q: How do angel investors differ from venture capitalists?

    A: Angel investors and venture capitalists invest in startups but differ in their funding sources and investment stages. Angel investors use their funds, while venture capitalists manage pooled funds from institutional investors. Angel investors are more likely to invest in the early stages of a startup when it is still developing its concept and product, while venture capitalists typically invest in later stages when the startup has already demonstrated market traction and growth potential.

    Q: How can entrepreneurs connect with angel investors in Fort Worth?

    A: Entrepreneurs seeking angel investment in Fort Worth can attend local startup events, pitch competitions, and networking sessions. Joining angel investor groups or startup accelerators can provide access to potential investors.

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