The Best Podcasts About Startups in 2022

Last updated: September 12, 2022

Venturing into the world of startups is often lonely. When you follow your passion and set out to build a company, it's not always easy to find support. In fact, you might run into more opposition than supporters. Fortunately, podcasts for startups help people feel like they're part of a community. Plus, the best startup podcasts help people connect with investors and learn from mistakes.

If you're looking for the best startup podcasts, you're in the right place. We're going to take you through the best podcasts and help you learn more about the people hosting them.

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    The 6 Best Startup Podcasts

    Several startups about podcasts exist. That said, some are better than others. When listening or watching podcasts about startups, you want to make sure the hosts and guests are reliable.

    The good news is that we've compiled a list of the 6 best podcasts about startups. Each startup has been researched and provides unique and helpful information for startups.

    We list the best startup podcasts below.

    1. Arlan Hamilton Startup Podcast
    2. The Sweaty Startup Podcast
    3. The Private Practice Startup Podcast
    4. Alex Blumberg Podcast Startup
    5. Bowery Capital startup sales podcast
    6. Female Startup Club Podcast

    Arlan Hamilton Startup Podcast

    Arlan Hamilton hosts a podcast that helps people start investing. The podcast teaches you about how to raise your first one million dollars. Guests on the show also offer advice on how to save money and invest in startups. The podcast also offers advice to minority communities about how to overcome adversity.

    Arlan Hamilton is also a famous author who wrote the book It's About Damn Time. The book has been around since 2020 and offers advice on how to raise capital. Hamilton also owns Backstage Capital, which is a venture capital fund.

    She built the firm from the ground up and its purpose is to help founders who are people of color and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Furthermore, Hamilton started from the bottom and was once homeless. Hamilton claims that her humble beginnings help her strive for greater success.

    The Sweaty Startup Podcast

    The Sweaty Startup Podcast helps people grow companies and learn about investing. Topics on the Sweaty Startup Podcast include real estate investing, timing the market, mistakes to avoid, and good habits for entrepreneurs. Over 300 episodes of the podcast have aired and the podcast hosts continue to create high-quality content with unique advice. In fact, some guests have been famous founders of startups.

    The Sweaty Startup Podcast was founded by Nick Huber. Huber founded the Sweaty Startup and sold the company for 7 figures. Today, Huber has a self storage portfolio with more than 42 facilities. Ultimately, he's owned startups and knows what it takes to create a successful company.

    His podcast has been around for several years and continues to rank in the top 10 for startup podcasts. Without Huber, the space would be much more empty and less entertaining.

    The Private Practice Startup Podcast

    The Private Practice Startup Podcast is a unique podcast that focuses on the mental health niche. It's been around since 2016 and dozens of episodes are released every month. The podcast has two co-hosts, Doctor Kate Campbell and Katie Lemieux.

    Kate Campbell has been a doctor in the mental health niche for many years. She continues to treat patients and the focus of the podcast is to help people create or expand private practices. Therefore, she's one of the few startup podcast hosts who helps doctors grow their businesses.

    While Campbell helps with topics about mental health, Lemieux focuses on the financial aspects of private practices. In doing so, she educates doctors about the monetary requirements for private practices and expanding them.

    Alex Blumberg Podcast Startup

    Alex Blumberg is the founder of Gimlet Media and he hosts the Gimlet Media Podcast. It's a successful podcast that has high-quality guests like Matt Lieber and Zach Braff. In the podcast, Blumberg speaks about topics pertaining to startups and how he built his media empire.

    Overall, the podcast is perfect for entrepreneurs in the media space. Blumberg's history of radio journalism gives him the authority to speak about startups, media content, and engagement. That said, Blumberg also covers topics like e-commerce and speaks about other startup industries.

    Gimlet Media is also more than a podcast. On the website, you'll find content for children and even fictional stories. Plus, the podcast receives several awards each year for narrative podcasts. So, it's for more than startup podcasts.

    Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast

    Bowery Capital is a financial firm that helps people achieve their goals. The firm helps businesses grow and expand and even provides educational resources. That said, Bowery Capital also has one of the most professional startup podcasts around.

    The premise of the podcast is that members of the team and guests speak about what it takes to have a successful startup. Some common topics on the podcast include sales metrics, market fluctuations, and sales. Overall, the podcast focuses on the sales aspect of starting a company. So, it's not uncommon for topics to focus on conversion, landing pages, and sales funnels.

    The Bowery Capital podcast has also been around for a few years and continues to add a professional voice to the startup podcast space.

    Female Startup Club Podcast (FSC)

    The Female Startup Club is a podcast that's been around for several years. It's been on the top 10 podcast charts for entrepreneurs a few times and continues to remain relevant. Doone Roisin hosts the podcast and she's also written a new book Your Hype Girl. The objective of the podcast is to empower women and hype up women who want to enter the business world.

    Overall, Roisin wants to hype people up. Her goal is to be in every women's corner and to provide support for women in business. There's also more than 350 episodes of the podcast for viewers to listen to.

    Aside from the podcast, Roisin is also a mentor. There are mentorship programs that people enroll into to work one-on-one with Roisin. So, the website that hosts the FSC podcast is more than a podcast platform; it's a community of driven women.

    What is the Purpose of Startup Podcasts?

    The purpose of startup podcasts vary depending on the podcast. Some startups about podcasts focus on funding, while others talk about founders and how they succeed.

    Below are several topics that are popular on startup podcasts.

    Keep in mind that podcasts vary depending on the hosts and guests. So, some podcasts will have different and new information each week.

    Do Startup Podcasts Help People Connect with Investors?

    Yes, startup podcasts help people connect with investors. Some startup podcast hosts are angel investors, so it's possible to contact them directly. Furthermore, it's possible to learn from podcast hosts to help yourself create a better and more appealing pitch deck.

    What is the Best Startup Podcast?

    The Arlan Hamilton Startup podcast is the best startup podcast. It's the best podcast for startups because it covers almost every topic and includes every type of company and entrepreneur. That said, it's more general than other startup podcasts so it's not for everyone. The best specialized startup podcasts are the Private Practice Podcast and the Female Startup Club (FSC).

    What are the Other Types of Media About Startups?

    Several other types of media about startups are also out there. We list the types of media below.

    Movies about startups

    When it comes to media, movies about startups are inspirational and tell a story. While the truth about events is not as relevant in movies, the stories about startups are designed to get people thinking. Ultimately, this is what separates the movies from other types of media.

    Below we list the best movies about startups.

    • Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)
    • (2001)
    • Steve Jobs (2015)
    • August (2008)
    • The Social Network (2010)
    • Glengarry Glenn Ross (1992)

    While there are thousands of movies around and new movies filmed each day, some of the classics are still the best.

    Books about startups

    Reading a book about startups is one of the best things you can do. Books can educate, tell a story, and even follow someone's life. Plus, people often get the most out of books when compared to other types of media about startups.

    The best books about startups are listed below.

    • 'The Startup Owner's Manual'
    • 'Zero to One'
    • 'Founders at Work'
    • 'Never Too Late to Startup'
    • 'Mastering the VC Game'
    • 'Thrive'

    Many of these books are available on Audible or your local library.

    Documentaries About Startups

    A Documentary is a more serious type of media. The focus in most Documentaries is to tell the truth about events that happened in the past or about events that are currently happening. Like movies, though, documentaries may stretch the truth at times.

    Still, documentaries are excellent for education and motivation. We list the best documentaries about startups below.

    • Becoming Warren Buffett (2017)
    • Generation Startup (2016)
    • Betting on Zero (2017)
    • Freakonomics (2010)
    • Steve Jobs: One Last Thing (2011)
    • Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005)

    These are only some of the great documentaries about startups. Many of them are available on streaming services like Hulu or Netflix.

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